Steroids: The New Scapegoat

Steroids are the new scapegoat; people are willing to blame steroid use for just about every possible adverse outcome experienced by anyone who has been a user. Steroids are quite likely bad for users and steroid use can most-definitely be considered cheating for those involved in sports. The public debate over steroid use has been […]

Tour de France Winner Tests Positive for Steroids

This headline is timeless. Regardless of the year, the news that a Tour de France winner tested positive for steroids, or any other banned substance, is about as shocking as the sun rising every morning or Lindsay Lohan entering rehab.  I’m sorry, that’s a cheap shot.  I shouldn’t put the rising sun in the same […]

Human Growth Hormone and Pro Athletes, Perfect Together

Here is a list of reasons as to why HGH – right now – is the ideal drug for athletes.  With the latest edition of the steroids in sport scandal that involves professional athletes from Major League Baseball, as well as other sports, people need to understand why these supplements are desirable to pro athletes. And […]

Jay McGwire is an Idiot

Comments made by Mark McGwire’s bodybuilding idiot of a brother illustrate A) what a joke bodybuilding is and B) why bodybuilders should NEVER be allowed anywhere near real athletes. So Mark McGwire’s loose-cannon brother has come out with a book, and in it he details his big brother’s steroid and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) taking […]

Mark McGwire is Lying to Himself About His Steroid Use

Spare us the tears, Mark.  It’s 2010 and nobody is buying the pathetic nonsense that you didn’t take steroids to help you hit home runs.  Furthermore, if it weren’t for steroids – not androstenedione, creatine or any other supplement – Mark McGwire would have been out of baseball around the time he was setting home […]

The Scandal

The criminal investigation that’s focused on Internet-based supplement selling powerhouse points out how dirty the nutritional supplement business can be. has been the subject of a two-year investigation looking into the possibility that over-the-counter nutritional supplements actually contain illegal, banned substances, including steroids.  The company has served as an example of how the […]

Performance Enhancing Drug Users are Guilty of Athletic Plagiarism

David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, Bernard Kohl, Shane Merriman, Rodney Harrison and the rest of the athletes who have failed drug tests are guilty of “Athletic Plagiarism.” Athletic Plagiarism is when an athlete uses illegal/banned/designer performance-enhancing drugs (PED), or any legitimate drug in an illegitimate way.  The definition of plagiarism is, “the […]

Zottman Curls Are a Ridiculous Bodybuilding Exercise

Bodybuilding has been responsible for creating an almost endless list of ridiculous fitness and nutritional myths, and an exercise called Zottman curls serves as a great example of this. Some may consider Zottman curls to be a “bodybuilding secret,” when in reality it’s just bodybuilding nonsense. Thanks to guys who used prodigious amounts of anabolic […]

There Are No Such Things As Bodybuilding Secrets

Despite reams of evidence to the contrary too many personal trainers and consumers still think bodybuilding is a valid method of training.  There are no such things as “bodybuilding secrets.” Actually the secret of bodybuilding isn’t really a secret; anabolic drugs – steroids, human growth hormone, insulin and a whole host of other illicit chemicals […]

Manny Ramirez, Steroid User

As news about Manny Ramirez’s steroid use dribbles out more questions need to be asked. As of Friday night, May 15, 2009 here’s where we stand with Manny Ramirez’s steroid suspension story. Manny’s HCG use was a distraction from the real issue that Manny had synthetic testosterone in his system HCG use does not produce […]