Why You Should Get Outside and Exercise

The weather is nice, so get outside and do some exercise. If you live someplace where the weather can be awful during the winter, this is even more of a reason to enjoy the great outdoors now that it’s summer. Cardiovascular exercise is best done on Terra Firma, not on Movens Apparatus (that’s Latin). And […]

Take Extra Time to Warm Up When it's Cold

The term “warm-up” is never as appropriate as when its absolutely freezing cold, miserable weather and you feel like your bones are going to break with every step you take. I hate the winter and I hate the cold, but the only thing that allows me to deal with it is that I have a […]

How Do I Do a Circuit Training Workout?

Circuit training is a good way to break out of the workout doldrums.  Circuit training program design is limited only by your imagination and a well-designed circuit can be a challenging, fun and effective way to exercise. Circuits can consist of body weight exercises, resistance training exercises, calisthenics or a combination of all three.  I […]

Don’t Jog or Run if You Can’t Do it Properly

We’ve had some nice fall weather over the past few weeks here in New Jersey and that means joggers are out in force.  It’s very similar to what happens when spring springs and the first batch of 70 degree sunny days show up after a long, ugly winter; joggers take to the roadways and sidewalks […]

Workout While on Vacation

If you make exercise a regular part of your daily routine it’s only natural that you’d want to continue to do so. However, use the occasion of getting away from home as an opportunity to change your exercise routine. When you spend a lot of time exercising – at a gym, at home, distance running […]

Exercise is a Great Cure for Jet Lag

There are a lot of theories, myths and “Wives’ Tales” that deal with cures for jet lag and exercise is my cure. There are a lot of cures for jet lag, from the simple to complex, scientific to goofy, medicinal, herbal and elemental.  Some are simple and others are complex and convoluted. Take melatonin, drink […]

Do You Get In Shape for the Spring?

If you use the coming of spring and summer as an incentive to get into shape, you better get started. I don’t think that people should just get into shape just because the warm weather is coming.  However, I do recognize that people use the change of seasons as motivation for starting to exercise or […]

The Health Skeptic: An Update on Whole Body Vibration Training

A recent review of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) research by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) doesn’t provide any reasons to include this mode of training into your routine, whether you are a personal trainer or a fitness consumer.  WBV has been studied for over 50 years and its proponents claim that using these […]

How To Workout At The Beach

When you’re on vacation at the beach, and want to exercise without going to a gym, here’s a short and very effective workout. I enjoy working out when I’m on vacation, away from the gym and all of the standard/traditional (at least for me) modes of exercise.  There’s no better time to break out of […]

The Different Styles of Cardiovascular Exercise, Part 2

There are more options for cardiovascular training than just walking and jogging – calisthenics, swimming, sprinting – and here’s a quick list of pros and cons for swimming, sprinting, agility and speed work. For this installment of my review of some different forms of cardiovascular exercise I’ll start with another favorite of mine, swimming.  Swimming […]