Seven Things You Should Stop Doing in the Gym, Immediately

There are so many people doing so many things wrong in the gym that I hardly know where to start when it comes to trying to get them to change their ways. The fitness field is unlike any other that I can think of, in that there has been little change in the mainstream public’s […]

Should I Buy the 20-Second Workout?

The “20-Second Fitness” training program is a riff on the legitimate Tabata Interval method of high-intensity training. As a matter of fact, of all of the marketing-driven/created exercise programs that I have encountered over the years the underpinnings of this “20-Second Fitness” program are as solid as you can get. But that doesn’t mean that […]

Mayo Clinic Review: Aerobic Exercise May Cut Dementia Risk

After reviewing over 1,600 papers, researchers from the Mayo Clinic state that, “You can make a very compelling argument for exercise as a disease-modifying strategy to prevent dementia and mild cognitive impairment, and for favorably modifying these processes once they have developed.” Author and neurologist Dr. J. Eric Ahlskog lead the effort that included the […]

Sprint to Improve Fitness, Speed and Anaerobic Capacity

Sprinting is a very effective and efficient way to improve your fitness level. Over the past several years there there been several studies that support my feeling that sprinting is the only form of running the vast majority of people should do. In the May 2011 edition of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Journal […]

Joggers Make Me Sad

Spring has sprung and with the start of good weather comes the stampede of “Painful Joggers,” pounding the pavement and pounding their joints into submission. Joggers make me sad. Well meaning, hard working folks who have been convinced by a marketing juggernaut to “Just Do It.” These people really think that jogging is not only […]

How to Use the Stairmaster for Maximum Gain

The Stairmaster, in all its iterations, is one of the most popular and misused pieces of equipment in the gym world, so I’m going to try and set the record straight and tell you how to use this equipment properly. I realize that here are many different types of machines, for the sake of brevity […]

How to Walk on a Treadmill

I can’t believe I have to write the phrase, “How to walk on a treadmill,” but it is very clear that people need to read/hear it. How can so many people not know how to perform the most fundamental movement there is?  Go to any big, open gym and watch rows and rows of people not […]

Are You Bored With Your Workouts?

When I go to the gym to workout I talk to a lot of people and lately I’ve been hearing so many of these folks complaining about having to workout. When I ask them if they enjoy training or have fun during their workouts most people look at me like I have three heads. During […]

Try Mixed a Mixed Distance Shuttle Run Workout

Mixed distance shuttle runs are a great way to improve your conditioning level.  If done properly, they can be much more efficient and effective than other kinds of cardiovascular training, and certainly are better than distance running, jogging or any kind of machine-based cardio. Mixed distance shuttle runs should be an integral part of any […]

A Great Outdoor Workout

The weather is getting nicer, so get off the treadmill, Stair Master, stationary bike and elliptical trainer and get outside where you can actually move the human body the way it’s meant to move.  If your goal is to get in great shape so that you can give yourself the chance to look your best, […]