The case for “all athletes are using steroids” – the NBA, NHL,NFL, MLB and NCAA – can be made by using some basic physiological facts.  The most obvious being that once guys hit their last growth spurt – late teens to early 20s – they aren’t able to naturally put on the kind of muscle we’re seeing them add. 

The 6’ 5”, 235-pound, 5th year college senior who morphs into a 6’ 5” 265-pounder with the superhero physique, is the prime culprit. Dr. Charles Yesalis, the leading authority on the subject athletes using steroids, has hammered this point repeatedly for years. 

The fact is 24-year old guys can’t add 20-pounds of muscle and get leaner – and compete at this high level – naturally.  There have been no revolutionary developments in the fields of conditioning and nutrition to explain these physical transformations.

Advanced nutritional, strength and conditioning concepts are available to all NCAA-scholarship level talent – and for all levels – to take advantage of, so it cannot be said that the strength regimens at the professional level are responsible for the incredible growing athlete.

Furthermore, when you realize that even if there were more stringent testing procedures in place there’s two reasons testing will never eliminate doping. First, the allowable testosterone/epitestosterone ratio of 4:1 is ludicrous.  Nobody natural is anywhere near this ratio. Don’t believe the nonsense coming from apologists that athletes are different.

We are all walking around with a ratio of 1:1, so athletes are allowed to dope up to almost 4 times the natural testosterone levels before they’ll fail a drug test. Since there’s no test for HGH, we can safely assume these physical transformations are due to a drug regimen that uses HGH and testosterone at a dosage that keeps athletes beneath the 4:1 level.


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