Gwyneth Paltrow’s Personal Trainer’s Nonsensical Program

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal trainer serves as a great example of why celebrity fitness gurus should be ignored. Despite recognizing how ignorant most members of the general public are when it comes to fitness, it is still amazing that this kind of pap gets to play in the media, and that many folks actually give […]

Weight Loss Should Not be a Goal

Weight loss should not be the goal of an exercise program or the end result for improving one’s eating habits.  Weight loss should not be used as a measure of fitness or as a way to measure improvement, because losing weight does not, cannot, improve performance. Focusing on weight loss is a massive waste of time […]

I Love Kettlebells, And You Will Too

Russian Kettlebells seem like they are only for the hardcore, but they are fantastic training tools that can help to reshape your physique and rev up your metabolism. Even if you are just a beginner. A kettlebell is a cast iron weights that looks like a cannon ball with a handle.  Known as a “girya,” […]

A Treadmill or an Elliptical Machine: Which Should You Buy?

Recently elliptical machines have been giving treadmills a run for the money in the category of “Most Popular Piece of Cardio Equipment,” as the elliptical allows people to get a good cardio workout with a minimum of impact on their joints. If you are trying to decide which piece of equipment would be best for […]

A Simple Way To Get A Great Workout – The Deck of Cards Workout

There’s a workout program that you can fit in the palm of your hand, use every week, take with you everywhere that you go, that can adapt to any kind of exercises and will provide you with a challenging workout that changes every time you exercise. Interested?  Then come on in and read more… In this […]

Weight Training is Beneficial for Breast Cancer Survivors

A study published in the latest edition of the New England Journal of Medicine weight training can help minimize the effects of lymphedema, a build up of fluids that causes painful swelling in the arms and/or hands. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that regular weight training exercises actually helped minimize this painful swelling […]

Health and Fitness Advice Conditioning Gauntlet For Women, Level 2

Level 2 of the Conditioning Gauntlet can serve as a real challenge for even the fittest women. Last month I posted an item detailing the first level of a conditioning test that I use with both my athletes and regular clients. If you’ve tried it and aced it, or looked at it and thought […]

Beginner Pilates

Pilates, like any other exercise style should be undertaken carefully and slowly.  Those who are just starting out should seek the best Pilates exercises for beginners because these exercises will be geared toward strengthening the body in order to perform more complicated routines.  The Pilates workout for beginners gives you a strong foundation for what […]

"The Biggest Loser" Video Blog Appearance On

I’d like to thank MsFitOnline for allowing my “Biggest Loser” video blog (Vlog) entry to appear on her site. MizFitOnline is one of the most influential fitness bloggers on the Internet and last week I was lucky enough to have her appear as a guest video blogger on In what can be filed under […]

Health and Fitness Advice Conditioning Gauntlet For Women, Level 1

Try to complete the first level of the Conditioning Gauntlet. I don’t believe in using the scale as a measure of a person’s fitness.  I don’t care how much someone weighs and don’t view weight loss as being an improvement to a person’s fitness level.  Performance and capability is what rules the day and is all that […]