What Can be Done to Improve Youth Football?

Recently, a huge amount of attention has been spent on the subject of safer tackling in football. I am fortunate to be part of this national debate, as last month I participated in an edition of ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” television series that dealt with the issue of USA Football’s Heads-Up tackling program. The debate […]

The NFL’s Heads-Up Tackling Will Not Work

The NFL’s Heads Up Tackling Program will not work. This isn’t an opinion based on some subjective viewpoint of football and tackling but is based on the recognition of legitimate scientific research and a basic understanding of motor learning, motor control, and skill acquisition. The NFL’s Heads Up Tacking Program will not work because it […]

There is No Such Thing as Safer Football

NOTE: This item was written on 9/19/2011. On 9/22/11 the writer’s son fractured his left forearm playing football, when attempting to break his fall to the ground after a tackle. The idea of “safer” football is a pipe dream. Safer football – especially at the highest levels – in the context of eliminating head injuries […]

For Albert Haynesworth the 300-Yard Shuttle is the Wrong Way to Assess Fitness

Washington Redskins’ malcontent  Albert Haynesworth may in fact not be in playing shape. However, the 300-yard shuttle run is a lousy way to assess a defensive lineman’s fitness level, and there’s a good chance the end result of this public power struggle/punishment will be an injury to Haynesworth. Let’s get the obvious stuff out of […]

Injuries and the Start of NFL Training Camp

It’s like Christmas morning for football fans as every NFL team has started their training camp. However, the big fear of Christmas in August – the equivalent to getting a lump of coal in your stocking – is that major injuries to key players can get the season off to sour start. NFL training camps […]