Sledgehammer Training Is Not For The Faint of Heart

You might think I’m crazy, my neighbors probably think I’m crazy and if you listen to me your neighbors might think you’re crazy.  And you might be crazy if you listen to me, but you will be in better shape.  Try sledgehammer training. In the effort to get fit you don’t have to rely on […]

Sledgehammer Training for Lacrosse

Sledgehammer training is a great non-traditional method that can improve functional strength for lacrosse. Regardless of the phase of training, sledgehammer training is a low-tech, inexpensive, highly effective sport-specific method of training for lacrosse.  The demands placed on the body – specifically true core strength – by shooting and passing motions make sledgehammer training an […]

Sledgehammer Training With a Weighted Vest

A weighted vest is a simple but effective way to increase the difficulty of your workouts.  Wear a weighted vest during a sledgehammer training session and feel the difference 20-pounds can make. A weighted vest is a great way to make a standard workout more difficult, combine sledgehammer training with a weighted vest and you’ll […]

Sledgehammer Training Pointers

As a personal trainer and a strength coach – and from my own workouts – I can offer some interesting tips that will help you to get the most out of your sledgehammer training workouts. Since I started using the sledgehammer in my own workouts and in the workouts of my personal training clients and […]

Get Ready to Start Exercising Outside

As we inch closer towards spring, now is the time for personal trainers and weekend warriors to prepare themselves for some good, old fashion outdoors workouts. As much as I love working out outside in the winter, I totally understand that there are people who’d rather hibernate and keep themselves in a temperature-controlled environment.  Despite […]

Video Fitness Tip: Outdoors Workout In the Snow

Here’s an outdoors workout that proves that snow and freezing temperatures don’t have to keep you cooped up indoors.  Grab your kettlebells and sledgehammer.  Training has never been this simple and effective. After a couple of weeks of really lousy, gloomy weather – a couple of minor snow incidents, rain, a snow storm and freezing […]

Video Fitness Tip: Sledgehammer Strength Training With a Twist

Sledgehammer strength training offers a unique and challenging way to improve your level of conditioning and personal trainers and do-it-yourself weekend warriors will benefit from strength training the sledgehammer way. For this workout I combined sledgehammer swings with a non-traditional exercise that I call “Cliffhangers,” and pull-ups.  As you can see in the video clip my deck […]

Black Friday: How Do You Feel The Day After Thanksgiving?

Today is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the day that kicks off the Christmas shopping season.  However, to me Black Friday is the day when people start to suffer from “Eater’s Remorse,” as they feel guilty for the foods they ate – and should have enjoyed – on Thanksgiving, and start to stress […]

Sledgehammer Training w/ Barbell Thrusters – Video Fitness Tip

This week’s video fitness tip features a superset that consists of sledgehammer training combined with the hang clean-front squat and press that’s performed with Apollon’s Axle, a 2-inch thick bar. The thicker bar totally changes the dynamic involved with performing any exercise, and makes this particular exercise extremely challenging. As I’ve been telling you, sledgehammer […]

How to Introduce Tabata Intervals Into a Workout

Tabata intervals are a method of training that typically is used in extremely high-intensity interval training routines and should be employed by personal trainers, strength coaches, and anybody who exercises. This method, named after pioneering researcher Nishimura Tabata, consists of eight intense training intervals of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is […]