TSA Airport Security Pat-down Workout

If you’re planning on flying anytime soon, and want to look and feel your best when your Fourth Amendment rights are being violated, you might want to think about getting yourself in shape. Think about it; you might look good in clothes but the TSA agent who gropes you or sees your full-body scan will […]

How Dumbbells Offer Unparalleled Training Versatility

Whether you workout at home or at a commercial gym you should be spending the vast majority of your time weight training with dumbbells. Flat out, dumbbells are the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment that you will find in any gym.  If you train with dumbbells you can adapt any exercise in at least […]

I Love Kettlebells, And You Will Too

Russian Kettlebells seem like they are only for the hardcore, but they are fantastic training tools that can help to reshape your physique and rev up your metabolism. Even if you are just a beginner. A kettlebell is a cast iron weights that looks like a cannon ball with a handle.  Known as a “girya,” […]

Converse All Stars, For All of Your Workout Needs

You won’t believe me when I tell you that Converse All Stars are the best shoes for your workouts, but I’m going to tell you anyway. These days – actually for about the last 20 years – high tech sneakers have been all the rage.  The real message of the “Just Do It” era has […]

Use a Descending Repetition Scheme to Build Strength

There is a lot of science – and exponentially more opinions out there – as to the best set/reps scheme to use in order to build strength. And as I’ve said, I’ve used them all both in my workouts and in the workouts of my clients and sports teams. Recently I’ve done a lot of […]

Sledgehammer Training for Lacrosse

Sledgehammer training is a great non-traditional method that can improve functional strength for lacrosse. Regardless of the phase of training, sledgehammer training is a low-tech, inexpensive, highly effective sport-specific method of training for lacrosse.  The demands placed on the body – specifically true core strength – by shooting and passing motions make sledgehammer training an […]

Zottman Curls Are a Ridiculous Bodybuilding Exercise

Bodybuilding has been responsible for creating an almost endless list of ridiculous fitness and nutritional myths, and an exercise called Zottman curls serves as a great example of this. Some may consider Zottman curls to be a “bodybuilding secret,” when in reality it’s just bodybuilding nonsense. Thanks to guys who used prodigious amounts of anabolic […]

The Health Skeptic: An Update on Whole Body Vibration Training

A recent review of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) research by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) doesn’t provide any reasons to include this mode of training into your routine, whether you are a personal trainer or a fitness consumer.  WBV has been studied for over 50 years and its proponents claim that using these […]

Kipping Pull-ups Video Clip

Kipping pull-ups are a great variation on a traditional exercise that incorporates an explosive element into the movement. Kipping pull-ups are a great variation on a traditional exercise that incorporates an explosive element into the movement.Kipping pull-ups provide a great alternative for those folks who can do multiple sets of 10 repetitions of traditional pull-ups.  […]

Sledgehammer Training With a Weighted Vest

A weighted vest is a simple but effective way to increase the difficulty of your workouts.  Wear a weighted vest during a sledgehammer training session and feel the difference 20-pounds can make. A weighted vest is a great way to make a standard workout more difficult, combine sledgehammer training with a weighted vest and you’ll […]