Video Fitness Tip: Outdoors Workout In the Snow

Here’s an outdoors workout that proves that snow and freezing temperatures don’t have to keep you cooped up indoors.  Grab your kettlebells and sledgehammer.  Training has never been this simple and effective. After a couple of weeks of really lousy, gloomy weather – a couple of minor snow incidents, rain, a snow storm and freezing […]

Strength Training for Golf

Strength training can offer benefits for golfers.  Golfers who lift weights will improve every aspect of their game. Until very recently conventional wisdom held that strength training and golf just didn’t mix.  This misconception was based upon the mistaken notion that strength training would make a person muscle bound, which would affect range of motion, […]

Squats and Dead Lifts w/ Dumbells & Kettlebells- Video Fitness Tip

Squats and dead lifts are two exercises that most people think can only be done at a gym.  This video fitness tip will show you how you can perform these two effective exercises as a part of your home fitness workout with dumbbells and/or kettlebells. Squats and dead lifts should be a part of everyone’s routine, […]

How to Introduce Tabata Intervals Into a Workout

Tabata intervals are a method of training that typically is used in extremely high-intensity interval training routines and should be employed by personal trainers, strength coaches, and anybody who exercises. This method, named after pioneering researcher Nishimura Tabata, consists of eight intense training intervals of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is […]

Sledgehammer Training With Tabata Intervals

Whether you are a personal trainer looking for something new for clients or a person who trains alone, sledgehammer training is a viable alternative to traditional strength training methods, and a great fitness tip to include into your training program. Sledgehammer training is a fantastic alternative to the sometime humdrum routine of traditional strength training. […]

Take Your Kettlebells and Sledgehammer With You On Summer Vacation

Here’s a great summer fitness tip: If you drive to your summer vacation then there’s no reason for you to not take your best training partners with you, the versatile kettlebells and the trusty sledgehammer. This summer the family and I are going back to the Green Mountains of Vermont for summer vacation, and you’d […]

A Fourth of July Fitness Tip

What better way to commemorate a holiday – Hallmark or National – than to use a fitness tip that will help to break a sweat while exercising?  Don’t waste your time going to a gym or lifting indoors – and you don’t always need a personal trainer to get a great workout – take your […]

Fitness Tips: Three Sledgehammers, A Kettlebell and Prince

What’s a holiday weekend without a sledgehammer workout? I got 30-minutes to work out on Father’s Day and spent it wisely with three sledgehammers, a kettlebell with the musical backdrop produced by Prince. Increasingly, my weekend workouts have become sledgehammer-centric. Since I started with the sledge back in the winter I have seen and felt […]

Accelerade Is Better Than Gatorade

Active folks who already incorporate a sports drink in their regimen should include Accelerade brand sports drink as a part of their hydration program and in preparation for, and recovery from, the rigors of training and competition. Where all of the other sports drinks consist strictly of carbohydrates, Accelerade includes carbohydrates and protein – in […]

Fitness Tips: A Sledgehammer, Two Kettlebells and Rock and Roll

Here’s a great fitness tip for you on this fine Memorial Day weekend.  In 30 minutes, on any day of the week, combine three diverse elements – a sledgehammer, kettlebells and rock music – to create a challenging, time-efficient workout. When the weather’s nice there’s nothing better than exercising out doors, and there are no […]