The latest piece of infomercial equipment to hit the airwaves is the Contour Core Sculpting System, which is nothing but a $200 dollar vibrating belt that makes use of the same old Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology that your parents wasted their money on.

The old saying that, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public,” is never more accurate than when it’s aimed at the abdominal exercise equipment and nutritional supplement boondoggles. It’s incredible that in the year 2010 the same old snake oil is being recycled and than that people are actually buying.

My senses were assaulted by the Contour Core Sculpting System commercial during an otherwise enjoyable experience of watching the Auburn University spring football scrimmage this past weekend, and I felt compelled to visit the Contour web site. I knew what I would find, but I just had to see for myself. Or perhaps deep down I was hoping that – for a change – one of these products would offer a unique and effective product.

I was wrong.

The Contour Core Sculpting  System web site is your boilerplate infomercial equipment product. During the commercial the announcer tells us all the great things about this EMS belt; science proves it works, the FDA has approved its sale without a prescription, your core muscles will be more activated than they are during other abdominal exercises, etc. However, when you go to the site there is no information to back-up any claims made during the commercial.

There are plenty of anecdotal success stories.  Anecdotal success stories are like a certain orifice that we all have…if you don’t know the saying, ask a friend. The FAQ is a testament to the lack of scruples that exists in this industry. Terrible nonsense that provides potential with no real answers.

Actually this FAQ should be subtitled, “That are not actually answered.” Double-speak, double-talk, mis-information, jargon and gobbledygook are all you find in the FAQ for the Contour Core Sculpting System. If you want to waste your money on this nonsense feel free. If you are looking for an excuse to not perform any actual exercise in your quest to improve your health and fitness level and want to spend $200, knock yourself out.

Actually if you buy into this garbage you deserve to be taken for 200 bucks. It doesn’t work, it’s never worked and all the anecdotal stories that you can wrap one of these belts around doesn’t change this reality.


  1. Well technically aren’t you doing the same thing as the infomercial? Because you have nothing that backs what you’re saying up. You can’t prove that it doesn’t work without using it.

  2. I would think that we’d be hearing more about this “wonder belt” if it did
    work. From the weight loss/physical training classes that I have attended, I’ve been told over and over that you cannot target specific areas of your body for
    weight/fat loss.
    Eat smart, exercise and change your life.

  3. Well these guys have offended me. Thats for sure.
    I ordered one of these belts Dec 20th for Christmas for $200+.
    On Jan 4th I checked in on their Website since it never came.
    The Websigte said my Order did not exist.
    I then emailed their Customer Serice Dept.
    The next morning I called the Customer Service Dept. They said the belt had shipped on Dec 29th due to Xmas overload. Sorry — 7.95 shipping refunded. I wanted to cancel.
    Later that day I got an email from the same Dept saying it had not shipped. That it would ship later and they were sorry.
    I was very angry. I called and asked to speak to a Superviser. I was told the only Superviser on duty was leaving. They wouold call me back tomorrow.
    It is now 11PM and low and behold I just got an email that it has shipped. Tomorrow they will tell me they cant cancel it …. it has shipped.
    I have bought one of these and gotten it while this one has sat at the Company.
    Does it work? Dont know.
    Buy it? Sure. On EBAY. Get it for $82.00 plus shipping. I did.
    Dont buy from these guys direct.
    Jim Pearson


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