Yoga enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their lessons should include strength training in their routine.

Yoga’s popularity has exploded over the past decade and many people have dropped traditional forms of exercises, like strength training and running, so that they can devote their energy to yoga exercises.  However, people who want to improve their yoga should engage in a regular strength training routine.

You don’t have to have a full-time personal trainer to enjoy the benefits of strength training, as you only have to be familiar with a relative handful of strength training exercises to reap benefits.

Body weightstrength training exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups can assist yoga fans that want to improve their Arm Balance Poses.  A yoga student who can perform proper push-ups will improve their performance of the Plank pose (and other variations), the Four-Limbed Staff, the Feathered Peacock and Side Crane Poses. 

Being able to do multiple sets of 10-15 repetitions of push-ups will develop strength in the arms as well as in the core, thereby enabling people to perform better yoga Arm Balance Poses. Pull-ups will develop the strength necessary to properly perform Backbend Poses such as the Bow, Bridge, Cobra, Fish and the Upward Wheel, as well as help with the arm balance poses and standing poses like the Downward-Facing Dog and the Dolphin. 

Pull-ups also can be a great aid to those looking to improve performance with Inversion Poses. Good old fashion sit-ups are another body weight strength training exercises that can build strength and stability that will contribute to better form in a wide variety of yoga poses.

Strength training exercises like the squat and lunge will help yoga enthusiasts with other Standing Poses such as the Chair, Garland, Gate, Tree and Warrior poses, and help with a variety of Core Poses as well. Yoga training can be greatly enhanced when complimented with strength training. 

In addition to the strength training exercises already mentioned and with the specific yoga poses they can help, strength training exercises such as the overhead dumbbell press, dumbbell row, straight leg dead lift and dumbbell pullover can help yoga students improve their performance. In no more than a total of 40-60 minutes per week yoga performance can be improved by incorporating these basic strength training exercises.


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