Raspberry Ketones: The Latest “No Evidence” Product From the Supplement Industry

Over the past few months, I have been hearing almost constant radio commercials for raspberry ketone weight-loss/fat-burning supplements, with the tag line that they are the miracle fat-burning supplement recommended by Dr. Oz. Can you say, “Scam alert?” The raspberry ketone scam follows the same tired script that has been used by supplement hucksters for […]

Should You Drink 5-Hour Energy?

Energy drinks are one of the most, if not the most, popular products in the beverage business these days. And anyone who has watched TV or listened to the radio over the past few years has heard about 5-Hour Energy. But the question I have been asked is, “Does it work?” The short answer is, […]

Don't Buy HCG Dietary Supplements

I have written about the nonsensical HCG Diet. It’s barbaric and won’t work. Now the federal government has stepped in to prevent supplement hucksters from selling HCG weight loss supplements. This dreck is sold in various forms and the FDA has issued warning letters to seven companies that sell these products as drops, pellets or […]

Do Multivitamins Work?

An eight-year study that looked at the effects of multivitamin use in older women found that the pills did nothing to prevent heart disease and cancer.  The collected data is of an observational nature and not the result of rigorous scientific research, yet being that these results echo similar results found in a study with […]

FRS Energy Drink Log, Part 4

I signed up for the FRS Healthy Energy Drink free trial program a few weeks ago and have been writing about my experiences with this Quercetin-fueled elixir.  Quercetin is an ingredient that has shown some promise in legit research, providing energy in a low-calorie package. I have been training pretty hard over the past several […]

Right Size Weight Loss Smoothies Get a "Do Not Buy Recommendation"

Right Size Weight Loss Smoothies advertise that thanks to the ingredient appemine people can quickly and easily lose weight by drinking two smoothies per day. In the year 2010 nobody should be impressed but, sadly, people still buy this nonsense. Calorie restriction results in weight loss, so substituting two low-calorie smoothies for two regular meals […]

Why You Should Add A Protein Drink Into Your Daily Routine

Life is hectic.  Whether you’re a student, a parent, a working stiff or a member of any other demographic sometimes life gets in the way of healthy eating habits.  As a result too often people skip meals, usually breakfast, or make bad food choices as they eat on the run.  Skipping meals – especially breakfast […]

Hoodia Weight Loss Supplements Get A Do Not Buy Recommendation

Over the past several years hoodia in all of its various forms – also known as hoodia gordonii – has been hailed as the magic bullet of weight loss supplement that may help end the problem of obesity.  My dear friends, this is pure nonsense. Hoodia and hoodia gordonii comes from a cactus that grows […]

FRS Energy Drink Log, Part 2

A few weeks ago I signed up for the FRS Healthy Energy Drink free trial offer because the drink contains Quercetin, an ingredient that has shown some promise in legit research.   I will chronicle my experiences with the drink and post the details here on a regular basis. I will tell you about my experiences […]

Human Growth Hormone and Pro Athletes, Perfect Together

Here is a list of reasons as to why HGH – right now – is the ideal drug for athletes.  With the latest edition of the steroids in sport scandal that involves professional athletes from Major League Baseball, as well as other sports, people need to understand why these supplements are desirable to pro athletes. And […]