1. Swimming is great! If anyone is just getting started on swimming, I have a small bit of advice: get some GOOD goggles. Cheap goggles will leak and drive you up the wall. If you must, you can order online, e.g., trisports.com, but it is better to try them on. Also, swimming indoors gives me terrible allergic symptoms — maybe it’s the chlorine, or maybe there is more mold growing around indoor pools. My solution is to pop an antihistamine, e.g., Loratadine, before I go.

  2. great point…i use the goggles that resemble a scuba mask rather than the traditional style. they give you so much better vision. and it’s funny how i used to be terribly allergic to chlorine – nosebleeds and rashes – but now don’t seem to be…i guess after 40 years of allergies i grew out of them!


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