Set a Performance Goal, Not a Weight Loss Goal, To Get Ready for Summer

It’s the time of year when we start to get all the ridiculous, “Get a Bathing Suit Body For the Summer,” articles. I am constantly amazed that this crap gets re-cycled every year in magazines, newspapers and television shows. The same weight loss based garbage every year. I cannot believe editors keep asking for these […]

A Modest Proposal Regarding the Obesity Epidemic

Since everyone is either obese, fat, getting fatter or going to be fat I have some suggestions as to how we can stave off and alleviate this catastrophic pandemic. This is Part 1 of my essay entitled, “A Modest Proposal Regarding the Obesity Epidemic. After the complete essay is posted I will continue to make […]

Five Reasons New Year's Fitness Resolutions Don't Work

New Year’s health and fitness related resolutions – the more involved the worse they are – are bad ideas, so don’t make any. Especially bad are weight-loss based pledges and any kind of plan that involves a fast a furious start covering all things diet and exercise. I may sound like a party-pooper but the […]

Keep the Government Out of My Kitchen and Let Me Eat What I Want

In 1978 F. Paul Wilson wrote a short story titled, “Lipidleggin’” that at the time surely was considered crazy. Over 30 years later Wilson’s story is closer to reality than I’m sure the author ever thought would be possible. “Lipidleggin’” tells the story of a small town grocer who deals in the real thing; butter […]

Holiday Eating Guide 2010

During this time of year ridiculous holiday eating guidelines are published in just about every magazine and newspaper in the land and are featured on web sites and television news and information shows. My advice; totally ignore them. The Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year holidays are a time when you should enjoy all the special food and drink […]

Diets Suck

That’s a harsh headline, but it does grab attention. And I think I’ve already used, “Diets Don’t Work.” But really, it’s true, diets suck and they don’t work. The problem is the Dieting Industrial Complex has created a massive $50 billion a year market for diets by promoting and selling the message that people are […]

The HCG Diet is Barbaric

I have seen a lot of bad diets over the years, but hCG Diet sets the new standard for irresponsibility. If you thought 1000-1200 calories a day was tough to handle, your head will spin – and your stomach will growl – if you try to follow this 500 calorie a day torture test. The […]

Weight Loss Should Not be a Goal

Weight loss should not be the goal of an exercise program or the end result for improving one’s eating habits.  Weight loss should not be used as a measure of fitness or as a way to measure improvement, because losing weight does not, cannot, improve performance. Focusing on weight loss is a massive waste of time […]

Right Size Weight Loss Smoothies Get a "Do Not Buy Recommendation"

Right Size Weight Loss Smoothies advertise that thanks to the ingredient appemine people can quickly and easily lose weight by drinking two smoothies per day. In the year 2010 nobody should be impressed but, sadly, people still buy this nonsense. Calorie restriction results in weight loss, so substituting two low-calorie smoothies for two regular meals […]

Hoodia Weight Loss Supplements Get A Do Not Buy Recommendation

Over the past several years hoodia in all of its various forms – also known as hoodia gordonii – has been hailed as the magic bullet of weight loss supplement that may help end the problem of obesity.  My dear friends, this is pure nonsense. Hoodia and hoodia gordonii comes from a cactus that grows […]