Athletes Need to Stop Jogging on the Boardwalk

I just got back from vacation down at the beautiful New Jersey Shore. No, not the Jersey Shore you see on MTV, but the real New Jersey Shore. The only thing worse than the seeing Snookie in person was the presence of what I call “Painful Joggers” wearing team sport apparel from colleges and high […]

Sprint to Improve Fitness, Speed and Anaerobic Capacity

Sprinting is a very effective and efficient way to improve your fitness level. Over the past several years there there been several studies that support my feeling that sprinting is the only form of running the vast majority of people should do. In the May 2011 edition of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Journal […]

Joggers Make Me Sad

Spring has sprung and with the start of good weather comes the stampede of “Painful Joggers,” pounding the pavement and pounding their joints into submission. Joggers make me sad. Well meaning, hard working folks who have been convinced by a marketing juggernaut to “Just Do It.” These people really think that jogging is not only […]

The Jersey Shore, Style

The Jersey Shore is well-known for its Guidos and Guidettes, but there are more horrific things down at the beach than Snooki and “The Situation.” “Painful Jogger Syndrome” is on display everywhere you look this Fourth of July weekend. Do you know what a Painful Jogger is?  My bet is you do, but just never […]

Don’t Jog or Run if You Can’t Do it Properly

We’ve had some nice fall weather over the past few weeks here in New Jersey and that means joggers are out in force.  It’s very similar to what happens when spring springs and the first batch of 70 degree sunny days show up after a long, ugly winter; joggers take to the roadways and sidewalks […]

Are You Functionally Unfit?

I’ll probably annoy some people by saying this – so what else is new? – but I think there are few things that are more destructive than long-distance running.  If you can stand the truth, keep reading. The running/jogging craze was a major fitness phenomenon of the 20th Century, and running is still “da bomb” […]