Try Mixed a Mixed Distance Shuttle Run Workout

Mixed distance shuttle runs are a great way to improve your conditioning level.  If done properly, they can be much more efficient and effective than other kinds of cardiovascular training, and certainly are better than distance running, jogging or any kind of machine-based cardio. Mixed distance shuttle runs should be an integral part of any […]

Health and Fitness Advice Conditioning Gauntlet For Men, Level 2

After you’ve completed the first level of the Conditioning Gauntlet for men, give level 2 a try. If you’ve been around the site you should know that I don’t care if how much someone can bench press or if they do Zottman curls. The scale can’t measure a person’s fitness level and weight loss […]

Workout While on Vacation

If you make exercise a regular part of your daily routine it’s only natural that you’d want to continue to do so. However, use the occasion of getting away from home as an opportunity to change your exercise routine. When you spend a lot of time exercising – at a gym, at home, distance running […]

Health and Fitness Advice Conditioning Gauntlet For Women, Level 2

Level 2 of the Conditioning Gauntlet can serve as a real challenge for even the fittest women. Last month I posted an item detailing the first level of a conditioning test that I use with both my athletes and regular clients. If you’ve tried it and aced it, or looked at it and thought […]

Incorporate Shuttle Runs in Your Workout

Shuttle runs are a great method of high-intensity cardiovascular exercise and are the most efficient and effective way to improve your fitness level. For years athletes have been using shuttle runs to improve their conditioning level, as this kind of conditioning reproduces conditions that athletes contend with during competition.  Regardless of what sport you play, […]