The Different Styles of Cardiovascular Exercise, Part 1

There are more options for cardiovascular training than just walking and jogging – calisthenics, swimming, sprinting – and here’s a quick rundown of pros and cons for the various choices. Walking and jogging are the most popular forms of cardio.  Despite the fact that they aren’t the most dynamic activities, the vast majority of exercisers have […]

Should I Exercise When I am Sick?

As a personal trainer, I get asked this more than almost any other question, “Should I exercise when I’m sick?” People, regardless of where they live, get sick and fall prey to the ravages of “the cold and flu season.” However, working as a personal trainer in the northeast of the U.S, it seems that […]

Get Ready to Start Exercising Outside

As we inch closer towards spring, now is the time for personal trainers and weekend warriors to prepare themselves for some good, old fashion outdoors workouts. As much as I love working out outside in the winter, I totally understand that there are people who’d rather hibernate and keep themselves in a temperature-controlled environment.  Despite […]

Beginners Must Learn to Move Properly Before Lifting Weights

Regardless of fitness level, there’s much more to exercising than lifting weights. Beginners need to learn how to move properly before they start lifting weights. Despite the popular perception, there is a lot more to exercising than strength training with weights and jogging.  It doesn’t matter if a person is an expert or a novice, […]

Perform a Recovery Workout the Day After a Demanding Training Session

A Recovery Workout is the ideal way to train the day after an intense speed or power workout. Whether or not you work with a personal trainer, you can implement some tactics and techniques used by strength coaches and certified personal trainers to get the most out of your training sessions.  Performing a Recovery Workout […]

Exercise Helps Women Deal With Certain Symptoms of Menopause

A new study has found that exercise relieves some menopausal symptoms.  Walking and some basic strength training can do the trick. Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia have found that physically active post-menopausal women handle stress, anxiety and depression better than their non/less-active peers.  The researchers did not find a link between increased physical activity […]

Do Not Bother Making Fitness Related New Years Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions all I have to say is “Bah, humbug,” especially when such empty promises are diet and exercise related. I have no patience for New Year’s Resolutions, and have a particularly low tolerance for any of these fitness-related empty promises.  Making plans for the future is a great idea.  […]

Strength Training for Golf

Strength training can offer benefits for golfers.  Golfers who lift weights will improve every aspect of their game. Until very recently conventional wisdom held that strength training and golf just didn’t mix.  This misconception was based upon the mistaken notion that strength training would make a person muscle bound, which would affect range of motion, […]

Strength Training With Your Personal Trainer

If you employ a personal trainer, make sure that they are including enough strength training exercises in your regimen. Personal trainers have different philosophies.  Depending on the certifying organization from which a trainer has their certification, trainers can emphasize different methods.  If your trainer doesn’t have a certification, you should find out why this is […]

Video Fitness Tip Calisthenics for Children

Calisthenics are perfect exercises that the whole family can enjoy, and benefit from, together.  This video fitness tip shows how an 8-year old child can perform the four cornerstone calisthenics movements. The four major fitness calisthenics movements are jumping jacks, squat thrusts, leg drives and push-ups, and the sooner that people are introduced to these […]