How to do Indian Club Upper Body Flexibility Exercises

I have been a big fan of Indian Club exercises for quite some time and use them myself and with my clients. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to use the clubs in order to get the most out of these exercises. I have three pairs of Indian Clubs – 5-pounds, 1-1/4 pounds, […]

Flexibility Exercises Should Be Performed With Movement

Incorporate upper body movements when doing flexibility exercises, use medicine balls and sticks and bend, twist, lean, lunge and squat. The best flexibility routines will get boring. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise, they will get stale if they are overused and/or always performed they same way and same order. You […]

Exercise is a Great Cure for Jet Lag

There are a lot of theories, myths and “Wives’ Tales” that deal with cures for jet lag and exercise is my cure. There are a lot of cures for jet lag, from the simple to complex, scientific to goofy, medicinal, herbal and elemental.  Some are simple and others are complex and convoluted. Take melatonin, drink […]