The NFL's Heads Up Tackling Program Still Won't Work

So, I have coached an entire season of youth football, watched well over a hundred hours of youth and high school football film, watched countless other hours of live football, and watched hundreds of hours of televised football, AND have yet to see an example of the NFL’s Heads Up Tackling Technique anyplace. I have […]

The NFL’s Heads-Up Tackling Will Not Work

The NFL’s Heads Up Tackling Program will not work. This isn’t an opinion based on some subjective viewpoint of football and tackling but is based on the recognition of legitimate scientific research and a basic understanding of motor learning, motor control, and skill acquisition. The NFL’s Heads Up Tacking Program will not work because it […]

The NFL's Headache Problem

Can we all agree that it is no longer a secret and/or that it isn’t possible for the NFL to hide from its players that there are specific risk factors for head injuries, including concussions? And let’s not include in this discussion the argument that the players from 25+ years have a gripe with the […]

There is No Such Thing as Safer Football

NOTE: This item was written on 9/19/2011. On 9/22/11 the writer’s son fractured his left forearm playing football, when attempting to break his fall to the ground after a tackle. The idea of “safer” football is a pipe dream. Safer football – especially at the highest levels – in the context of eliminating head injuries […]

Concussion Prevention Program

I humbly offer a concussion prevention program that will have a 100% success rate. This is not a trick or an attempt to be clever. This is a bona fide solution for those folks who are afraid that they – or their kids – will be subjected to dementia or any other ill effect that […]

Concussion Epidemic?

If you are any kind of sport fan, play sports or have a kid who plays sports you have to have heard about the concern dealing with concussions and head injuries. Over the past several years there has been an increased sensitivity with regard to concussions in sports, especially football, and this week Congress announced […]