Holiday Eating Guide

I enjoy the simple things in my routine, and I look forward to Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. With this in mind, I am struck by how petty and insignificant most day-to-day “problems” really are, especially when it comes to the way we eat. As clients, friends and acquaintances prepared for the […]

The Government Doesn't Need to Force Feed Kids School Lunch

The Lake County school system in Florida is considering installing cameras on their cafeteria trash cans in order to study what foods their students are throwing away. The school system says last year these kids tossed $75,000 worth of vegetables into the trash. The federal government requires by law that students take a healthy lunchtime […]

How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

You would think making hard-boiled eggs is easy, but it can be tricky. And if you follow the slow-carb diet featured in the book “The Four-Hour Body,” you will eat a lot of hard-boiled eggs. To be honest with you I had never really eaten, or made, a lot of hard-boiled eggs before I read […]

Holiday Eating Guide – 2011

The Holidays. The time of year when many people start to stress about eating. What should be an enjoyable experience has become a problems for far too many people. And there is no shortage of meddlesome butt-in-skis who want to tell everyone else how they should eat. Talk about your Scrooges! Bah humbug to all […]

Dr. Weil Recommends Yo-Yo Dieting

Dr. Andrew Weil, the Complimentary and Alternative Medicine guru (CAM), published a blog post saying that yo-yo dieting is better than “staying fat.” I guess attaining superstar status in the world of CAM gives you the privilege of saying silly, and potentially harmful, things, while maintaining said status. When you get beyond the headline, “Yo-Yo […]

Don't Let the Government Set a National Fat Ceiling

Over the past month the issue of the National Debt Ceiling has dominated the headlines, as our government has tried to come to grips with its profligate spending, the damage that’s been done to our economy and the country’s credit rating. As with pretty much everything it touches, the government has really screwed things up. […]

When it’s a Holiday, like the Fourth of July, Eat Whatever You Want

Like clockwork, every holiday, every year we get inundated with these “healthy eating tips,” from nosey, buttinsky do-gooders who want to ruin our fun. There are 365 days in a year and less than 10 real opportunities to enjoy holiday foods/parties, yet these no-fun allowed types can’t leave us alone. These pieces all start out […]

MyPlate: More Nonsense From the Government

So let me get this straight. The old Food and Drug Administration Food Pyramid was confusing, and over the time it was in effect obesity rates (allegedly) increased, but the new MyPlate program will help people improve their eating habits? Who really believes this pap? All the rah rah stories I’ve read with quotes from […]

Keep the Government Out of My Kitchen and Let Me Eat What I Want

In 1978 F. Paul Wilson wrote a short story titled, “Lipidleggin’” that at the time surely was considered crazy. Over 30 years later Wilson’s story is closer to reality than I’m sure the author ever thought would be possible. “Lipidleggin’” tells the story of a small town grocer who deals in the real thing; butter […]

Holiday Eating Guide 2010

During this time of year ridiculous holiday eating guidelines are published in just about every magazine and newspaper in the land and are featured on web sites and television news and information shows. My advice; totally ignore them. The Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year holidays are a time when you should enjoy all the special food and drink […]