Strength Training is not just for athletes, as people of all ages and ability levels can benefit from lifting weights.  Strength training is not just lifting heavy weights, as a wide-range of exercises – both with and without weights – can contribute to improving strength and ultimately improving your fitness level.

The basic, traditional strength training exercises include exercises like the squat, dead lift, over-head press, bench press, pull down, row and can be performed with both dumbbells and barbells.   Actually, most any exercise that is done with weights can be considered strength training.  However, some exercises are more effective and efficient than others when it comes to delivering benefits.

Olympic-style lifts such as the snatch, clean and jerks are complex strength training exercises that regular folk can learn to do – with the help of a certified strength professional/personal trainer.  People do not have to use a lot of weight to do these exercises in order to be able to take advantage of their awesome strength building potential.

Push-ups and pull-ups are two exercises that are done without weights, and are two of the best strength training exercises that can be done.  Regardless of a person’s fitness level, and no matter how good someone is at doing them, push-ups and pull-ups can serve as a never ending challenge, and can be adapted any number of ways.

An efficient and effective strength-training program should consist of ground-based, multi-joint/compound movements.  Simply put, exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time, and are done while standing are the best exercises that anyone can do.  As opposed to machine-based exercises where the machine provides stability and balance, ground-based, compound movements force the body to provide its own balance and stability, and as a result are more beneficial.

Strength training can benefit the young, old and everyone in between.  Including ground-based, compound movements like the squat, dead lift, push-ups and pull-ups in your strength training program will ensure that you will get the most out of your exercise time and effort.


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