Strength training can offer benefits for golfers.  Golfers who lift weights will improve every aspect of their game.

Until very recently conventional wisdom held that strength training and golf just didn’t mix.  This misconception was based upon the mistaken notion that strength training would make a person muscle bound, which would affect range of motion, and ultimately the golf swing.

Thanks to some forward thinking golfers and golf coaches, and a handful of personal trainers and strength coaches, strength training has become as much of a part of Tiger Woods’ preparation as it is part of Tom Brady’s. 

To doubt that golfers have embraced weight training is not to have watched any professional golf lately.  It wasn’t too long ago where non-athletic guys with big guts populated the pro golf tour.  And the women didn’t look all that great either.

Professional and collegiate golfers have been working with personal trainers over the past several years and as a result the overall quality of the sport of golf has improved. Kettlebell training, traditional strength training methods and Olympic lifting techniques should be utilized by all golfers, from weekend hackers on up to the highest level of performer. 

Exercises like the kettlebell swing, squat, push-up, pull-up, sit-ups, pull downs and the overhead press – to name a few – will build a strong core, which allows the body to swing with a more complete and powerful range of motion. Calisthenics exercises, jumping rope, dynamic flexibility training and footwork and agility drills will all help a golfer to improve his or her game. 

Golf is an athletic event and for those folks who train like an athlete – incorporating strength training and other methods of training – into their program will reap the benefits. There’s no need to hire a full-time personal trainer or strength coach in order to strength train, as any reliable strength professional should be able and willing to instruct a client so that they can conduct their own workouts. 

A little hard work and some perseverance will go a long way. Golfers can perform a total strength training routine in 40-60 minutes per week that will help their game without interfering with their golf schedule.  Golfers can reap benefits that go beyond just the golf course by doing this very basic amount of work. 

Strength training in conjunction with cardiovascular exercise, golf training and playing golf will improve a person’s overall conditioning level. Strength, flexibility, balance, stability and endurance will all be improved when a golfer includes strength training and calisthenics into their golf routine.

Whether you are a weekend public links player, hacker, club-level champion or just a casual participant, strength training will help to improve your game.


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