The flu bug has messed up my plans to present Jills’ progress with the 20-rep squats workout, so this week you’re stuck with me.

One set of 20-repetition squats – if done properly – is one of the most difficult workouts that you can do.  Personal trainers and gym rats who squat properly should take advantage of this high-intensity method of training.

The rules are simple, after a proper warm-up the workout consists of one set of squats for 20-repetitions.  The starting weight should be a weight that you use in a max effort workout of 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions.  From this point, add 10-20 pounds for each workout depending on your starting point and how you finished the week before.

There’s really no hard and fast rule for determining the starting point, but I always think you’re better off starting with a lighter weight, especially if you’ve never tried this workout.  Get through the first week and add weight in the ensuing workouts. I’ve been doing this workout for years and I know my first week weight is 250-pounds, and then I add from there.

Perform this workout once every 10 days or so, for 6-8 workouts total. During this period don’t do any other lower-body exercises with the exception of a 70-75% effort dead lift workout halfway between squat sessions. I’ve found that the older I get, the more rest I need and I’ve also cut out 2 sessions, only doing this workout 6 times. I don’t dead lift every week, probably hitting it 3 times over the 6, 20-reps workout.

Anyway, last week I posted Jill performing her first week 20-rep squat workout with 115-pounds and this week planned to post her second workout using 125-pounds. However, for all of my powers, I cannot prevent my clients – or my wife!- from getting sick.

So this week – while I’m sure you’d rather watch a girl – you’re going to have to watch my second week workout, a set of squats with 270-pounds. I performed the workout at a body weight of 205-pounds on Tuesday January 27th, 2009.

Check back in 10 days or so and we’ll pick up where we left off with as we continue the journey in the land of the 20 reps set of squats.



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