Do Yourself a Favor and Start Swimming

Swimming is hands down the best form of cardiovascular exercise and getting into the pool is the single best change that you can make to your exercise routine. Unlike jogging or any form of machine-based cardio exercise, swimming places no impact force on the joints and connective tissue, and is an incredibly efficient, total-body exercise.  […]

Don’t Jog or Run if You Can’t Do it Properly

We’ve had some nice fall weather over the past few weeks here in New Jersey and that means joggers are out in force.  It’s very similar to what happens when spring springs and the first batch of 70 degree sunny days show up after a long, ugly winter; joggers take to the roadways and sidewalks […]

Are You Functionally Unfit?

I’ll probably annoy some people by saying this – so what else is new? – but I think there are few things that are more destructive than long-distance running.  If you can stand the truth, keep reading. The running/jogging craze was a major fitness phenomenon of the 20th Century, and running is still “da bomb” […]

I Hate Swimming, I Love Swimming

To paraphrase a well-known saying, “I hate swimming, but love having swam.” I hate the best possible form of exercise, and at the same time, love it. Despite being a personal trainer, I’ve never been a fan of any distance-based exercises, swimming, cycling, jogging, etc.  I think my reluctance to engage in exercise that takes […]

The Different Styles of Cardiovascular Exercise, Part 2

There are more options for cardiovascular training than just walking and jogging – calisthenics, swimming, sprinting – and here’s a quick list of pros and cons for swimming, sprinting, agility and speed work. For this installment of my review of some different forms of cardiovascular exercise I’ll start with another favorite of mine, swimming.  Swimming […]

The Different Styles of Cardiovascular Exercise, Part 1

There are more options for cardiovascular training than just walking and jogging – calisthenics, swimming, sprinting – and here’s a quick rundown of pros and cons for the various choices. Walking and jogging are the most popular forms of cardio.  Despite the fact that they aren’t the most dynamic activities, the vast majority of exercisers have […]

Should I Exercise When I am Sick?

As a personal trainer, I get asked this more than almost any other question, “Should I exercise when I’m sick?” People, regardless of where they live, get sick and fall prey to the ravages of “the cold and flu season.” However, working as a personal trainer in the northeast of the U.S, it seems that […]

Exercise Helps Women Deal With Certain Symptoms of Menopause

A new study has found that exercise relieves some menopausal symptoms.  Walking and some basic strength training can do the trick. Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia have found that physically active post-menopausal women handle stress, anxiety and depression better than their non/less-active peers.  The researchers did not find a link between increased physical activity […]

Swimming Should Be a Part of Everyone's Routine

As it gets colder and darker earlier at this time of year, people start to look for indoor exercise options. People should use the occasion of the change of seasons to start swimming and get into the single best exercise that there is.  Swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise and is a perfect complement […]

Strength Training for Triathletes

Despite current research that points to the positive role that strength training can play in the preparation of endurance athletes, there is still a misconception among triathletes – and runners and cyclists – that traditional strength training does not address the needs of these athletes.  The belief that strength training somehow doesn’t work for triathletes […]