A Modest Proposal Regarding the Obesity Epidemic

Since everyone is either obese, fat, getting fatter or going to be fat I have some suggestions as to how we can stave off and alleviate this catastrophic pandemic. This is Part 1 of my essay entitled, “A Modest Proposal Regarding the Obesity Epidemic. After the complete essay is posted I will continue to make […]

Holiday Eating Guide 2010

During this time of year ridiculous holiday eating guidelines are published in just about every magazine and newspaper in the land and are featured on web sites and television news and information shows. My advice; totally ignore them. The Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year holidays are a time when you should enjoy all the special food and drink […]

Diets Suck

That’s a harsh headline, but it does grab attention. And I think I’ve already used, “Diets Don’t Work.” But really, it’s true, diets suck and they don’t work. The problem is the Dieting Industrial Complex has created a massive $50 billion a year market for diets by promoting and selling the message that people are […]

The HCG Diet is Barbaric

I have seen a lot of bad diets over the years, but hCG Diet sets the new standard for irresponsibility. If you thought 1000-1200 calories a day was tough to handle, your head will spin – and your stomach will growl – if you try to follow this 500 calorie a day torture test. The […]

There Are Only 15 Calories in a Teaspoon of Sugar

It kind of amazes me that some people get so freaked out by a tiny teaspoon of sugar. Fifteen calories have never gotten such a bad rap. In the rush to place blame for the so-called obesity epidemic, this basic carbohydrate that everybody needs for fuel has become a scapegoat. Nobody has ever gained weight […]

Calculate Your Basal Metabolic Rate

I don’t believe in counting calories in order to restrict caloric intake. Rather I promote caloric awareness in the effort to get people to realize that they usually don’t eat enough food, not that they eat too much. Calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is quite simple.  Here’s the formula.

New York City’s Nanny State Calorie Notification Legislation is Ineffective

When presented with nutritional information regarding calories contained in food in New York City’s fast food restaurants – as required by law – 85% of consumers ignored it.  According to a study released by researchers from New York University and Yale medical professors only 56% of consumers saw the information and a paltry 15% of […]