There’s another hare-brained, yet insulting, proposal that’s being forwarded by those pesky, ubiquitous “group of researchers.”  These lab-coated butt-in-skis have decided that taxing pizza and soda at a rate of 18% will reduce the average America’s weight by 5 pounds per year.

Make no mistake, this is nothing but a money grab, yet another way for the government to grab more money from citizens to fund their pork projects.  These kinds of punitive sin taxes represent a disturbing loss of freedom and liberty for every single American. 

People who are promoting, and applauding, this proposal are frighteningly misguided, and if it is enacted this tax is a dangerous step. If these “researchers” are really trying to help those folks whom they have decided are over-weight – the folks who need it most – why don’t they propose placing a tax on these individuals?  What is the logic behind taxing everyone? 

According to the story surrounding this study, two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, which is a statistical trick to make the problem sound worse than it is. These statistics and proposals are all smoke, mirrors and outlandish assumptions. “Overweight” is a subjective and meaningless judgment that research has shown has little, if any, bearing on health, longevity and fitness. 

As a matter of fact, research has shown that being under weight is more of a health issue than being “overweight.”  So can we expect a “salad tax” or tax on other low-calorie foods? Also, there are plenty of foods that are higher in calories than pizza.

Your basic cheese pizza has about 200-300 calories per slice, so the person who needs 2000 calories per day diet can have 3 or 4 slices and still have plenty of room for other foods.  How about fried chicken, veggie burgers and ribs?  How about chicken fried steak, fried steak, lasagna and egg foo young?

If this nonsense is allowed, before long there certainly will be taxes on higher calorie foods.  And the only result will be that government will have confiscated more of our hard-earned money to spend and misuse. The government doesn’t belong in our bedrooms, and they don’t belong in our kitchens, refrigerators and stomachs either.


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