Sledgehammer Training Is Not For The Faint of Heart

You might think I’m crazy, my neighbors probably think I’m crazy and if you listen to me your neighbors might think you’re crazy.  And you might be crazy if you listen to me, but you will be in better shape.  Try sledgehammer training. In the effort to get fit you don’t have to rely on […]

Pavel Tsatsouline is the Brains and Brawn Behind the Kettlebell Resurrection

Kettlebells have been around since the 18th century, but thanks to the efforts of Pavel Tsatsouline, giryas (kettlebells) are a 21st century phenomenon. Russian Master of Sport Pavel Tsatsouline has been the number one proponent of bringing the old school method of kettlebell training to the masses.  His DVD, The Russian Kettlebell Challenge, is a […]

I Love Kettlebells, And You Will Too

Russian Kettlebells seem like they are only for the hardcore, but they are fantastic training tools that can help to reshape your physique and rev up your metabolism. Even if you are just a beginner. A kettlebell is a cast iron weights that looks like a cannon ball with a handle.  Known as a “girya,” […]

Deck of Cards Workout is a Perfect Vacation Workout

The deck of cards workout is one of my all-time favorite workouts, and is the perfect way to exercise while on vacation.  All you need is you and a deck of cards! I’ve been using the deck of cards workout for almost 30 years and have performed an endless string of variations of this great […]

Workout While on Vacation

If you make exercise a regular part of your daily routine it’s only natural that you’d want to continue to do so. However, use the occasion of getting away from home as an opportunity to change your exercise routine. When you spend a lot of time exercising – at a gym, at home, distance running […]

The Amazing Benefits Of Kettlebell Workouts

One of the latest phenomenon’s taking the exercise world by storm is the kettlebell.  A kettlebell is an iron weight that looks like a bowling ball or a cannonball with a built in handle.  Kettlebell exercises provide many key workout benefits and are proving to be more than just a passing fad.  Since kettlebells work […]

Do You Get In Shape for the Spring?

If you use the coming of spring and summer as an incentive to get into shape, you better get started. I don’t think that people should just get into shape just because the warm weather is coming.  However, I do recognize that people use the change of seasons as motivation for starting to exercise or […]

Kettlebell Snatch and One Legged Box Jumps Superset

The Kettlebell snatch, one-legged box jump high-intensity superset will improve explosiveness and overall conditioning. I’m a big fan of high-intensity/low-volume workouts, as this kind of workout is way more efficient and effective than low-intensity/high-volume workouts.  It’s also a lot more athletic and fun. Whether you are a personal trainer or strength coach looking to add […]

Vacation and Exercise

What kind of exercise should you do on vacation? Should you exercise on vacation?  Answers to these questions, and others, if you read on. I’m always asked about my thoughts on vacation and exercise.  In general, I think exercise and vacation are a great mix. However, I don’t think exercise should dominate a vacation. If you’re […]

Get Ready to Start Exercising Outside

As we inch closer towards spring, now is the time for personal trainers and weekend warriors to prepare themselves for some good, old fashion outdoors workouts. As much as I love working out outside in the winter, I totally understand that there are people who’d rather hibernate and keep themselves in a temperature-controlled environment.  Despite […]