Is CrossFit the Sport of Fitness?

Has the “Sport of Fitness” really arrived in the form of CrossFit, via Reebok? Sorry to disappoint you, but no, it hasn’t. The Hype of Fitness, however, is in full gear. Like clockwork the Fitness Industrial Complex uses the mainstream media to overhype an existing, but perhaps fringe or niche element of the exercise world. […]

Circuit Training Workout

Circuit training is a great way to develop strength endurance/muscular endurance and also improves work capacity.  Circuit training is very efficient and effective and people at all levels of ability and fitness can benefit from using this method of training. Circuit training has the added benefit of requiring little – if any -equipment and can […]

How Do I Do a Circuit Training Workout?

Circuit training is a good way to break out of the workout doldrums.  Circuit training program design is limited only by your imagination and a well-designed circuit can be a challenging, fun and effective way to exercise. Circuits can consist of body weight exercises, resistance training exercises, calisthenics or a combination of all three.  I […]

Exercise is a Great Cure for Jet Lag

There are a lot of theories, myths and “Wives’ Tales” that deal with cures for jet lag and exercise is my cure. There are a lot of cures for jet lag, from the simple to complex, scientific to goofy, medicinal, herbal and elemental.  Some are simple and others are complex and convoluted. Take melatonin, drink […]