The folks at h2O audio have really outdone themselves with a line of waterproof cases and headphones that allow you to take your iPod with you when you swim. So for swimmers who are bored to tears doing their laps, there’s now a way to have musical accompaniment that will help make swimming a much more enjoyable experience.

No matter what size iPod that you have – I have the 60GB 5th generation model – h2O audio has a case that protects this compact musical miracle. I used my iPod while wet for the first time this week and for me swimming will never be the same. It will be much, much better.

The h2O audio waterproof iPod case is a must for anyone who swims. No longer will the sound of water sloshing about your head and the annoying sound of your own breathing be your only companion when you swim. Music not only soothes the savage beast, but subdues the savage swimmer as well.

Your iPod fits into the clear plastic case and is held in place by the watertight seal and a jack that fits into the headphone port on the top of the iPod. Once encased, the iPod’s many functions can be accessed and controlled through a button mechanism that applies pressure on the click wheel – quite ingenious.

There are a variety of headphones offered by h2O that are obviously every bit as waterproof as the cases, and only by using the h2O headphones can you guarantee that the case is waterproof and that your iPod is protected. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The headphones plug snugly into the rubberized headphone jack that is on the top of the waterproof case. The headphones wrap around the back of the head and are adjustable to accommodate different sized heads. Included with the headphones are two pairs of silicone earplugs that go over the headphone “speakers” and that form a watertight seal when put in the ears.

The silicone earplugs are notched so they can be trimmed to fit perfectly into the ear canal. The case comes with a Velcro armband that is strapped to the upper arm, and the iPod in its waterproof suit is placed inside the pocket on the armband and secured with a Velcro-ed flap.

When I first tried the earphones on dry land, I thought that the sound quality was a little thin but figured any music I can hear under water while swimming is better than no music. However, once my head was under water the sound provided by the waterproof headphones was much better, deeper. I don’t know why this is so, and I really don’t care.

All I know is that I was able to listen to music while I was swimming! The h2O audio waterproof iPod case is a fantastic accessory that most every iPod owner could use. Even if you aren’t a water sports fanatic or a swimmer and don’t plan on taking your iPod for a dip, the waterproof case is the perfect way to protect your iPod from the elements.

On the beach the waterproof case surely can protect your iPod from sand, and if you fish – or are involved in any activity where there’s water – certainly this case can provide all the protection the music player needs. Also, if you do yard work or are engaged in any other activity where water, dirt, sand or clumsiness could ruin your iPod, the h2O audio case should provide all of the protection that your iPod needs.

But swimmers are the group that will benefit the most from h2O audio’s waterproof iPod case. Every iPod owning swimmer should go out any buy this case and a pair of headphones right now.


  1. So, I’m a swimmer on PASA swimteam, which means I swim laps for 2 hours a day. I was wondering a couple of things. a. Is it easy to use?
    b. is it gaurenteed to keep your ipod safe? c. how much is it?

  2. Swim:
    the case is very easy to use and since i got mine as a father’s day gift a year ago i notice they’ve added a waist belt in addition to the arm band, which i think might be more comfortable. i’m not sure about their guarantee, but i periodically check to make sure the seals are all in good shape. depending on which ipod you have and which case you’ll need the cost varies, but they aren’t expensive
    check or go to h2oaudio’s web site.
    it’s easy very easy to use.


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