Weight Vest Training

Whether you are a personal trainer, strength coach or workout on your own, you should invest money in a weight vest and incorporate this exercise accessory into your routine. To the uninitiated, a weight vest might seem like a piece of exercise equipment that’s strictly for the hardcore, but nothing could be further from the […]

Sledgehammer Training Pointers

As a personal trainer and a strength coach – and from my own workouts – I can offer some interesting tips that will help you to get the most out of your sledgehammer training workouts. Since I started using the sledgehammer in my own workouts and in the workouts of my personal training clients and […]

Certified Personal Trainers in Demand for 2008

According to the results of an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) survey, the limited availability of qualified personal trainers with a personal training certificate will make these fitness professionals’ careers the hot trend for 2008. The ACSM has also found that careers in personal training will be a popular service this year, reflecting the […]

Strength Training for Triathletes

Despite current research that points to the positive role that strength training can play in the preparation of endurance athletes, there is still a misconception among triathletes – and runners and cyclists – that traditional strength training does not address the needs of these athletes.  The belief that strength training somehow doesn’t work for triathletes […]

Strength Training Should Be a Part of Everyone's Exercise Program

Strength Training is not just for athletes, as people of all ages and ability levels can benefit from lifting weights.  Strength training is not just lifting heavy weights, as a wide-range of exercises – both with and without weights – can contribute to improving strength and ultimately improving your fitness level. The basic, traditional strength training […]

Sledgehammer Training Video for Beginners, Part 2 – Video Fitness Tip

Last week I posted a video clip of what sledgehammer training looks like as I whacked away at a log.  This week’s video fitness tip features my sledgehammer, a tree stump and me.  I’m the one wearing the black shirt.  Regardless of what kind of shape that you’re in, sledgehammer training is a unique method […]

Cancer Foundation For Life (CFFL) Provides Fitness Programs For Cancer Patients

The Texas-based CFFL wants to help cancer patients cope with the ramifications of being diagnosed with this disease while providing them with a conditioning program that is appropriate for their needs. Their goal, as stated on the CFFL web site, is as follows, “ (To) provide a conditioning program to newly diagnosed patients that encourages […]

Sledgehammer Training With Tabata Intervals

Whether you are a personal trainer looking for something new for clients or a person who trains alone, sledgehammer training is a viable alternative to traditional strength training methods, and a great fitness tip to include into your training program. Sledgehammer training is a fantastic alternative to the sometime humdrum routine of traditional strength training. […]

The Balance Ball is An Extremely Overrated Piece of Equipment

Several years ago the Balance Ball craze hit the fitness world, and many exercise “experts” scrambled to adapt traditional exercises so that they could be used on the ball.  The marketing of the Balance Ball – and more recently the Bosu Ball – was genius as even some of the best personal trainers and strength […]

Train to Avoid Injury –

Recent research indicates that isolation strength training – training muscle groups individually – is responsible for adaptations that can lead to altered neuromuscular control, which in turn increases stress on the ACL knee ligament during functional activities. What this means, in plain English, is that isolation strength training – exercises like the bench press, leg […]