Ridiculous Exercises: Seated Chest and Shoulder Press

There are a lot of ridiculous things going on in gyms out there, things I feel compelled to speak out about, and against. This week’s rant will focus on the ridiculousness that is the seated chest and shoulder press, in all inefficient iterations. First of all, anyone who has been a regular (or even semi-regular) […]

Great Exercise Equipment From Perform Better

Perform Better is one of the leading providers of high-quality fitness accessories and equipment.  Here are some “must-have” products that you can find at www.PerformBetter.com, also known as Exercise Bands – If you’ve never used mini-bands you are missing out on one of the best – and least expensive fitness accessories on the market.  Mini-bands […]

The Shake Weight Makes an Appearance on Saturday Night Live

Our favorite, most ridiculous fitness gadget of all time has made the big time, as the Shake Weight was parodied on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. My review of the Shake Weight has been very popular, has drawn a lot of people to the site and has generated some pretty unintentionally funny comments […]