The infomercial for the Ab Circle Pro, a piece of home abdominal “exercise equipment,” should be inducted into the “Shameless Infomercial Hall of Fame”.

The worst element of the fitness business is on display in an infomercial for the Ab Circle Pro abdominal equipment.  The infomercial features all of the elements we’ve unfortunately come to expect from these equipment shills, breast-implanted body beautiful spokes models, great testimonials and the promise of results from only 3 minutes of exercise.  When it sounds too good to be true, it is.

A disclaimer that tells you all you need to know about the potential effectiveness of this product, and actually serves as a reason NOT to buy this piece of equipment, accompanies all the testimonials and success stories. I’m going to use bold type for emphasis.


Do you need to know anything else?  The disclaimer goes on to add that the people featured in the infomercial followed reduced calorie diets and followed a regular exercise program.  Hmm, so what do you think is responsible for the success these people enjoyed – the reduced calorie diet and exercise program or the 3-minutes of sliding around on this gadget?

Interestingly, there are no disclaimers attached to the success stories on the Ab Circle Pro web site.  However, the fine print on the web site says that in addition to the equipment you’ll receive some free vitamins that will then be sent to you regularly in 2 month supply batches for @29.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling.

Oh, and the Ab Circle Pro costs $199.75 plus $34.50 for shipping and handling.  As a point of comparison, it doesn’t cost anything to do sit ups, watch your diet and get a little exercise.

Do yourself, and your wallet, a favor and do not buy the Ab Circle Pro abdominal exercise machine.


  1. I really had to dig deep to find this reveiw. I am watching the infomercial right now.
    I have not found a lot of positive feedback. After reading your opinion I beleive you a ‘right on’!

  2. ab cicle product is full of mixed reviews. I think the product if for people who are already in decent shape as a larger person wouldn’t be able to use this product unless they made it out of titanium or the same metal they used for nasa’s shuttle. Great to hear an honest opinion.

  3. Well of course they are going to use some gorgeous girl. Especially in the fitness arena, whether equipment like the Ab Circle or some DVD program, they either need a stud or a babe.
    As far as the “Results Not Typical,” that is something the FTC requires… or essentially all of the lawyers in the USA… for everything these days. It is on any website or infomercial that is selling a product that uses a testimony. Even if it worked for 99% of the people, they would still have to put that in there.
    Anyway, it sounds like you’ve not even tried the product yourself or know someone who does. Your negative review of the product is empty and worthless if you don’t have any real results to back it up.

  4. Knowledge of biomechanics and specifically how the abdominal muscles work is what someone needs in order to call the Ab Circle Pro a worthless gimmick/gadget. You don’t have to actually taste dog crap in order to know that it tastes bad.

  5. I think to give a review about a product, you must try the product! You have no education to back your assumptions! If you somehow make a living writing your lame negative opinions, I hope you get fired! The one thing I’m sure from reading your worthless and boring “reviews”is that you are talking out the side of your probably fat neck. Disclaimer are required .any people will not get the same result. Most people do not read instructions before using most products.most people do not follow doctors orders. Anyone who uses the ab circle alone is not going to get the same result as some one who uses it to target the abs in their daily workout routine.

  6. I bought the ab circle pro thursday of last week, I took it back today. Fortunately i purchased it from Target and without fuss was able to return it. Also, no shipping costs! My short experience suggests I didn’t give it a chance but after falling off it once as did my usually agile husband I started to wonder. My shoulders and neck ached but that’s ok stuff like that is suppose to feel some burn when doing execise but what I was really concerned about are my knees. The actual joints were ok it was the bruised areas that hurt to just touch. Not a workout hurt but an actual injury hurt. I tried it over and over and my knees are hating me now. So I suggest to anyone looking into this product to buy it at Target so you can take it back and will not have to deal with what others are dealing with, pay the one time fee of 199.97 + tax try it for the 14 days and return it for a full refund no questions asked.

  7. Joy you have a right to your opinion no matter how much you ignore the facts many users provide. They clearly discredit the product and sales pitch based on actual account.
    You seem to be one of the reviewers who doesn’t let the truth get in the way of a good lie or sales pitch – which is why ab circle pro and many other products rely upon outrageous claims until exposed and eventually reduced to garage sale junk.
    The people featured in the ad are not typical. In fact they comprise a tiny portion of people who buy a product that has no chance of delivering on the illusion this ad campaign seeks to create through mere suggestion. “Buy this” and you too will look like this. Do they tell you how many people fail? Do they tell you what the people in the ad did in addition to buying their product? NO! Who does that? People who have something to hide is the obvious answer. This product is largely aimed at the most gullible, desperate, overweight folks who are looking for a miracle. The ab circle pro is no miracle, wouldn’t you agree?
    It’s designed to separate customers from their money using an overpriced product and exaggerated claims, or do we need a Ph.D. in “scamology” to appreciate what you imagine we fail to grasp.

  8. I bought and ab circle pro 3 weeks ago. The first few days that I used it my arms ached and my neck muscles were really painful but once I figured out how to use just my lower half to swing and relax my shoulders it was great. I have lost nine pounds and am buttoning jeans that would not even pull over my butt 3 weeks ago. I have been doing 3 mins in the morning and 3 mins at night.
    I think it just takes a little getting used to.

  9. Not really sure how people are getting hurt on this thing. I have been using the Ab Circle Pro and LOVE IT. Its not hard to use. I have never fallen out of it ( confusing ) or had my knees hurt or anything. I think many people who are using this are not using it right. And the person who said Knowledge of biomechanics tells you it doesn’t work. I think you may want to try it first before making a claim like that. It works great. Just read the directions first. But also don’t buy any kind of workout machine thinking you are going to look like the people selling it on tv that just naive.

  10. Ok, so the feedback has been an interesting read, one thing I would say to Joy “oh dramatic one” is that if the machine was anygood there would be an abundance of possitive feedbacks now wouldnt there?
    I think the mere fact this is not the case provides a message loud and clear.
    However when all is said and done we shall lookforward to your new and improved photos-following the use of this machine of course.-but I for one will not hold my breath.

  11. The knee spot is not padded it hurts the knees if a part wears out u can’t replace them and daam on the commercial the models keep smiling.. I would not be smiling the whole time in working out

  12. I bought the abcircle a while ago and I actually like it. Granted, I am just using it to tone, and I do combine it with healthy eating and a great cardio plan. I don’t think it was designed to do it all in just 3 minutes, or just by itself. It also seems to target your biceps and glutes. I wouldn’t recommend it for weight loss alone, but if you want to tone and sculpt it does work if used properly and for more than 3 min.!

  13. i got a ab circle pro yesterday and i started yesterday 2 i feel good of course i cant see the results yet but you have 2 be patiente and make a effort everyday and do almost 6 minutes everyday till your body keep building up give time to your self and make a new plan with your food becouse u are no going 2 get fit in 1 night u have to work everyday. and good look 2 everybody and i let u know how i get on x

  14. I bought this 1 month ago and my abs have improved so much!! I’ve lost all my love handles and I have a V body shape! I love it!! If your knees get sore, just put a pad on them (I didn’t need to).
    Its great to feel the burn!

  15. If only more people knew that all you need is a $10 jump rope and 15 minutes of interval skipping a day.
    This not only hits your abs, but your entire body.
    Unfortunately, interval training requires real effort, real sweat and fatigue. Swinging around on a dustbin lid seems so much easier…..and you get to watch TV too!
    To counter my outrageous claims maybe Ab-Circle will install a dough-nut holder on the new model to further entice the uninformed couch warriors. Hell, why not even motorize it for extended “workouts”.

  16. I am not in shape by any means (In fact I am short and as my physician calls it obese) I have been using the Ab Circle now for 3 Months and only slightly changed my diet. I have also been walking more than normal. At first my shoulders, neck, and back were killing me and I almost gave up until my Son told me that I was doing it wrong (hes 13 and knows everything…LOL) Low and behold he was right. I was relying on my shoulders and not my abdominal muscles. I use it daily and so far have dropped 14 lbs and I feel great. It is hard work but I am determined. With a little effort and help from someone who knows how to use the right muscle groups it is well worth it! I was skeptical but I am now I walking testimonial. Good luck to those who really want to put effort in.

  17. […] politics they are only interested in selling a product and there is little integrity involved. The Ab Circle Pro Gets a “Do Not Buy” Recommendation | Personal Fitness, Workouts & … Still hoping to become Comfortably Numb but feel more Dazed & Confused. Reply With […]

  18. I purchased AB circle Pro three weeks ago and I am using it 5 minutes a day but never lost any weight yet .My complain is not about the idea of the machine but the quality! .The paint on the metal ring is being scratched by the rollers hence giving rough ride, the rollers are showing wear after only three weeks, so it is rough and noisy .Supplier is sending replacements but I don’t know how long they will last!.
    So the way these machines work I found them good but the quality! Many be somebody will develop a better and stronger machine!

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