Joggers Make Me Sad

Spring has sprung and with the start of good weather comes the stampede of “Painful Joggers,” pounding the pavement and pounding their joints into submission. Joggers make me sad. Well meaning, hard working folks who have been convinced by a marketing juggernaut to “Just Do It.” These people really think that jogging is not only […]

How to Use the Stairmaster for Maximum Gain

The Stairmaster, in all its iterations, is one of the most popular and misused pieces of equipment in the gym world, so I’m going to try and set the record straight and tell you how to use this equipment properly. I realize that here are many different types of machines, for the sake of brevity […]

An Elliptical Machine Offers A Great Change Of Pace For Serious Runners

For people who get the bulk of their cardiovascular exercise by distance running, an elliptical machine can provide joggers with a great way to engage in a very beneficial form of cross-training… Anyone who runs regularly – or “yogs” as Ron Burgundy would call it – needs to give their body a rest as a […]

Do Yourself a Favor and Start Swimming

Swimming is hands down the best form of cardiovascular exercise and getting into the pool is the single best change that you can make to your exercise routine. Unlike jogging or any form of machine-based cardio exercise, swimming places no impact force on the joints and connective tissue, and is an incredibly efficient, total-body exercise.  […]

Don’t Jog or Run if You Can’t Do it Properly

We’ve had some nice fall weather over the past few weeks here in New Jersey and that means joggers are out in force.  It’s very similar to what happens when spring springs and the first batch of 70 degree sunny days show up after a long, ugly winter; joggers take to the roadways and sidewalks […]

Incorporate Shuttle Runs in Your Workout

Shuttle runs are a great method of high-intensity cardiovascular exercise and are the most efficient and effective way to improve your fitness level. For years athletes have been using shuttle runs to improve their conditioning level, as this kind of conditioning reproduces conditions that athletes contend with during competition.  Regardless of what sport you play, […]

The Different Styles of Cardiovascular Exercise, Part 2

There are more options for cardiovascular training than just walking and jogging – calisthenics, swimming, sprinting – and here’s a quick list of pros and cons for swimming, sprinting, agility and speed work. For this installment of my review of some different forms of cardiovascular exercise I’ll start with another favorite of mine, swimming.  Swimming […]

The Different Styles of Cardiovascular Exercise, Part 1

There are more options for cardiovascular training than just walking and jogging – calisthenics, swimming, sprinting – and here’s a quick rundown of pros and cons for the various choices. Walking and jogging are the most popular forms of cardio.  Despite the fact that they aren’t the most dynamic activities, the vast majority of exercisers have […]

Take Some Time Off During the Holidays

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is a great time to take a break from strength training, cardiovascular work and your personal trainer. Too many people don’t realize the value of taking time off from the gym and their workouts.  As a matter of fact – with the exception of my clients – […]

Strength Training With Your Personal Trainer

If you employ a personal trainer, make sure that they are including enough strength training exercises in your regimen. Personal trainers have different philosophies.  Depending on the certifying organization from which a trainer has their certification, trainers can emphasize different methods.  If your trainer doesn’t have a certification, you should find out why this is […]