The Health and Fitness Advice Training Journal, 20 Repetition Set of Squats Part 2

The flu bug has messed up my plans to present Jills’ progress with the 20-rep squats workout, so this week you’re stuck with me. One set of 20-repetition squats – if done properly – is one of the most difficult workouts that you can do.  Personal trainers and gym rats who squat properly should take […]

The Health and Fitness Advice Training Journal: 20 Repetition Set of Squats

Performing one set of 20 repetitions of the squat – if done properly – is a devastatingly effective way to build strength and improve your overall fitness level. For the inaugural edition of the Health and Fitness Advice Training Journal you’re going to hear about Jill and I as we perform “20 reps set” on […]

How To Workout At The Beach

When you’re on vacation at the beach, and want to exercise without going to a gym, here’s a short and very effective workout. I enjoy working out when I’m on vacation, away from the gym and all of the standard/traditional (at least for me) modes of exercise.  There’s no better time to break out of […]

Try High-Repetition Super-Circuit Training to Combat Exercise Boredom

Everyone gets bored of exercising as some point.  A high-rep, super circuit-training workout is quick and challenging and can cure your exercise blahs. Believe me, I never begrudge any regular exerciser who tells me that sometimes they just get plain sick and tired of working out.  As a matter of fact, I’m extremely wary of anyone […]

Get Ready to Start Exercising Outside

As we inch closer towards spring, now is the time for personal trainers and weekend warriors to prepare themselves for some good, old fashion outdoors workouts. As much as I love working out outside in the winter, I totally understand that there are people who’d rather hibernate and keep themselves in a temperature-controlled environment.  Despite […]

Perform a Recovery Workout the Day After a Demanding Training Session

A Recovery Workout is the ideal way to train the day after an intense speed or power workout. Whether or not you work with a personal trainer, you can implement some tactics and techniques used by strength coaches and certified personal trainers to get the most out of your training sessions.  Performing a Recovery Workout […]

Hard Core Workout Tip: 20 Repetition Squats

Not for the faint of heart, doing one set of 20 reps of squats is one of the most demanding – and shortest – workouts that you’ll ever do. The squat is the King of all exercises, and whether you do the body weight version, back squats with a barbell or front squats with dumbbells, […]

Strength Training With Your Personal Trainer

If you employ a personal trainer, make sure that they are including enough strength training exercises in your regimen. Personal trainers have different philosophies.  Depending on the certifying organization from which a trainer has their certification, trainers can emphasize different methods.  If your trainer doesn’t have a certification, you should find out why this is […]

Strength Training Should Be a Part of Everyone's Exercise Program

Strength Training is not just for athletes, as people of all ages and ability levels can benefit from lifting weights.  Strength training is not just lifting heavy weights, as a wide-range of exercises – both with and without weights – can contribute to improving strength and ultimately improving your fitness level. The basic, traditional strength training […]

Squats and Dead Lifts w/ Dumbells & Kettlebells- Video Fitness Tip

Squats and dead lifts are two exercises that most people think can only be done at a gym.  This video fitness tip will show you how you can perform these two effective exercises as a part of your home fitness workout with dumbbells and/or kettlebells. Squats and dead lifts should be a part of everyone’s routine, […]