Some really ridiculous fitness products have been brought to market, but the Shake Weight just might represent the cream of the crop when it comes to nonsensical exercise equipment.  Based on the oxymoronic “principle” of “dynamic inertia,” the Shake Weight is alleged to give users, “lean, sculpted arms and shoulders.”

Despite the fact that the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders and back are not moving through a range of motion the makers of the Shake Weight claim to be able to deliver muscle and strength building results.  This flies in the face of just about every bit of existing legitimate scientific data on the subject of muscle and strength building.

Furthermore, the muscles of the biceps and triceps are among the smallest muscles of the body, and “exercising” them provides very little stimulus – metabolic or strength/muscle building.  There is a lot to learn from the advertisement’s claim that users will, “feel it instantly.”

Just because you may “feel” something doesn’t mean that this something is beneficial or will result in a beneficial outcome, strength/muscle building or otherwise.  For example, bend your index finger back as far as possible towards the back of your hand and hold it there.  You feel that, don’t you?  Does that “feeling” mean that you will derive a benefit from the action? Nope.

The users of the Shake Weight do not provide any of the so-called independent scientific research that is responsible for the creation of this gimmicky gadget.  If this research is such a home run and illustrates that the Shake Weight is better than using dumbbells, the makers of this product should be featuring this information on their web site.   I did not find any research on dynamic inertia in the vast, online databases of the National Strength and Conditioning Association or American College of Sports Medicine.

Dynamic inertia is a great example of what I call, “Vapor Research;” research touted as proof of effectiveness by an equipment huckster that isn’t provided and cannot be found.

Keeping the upper body in an isometric contraction for any length of time, while holding any implement, is going to induce fatigue.  Squeeze the steering wheel of your car while you sit in traffic and your entire body will feel the effects before too long.  And this is NOT a good thing.

The submaximal isometric contraction needed to hold the Shake Weight has no dynamic or functional strength building benefits.  Furthermore, isometric contraction training only provides benefits to the muscle at the specific angle in which the contraction is held.

So an isometric contraction where the arms are held at a 90 degree angle will only offer strength benefits at this specific angle.  Certainly, taking a muscle group/joint through a complete range of motion using dumbbells is much more efficient and effective method of training.

Save your time, money, and effort.  The Shake Weight gets a, “Do Not Buy,” recommendation.


  1. As someone who knows quite a bit about fitness (from both a personal and professional stand point) I can tell you that on the surface this product looks like it will do what it says it will do. First of all, the reviewer is right about isometric exercise (it will only build strength at the specific angle of the arm). However, to my knowledge this product doesn’t advertise that it will make you stronger, it advertises that it will tone your arms. In fact, isometrics will tone your entire arm a lot faster and with far less effort than doing reps with dumbbells. When lifting weights your muscles will only use the number of fibers necessary to lift the load. The reason you do reps is to fatigue those fibers so the muscle will employ more fibers to compensate. In fact, 98% of the benefit of lifting weights is in the final rep. Isometrics triggers every muscle fiber at once, so in essence, isometrics lets you do the final rep and get the 98% gain without spending time on prior reps. This makes the workout easier, faster, and gives you more incentive to keep exercising because you will see almost immediate results by investing as little as fifteen minutes every other day. I’m also tired of traditionalist putting down isometrics. I’ve stayed fit my entire life by employing a regime of isometrics and dynamic tension (which is using the isometric force throughout your full range of motion). While these methods may have their limits (reach a peak where strength gain continues but visual muscle growth does not) so more bulk can be achieved by dedicating yourself to a time consuming isotonic workout plan; I stay fit because I only need do 15 minutes of exercise every other day (in addition to my aerobics) and have fun arm wrestling those that waste hours lifting weights thinking it’s the only way to build strength. In fact, Charles Atlas (voted the most fit man of his time) developed dynamic tension by watching lions in the zoo and realizing that they have a huge amount of muscle mass and strength without having ever lifted a weight.
    The bottom line, this product will tone your arms. If the exercises are to keep your arms on only one position, then it’s isometric (you’ll still tone the entire arm but only build strength in one position). If the exercises have you move your arms throughout their range of motion then it’s dynamic tension (you’ll tone your arms and gain strength throughout your range of motion). If it is isometric and you want to build strength then simply repeat the exercise with your arm in numerous positions (keep in mind, however, that this will increase the time of your workout).

  2. Might or might not be a “perfect” solution, but I have purchased one and put it to use today, watching the video (ok, so she smiles too much) and trying it myself. As a woman with fibromyalgia, I can’t do heavier weights. I found that this single-bar weight is easier to find a place to put it, easy to pick up and do while sitting when my lower body is refusing to cooperate, and is much more likely to be done than anything else I have found so far–and I have a few pieces of equipment here, including regular women’s coated dumbbells. I think that any exercise is going to better than none and this did not stress my arms or shoulders until the last exercise (specifically for shoulders) that I had to skip. I know my limits with fibromyalgia. I also know I need to exercise. This is a great way to encourage that. As I said, it’s not without benefits and it is better than nothing at all. Increasing compliance is the first step and this might just do it!

    • Actually there are many things that are better than doing nothing and better than buying/using the Shake Weight.

  3. Thanks for a real review. Took me almost 30 minutes to find one that was anything other small minded morons commenting on appearance rather than function.

  4. I bought it and I am using it for about a month. Seeing a big dif. I used weights all last summer and saw very little dif. so I have to say I like it…I am no expert but my arms are looking more toned. I do it 6 mintes a day once or twice a day 5 x a week. I am no expert but my daughter said that my arms look firmer the other day….:)

    • Ann, Ann, Ann…you used weights for a whole summer and didn’t see any results? What did you use them for, doorstops, paperweights? Very sad…

  5. I am a firm believer that we should do all we can to stay fit and healthy. And getting in even 5 minutes of a workout for so many of us, is better than nothing!!
    That said, I have found another unique upper body toning product that fits in my purse and I take it everywhere, called SpinGym. I love it.
    My arms look good and its about time, because I could never really do push-ups and pull-ups — love that we have alternatives!!

  6. I did try this but I do not think it will give you the same benefits of lifting actual weights. I did get fatigued but that was because you will get fatigued from anything you hold in a certain position that has sopme weight to it. But 9n 6 minutes, though I get fatigued, I felt i was missing something, when I do my regular strength training workout with 8, 10 and 12 lb dumbbells I feel that i got a true workout and have seen results. It was a joke to me when you take the shake weight and do a hammer curl, it was like lifting nothing, way to light, no muscles will grow with that type of thing. I am sticking with my dumbbells, they haven’t failed me yet. To the person that saw no results using dumbbells, maybe you were not doing the correct number of sets/reps or enough weight. Believe me if you increase your weight size as you move on, you WILL see results. Also people with alot of fat, will also have to do some cardio to lose the fat as the muscle is covered up by fat, but it is there and once you lose the fat it will start to show. While 6 minutes a day sounds nice, it is NOT going to turn you into what the commercial shows you—the woman in CD, she has muscle, she did not get it from the shake weight!

  7. I have a response. If someone cannot spell or hit the keys correctly, they should not comment. It makes them look stupid. Public school, huh?

  8. I have to say I disagree. It’s possible there are better things out there, but I’ve been using for a few weeks and my arms feel more muscular. I’m posting my photos in an ongoing review at :
    so you can decide for yourself.

  9. wuz haddn
    you guys need to stop hating. this product does what it said it does tone your arms along with it being a weight its a weight and only cost 20 bucks chill out my wife has been using it and in a month ive seen a difference.
    i even started using it and i see a difference so stop hating

  10. Sal Marinello,..why you haven’t reply to Mike’s comments???… it has been more than a year now.
    Thank you Mike, I have been incorporating isometrics in my workout, great results in less time.

  11. I am going to purchase the shake weight on the 30 day trail. I need to try it for myself and see if it work for me. I don’t beleive any excrise equipment work sitting in the basement as a show piece. You must use the equipment for at least 14 days.

  12. Just another product for couch potatoes too physically and/or mentally lazy to grind out an hour’s worth of sweat doing real excercise. Want to get in shape? Try an hour of something like P90X and let the sweat and tears show you what it REALLY takes to get REAL fitness results. No wonder America is so fat! Shakeweighters probably do this crap while watching Oprah or Glee. Results take sweat, hard work, and patience. Anything else is just you fooling yourself.

  13. My wife talked me into buying the mans version because I’m a truck driver and can’t hit the weights like I used to. I’ve been using it a week and I can tell you it works. May be muscle memory, and perhaps if you never lifted in the past you won’t get the same result, but I can see the difference. I had stretch marks on my shoulder area when I used to lift and they are back. I’m thinking about buying a couple of backups in case they stop making the shake weight due to bad reviews. Seems that most bad reviews are by eggheads and super jocks who never tried it. I recommend it.

  14. Sal,
    I don’t understand your philosophy here. You give the shake weight no credit at all and just continually bash on it and bash on it. Have you ever used a shake weight before? I would bet not and if so I guarantee that it wasn’t for a very extensive amount of time because if you had you would realize that it actually DOES work. I know I own one! The analogy you used in your review article, if you even want to call that load of crap an article, was a terrible comparison and made no sense at all. Shake weight uses a many contraction in a short period of time method that does work, but it takes some time and initiative to stick with it and do it once, twice, even three times a day before you will begin to see results. But how does that differ from any other kind of exercise? You want an analogy that fits? If you were to make up your mind that you wanted to lose 20 pounds by getting up every morning and going for a 5 mile jog, but then only did it one time before deciding to give up would you lose any weight? That’s the same concept with the shake weight. There is no miracle workout, weight machine, or pill to take to get you in shape. Its about dedication and commitment to something that works and shows results. Muscle confusion is also huge. Once you plateau in an area, change up what your doing and confuse the muscles by tearing them up in a different fashion, so that they can rebuild in ways they never have before.
    P.s- If your boss wants a real writer, give them my email address 🙂

  15. I saw it for the first time today on canadian TV.. man it’s so funny to see what people will invent in 2010 and there will be idiots that will buy that garbage..
    c’mon people, go to gym and enjoy your workouts.. no pain no gain!! always remember that!!

  16. I am very disappointed with the company’s response of not crediting my cc after returning the SW to them, as I was not a satisfied customer. It was over the 30 day limit so that’s it, they have the SW back and my $. Poor business PR on their part, not a happy customer on my part…not a way for them to promote their business.
    To all of you out there that are thinking of trying this product, and if you are not happy with it…send it back before your 30 days are up!
    $19.95 plus S&H $7.95 total $27.90
    Plus I had to pay an additional $7.95 to send it back!
    So BEWARE!!!

  17. When the ad for the Shake Weight is advertised, the only thing that comes to mind is an “exercise tool” that is actually a hand job workout. As the model is doing the same motion that is commonly used in satisfying men, it became a ridiculous and absolutely transparent and disgustingly obvious ploy to sell a “workout weight system”. Truthfully, at first I thought the ad was a joke! And no one gains muscle tone from a machine that does all the work for you, for goodness sake. I’d NEVER purchase this piece of metal as I’d be embarassed to possess it or give it to someone as a gift, except maybe a gag gift at a bridal shower.

  18. The video is embarassing as the model is doing with a weight what she would be doing to a man’s private bone. It’s disgusting!

  19. I must say, Sal, that you, along with a few others that commented on your so called article sound like a group of guys that think they are real Macho Men! Get over yourselves! The Shake Weight is not meant to replace a total body workout, which you “men” seem to think. This is to help people from having arms that wave back at them!!!
    Follow the link below and read the article in the LA Times.
    Well, I’m out of here, I’m off to purchase my Shake Weight.

  20. Products like this are for those who want to feel like they are doing something to stay fit. Eat right and hit the gym! 6 min. a day of this and another 8 or so hours of nullifying those 6 min.. I got a magic bean that’ll supplement those 6 min of SW exercise! C’mon people, we find time to do anything that we really want to do. Workout and improve your way of life not some get fit quick without doing anything gimmick…

  21. Half of you people are pathetic. You say this product doesn’t work but yet you turn around and say you have never used it nor would you ever try it, why is that? you sit there and dis an excersise product that you’ve never even tried because you’re so egotistical that you can’t stop being a macho idiot and actually try the product. Maybe it looks too girly for you, maybe you’re just afraid you may be wrong, or maybe you just don’t know what you’re talking about. This makers of this product never once says it will build muscle, they clearly state it will TONE your arm muscles. As for using P90X, i seriously doubt the person who posted about that has ever tried it. Many Americans don’t even know about those workout videos considering they are expensive and only advertised on paid programming sites on the television. Besides that most people now days do not have anywhere near the amount of time it would take to get the results from P90X nor do they have time to go to the gym everyday. Younger people are so busy going to work and school they don’t even have enough time to cook a healthy meal. Instead they eat out. Older people have families and jobs along with many adults going back to school now days. Where’s the time? there is none. Oh and personally i think that P90X is a joke for people who are to embarrased to go to the gym. It’s a very expensive and hectic work out. It would be really nice if you small closed minded people would stop being cruel to the people who have actually taken the chance and have this product. Many people have actually gotten great results while others haven’t been so successful with the product. Every product works differently for every person, no person is the same so of course there will be people who are not satisfied with this product just as with any other product out there.

  22. Also in addition to my previous comment yes I am a younger person in my early twenties. No I have not tried this product and I hope I will never have to try this product due to the fact that I chose to stay in shape by wrestling. So Neobot I know about hard work and sweat and tears streaming down the face in order to stay inshape but with all that I can honestly say that if for any reason I need I wouldn’t put it pass me to buy the Shake Weight. Wrestling is one of the hardest sports out there. In high school, football players would come in during wrestling season to train with us so they would be prepared for football. All of those football players said wrestling is 100 times more effective and strenuous than football practice or any workout they’ve ever had at any gym. So I say screw P90X, why waste all your money on that when you can get the same results, quicker and more effective, with wrestling. Neobot seriously you need to shut up about P90X and try wrestling. Some wrestlers have to loose ten pounds in two days in order to make weight. P90X isn’t going to do that for you but trust me vigorus wrestling will. So with that said Noebot you may be all for P90X and everything but in wrestling that’s for wimps. You keep to your workout videos and I’ll stick with wrestling which by the way I’m a girl and despite the fact that you may be inshape I can guarantee I can take you down, anywhere and anytime 🙂

  23. oh and MrsB, seriously you would know that motion very well wouldn’t you. You probably have a Shake Weight and use it as practice for if you ever get a guy. You people are pathetic.

  24. I believe that it can actually be used in other ways other than advertised. I think I can make it work for me. Any thing helps if done properly and with out of the box thinking.

  25. I use isometrics only and am pretty ripped. 5% body fat and I used to have a big tummy. Alkaline foods will bring you to success!

  26. Glory,
    You are gonna complain about $27. Please, if $27 is alot , to you, then you should not have bought it, let alone buy anything, you should not be thinking about fitness products. Some of you people are acting like this product is hundreds of dollars. It is $27 including shipping.

  27. “Hitting the gym” is pretty expensive to some people. Don’t underestimate silly looking products like the Shake Weight, its $20..relax. If you haven’t tried it then you can’t give an opinion about it. Now all you idiotic meatheads go to the gym and stare at yourself in the mirror for an hour or two and stop worrying about products you are too afraid to try.

  28. I bought the shake weight a few weeks ago. I use it with my standard workout. 100 jumping jacks, 100 sit upts and the shake weight.
    I went to the gym, hit the tread mill, the crunch machine and a weight machine. I can honestly say that it works. I lifted 12lb dumbbells, 50-100 times and in 30 seconds I feel more of a work out then I do with the dumbbells. How is that not a good thing? I sweat more, and feel more of a work out. You make that sound like a bad thing, why?
    $30 a month for the gym and I work out a much better sweat at home with a $30 product. It works. Does it build muscle? Yes but more importantly it tones your arms. If I was going for raw bulk then yes lifting dumbbells is obviously better, but to tone your body, this is by far an easier, quicker way. 90% of people can’t or won’t dedicate themselves to going to the gym, going for jogs or 1-2 hours of exercise. Shake weight makes you work up a sweat fast and you feel it fast.
    If you don’t think thats a good thing then you’re a fool and no one should listen to you. Gimic or not, it works.

  29. Alaska and Hawaii
    Do not buy as shake weight rips you off on postage.They ship it by postoffice the cheapest way which cost the same inc,.all states but they are charging 15.00,$ extra A real dishonest rip off. I checked with postoffice and they quoted me 10 $ for postage so surcharge is exess. Its a pure ripoff Do NOT BUY

  30. How do you give a “review” of a product when you have never touched it? That just doesn’t fly in my book. Just because you can’t find empirical clinical evidence that it works does not mean that it doesn’t. If that were the case then we can just go ahead and dismiss all religions while you’re at it. To be a REAL reviewer, you have to at least attempt to use a product, rather than trying to base it on your inability to find empirical data or your “scientific” knowledge…which begs the question of whether you have a degree in aerodynamics or physical anatomy as well. Get the product, use it for awhile (regardless of what it is) and THEN make an intelligent and rational user based opinion rather than rating anything a “Do Not Buy” when you haven’t even bought it. (For the record, no I don’t own one but I swim 3 miles a day so I really don’t need upper body strength as the water takes care of it)

  31. It works!!! Sorry but I don’t have time to do P90X and I’m also not obsessed with being RIPPED. I simply do an elliptical for my cardio to maintain health and weight and the Shake Weight so I can wear sleeveless dresses and tops. I’ve never looked better. Plus I don’t have to go to the gym for the dumbbells and it only TAKES 5 WHOLE MINUTES! People who knock this product aren’t giving it a fair try or are just mad As Seen on TV finally delivered a good one. BUY IT, ladies.

  32. I think some are missing the point – yes, working out a solid amount each week is the best option. However, the shake weight is supposed to be a supplement to that sort of exercise – it is not a full body workout, nor is it advertised as such. I go to the gym often, but it’s nice to have something I can easily do outside of the gym, perhaps even in front of my TV if that’s what I want to do. It’s the same reason I enjoy having a stability ball, jump rope, etc in my living room – I can still get some benefits at home (for relatively cheap) when I can’t make it to the gym.
    I can understand the skepticism, but it would appear the author of this article has not actually used the shake weight. You do need to actually use the product (or monitor someone using it for an appropriate period) to give a legitimate review. There are some good points made in the article (is the shake weight using sketchy advertising methods? perhaps) but why not give it a go, skepticism aside, and then write a review?

  33. Argument A: it does what it says, it will tone your arms. – Sounds like it does. But still misleading by saying “6 minutes a day” when it’s really 6 minutes, two or three times a day.
    Argument B: go to, watch from 38 seconds to 48 seconds. – Now tell me it will “do what it says”.
    Why is everyone so obsessed with the girl’s video? The guy’s video has serious obvious fallacies. And unless these are two different products advertised to work the exact same way, they’re lying to everyone about what it can do. Maybe if you get it for the reason of toning arms, it’ll work. But in no way, shape, form, or dimension that might exist, could it be considered exercise.

  34. i just bought the shake weight 2 days ago and already i feel a difference. i was alittle skeptic at first but i figured i would give it a try. my whole family uses it. in matters of seconds u can feel your muscles working. i love it and i use it everyday. i already see a difference.

  35. i just bought the shake weight 2 days ago and already i feel a difference. i was alittle skeptic at first but i figured i would give it a try. my whole family uses it. in matters of seconds u can feel your muscles working. i love it and i use it everyday

  36. Hey there guys! Thanks for your awesome review.
    As always appreciate your honesty in helping people to cut through the bull that is so thick when it comes to weight loss.
    $29? Buy youself a skipping rope and a set of dumbells 🙂
    Dr G

  37. Mike,
    You gave a great explanation not just on this product but your knowledge of strength and muscle training/building and I want to say thank you!

  38. I bought my shake weight for $20 dollars at Walgreens. I’ve lost 60 pounds since March with cardio, strength training, and proper diet. I am not big on lifting weights yet…I usually stick with some 3 pound hand weights but I was very interested in the shake weight from the moment I saw it on tv. I found out they had them at my local Walgreens and bought one right away. I had used it here and there for a few minutes just shaking it in different positions the when I bought it last week, but I have done the dvd twice daily for the past 4 days and I don’t see any results yet, but I feel them tremendously! I am going to continue to do it once or twice daily because I am trying to get myself in better shape for an upcoming wedding. I haven’t been using it very long, but I do feel that if I (or anyone else trying to lose weight/tone up) continue to do cardio, weight training, proper diet and use the shake weight, you will get maximum results!! 🙂

  39. to all of you jocks and other people that slam this product and other light work out equipment did you ever think about people that have been in a bad wreck or some thing like that when they can no longer go to a gym or lift alot of weight but want to get in better shape or just get moving a little bit at a time the shake weight is great for that kind of thing I mean use your brain no one really thinks their going to get huge with the shake weight just toned up a little and not every one wants to be a big muscle head I had my arm,hand and fingers ripped off in a motorcycle wreck and very lucky to have had it all put back on and have about 90% of use the shake weight and some rubber work out balls got my arm and hand back in working condition and because of all the screws and rods holding me back together I can no longer lift very heavy things so this worked for me hope this helps some one out there and good luck to any one trying to get in better shape

  40. O lord….I’m so confused and torn on whether I should buy this product or not..I have nice looking arms but I just want them toned out…you know what after reading all this reviews, I’m going to take a shot at the ShakeWeight. 🙂

  41. Jeff,
    Out of these reviews, you pick mine to comment about…why thank you.
    Jeff, it’s the principal of the whole issue with the company. Just poor business PR on their part. By the way the total was $35.85. The company advertises free? shipping and handling…but then they charge postage and handing. What’s free about that?

  42. There are a few problems here: the girl’s version is supposed to give you long and feminine muscles, the guys version is supposed to get you bulky and muscular. Which is it?
    However, I did find some positive testimonials on it as well. This review , which seems to be balanced, has over 100 comments at the end by people who used the Shake Weight. It shows how some love it and some hate it. I can’t quite figure out why or how

  43. I have been using the mens shake weight for about a week now and i am impressed. Two 30 second sets for each workout was about all i could handle. Many people have been bad mouthing this thing but I don’t think they were using it correctly. watch the video, do the full workout if you can, and LOCK YOUR WRISTS!! Out of a score of 100 I would probably give it a score between 80-85. Very good product when used properly.

  44. I saw this on Ellen and thought it was a joke then I picked it up at Walmart to give it a try not expecting much and I was really surprised. You can feel it in your arms, you really tire them out. My arms weren’t toned at all and I am already seeing a difference after a month, doing it 3 times a week.

  45. This tool does work. As a person over 65, I can see the difference in firming flabby arms. You are doing a disservice to those who need this.

  46. Amazing after reading all the reviews. Is the world obsessed with berating anything that has never been tried long enough to see results. And the person who was outraged not to get a refund after 30 days. The ad clearly states 30 days and she keeps it longer!!!
    Get over yourselves people. The Shake Weight is $19.95 at many stores – meaning you have no postage and handling. All the woeful who complain about it can continue to be out of shape and continue to love living a negative daily grind.

  47. These so called “fitness experts” have there own agenda too.The don’t want you to buy something quick an easy an cheap that gets the same results as a 2hour workout because they want you to spend endless amounts of money on them,an if it doesn’t work your only out 20 bucks,what the big deal?

  48. What do you suggest for the bye bye under arm then. What exercise will help. this. My grandkids are always asking me to wave to them so they can laugh.

  49. I read the post, and I wish your commenter would do a little more research. The shake weight does not have you do isometric contractions, they are rapid alternating movements in differing positions, along the same lines as the body blade, and acutally do work and tone the muscles. Ask an excercise physiologist about the physics of the shake weight before you give it a do not buy. I think your commentor needs to give more than just a fluffy opinion, and do some real research, otherwise your website’s reputation could suffer.

    • Mary
      Give us a break. Let’s see some before and after pictures. And marketing lingo/jargon never takes the place of science.

  50. i just bought the mens version and I already feel stronger in my arms.. I mean I do not want to look like the Hulk, but need to burn some of this flab fast. I do realize it looks funny while you are shaking it and you could possibly let it slip and then it gives you a black eye! but for the most part it seems to be helpful. The dude that wrote this bad review needs to use this product anally! He might give it a good review then..

  51. I have used the Shake weight for men for 10 days.. After the 1st week I can see a hughe change in my arms.. They are toned and not flabby.. Six easy minutes a day will make show results.

  52. Your review was based on nearly zero research, had no first hand experience with the equipment and really held nothing of value to the consumer. I bought the Shake weight and have used it, already one up on you. It does indeed tone the upper arms, back of arms, chest, and shoulders. No, it is not a stand alone product and its not a fix all for the upper body, but, for $20.00 its worth the price and its a nice alternative to more conventional weights.
    Perhaps next time you will do some actual research, use the product, and offer a review based on more than your personal, uneducated, opinion.

  53. It is really strange to me how personally some people are taking this review. The reviewer should use the product anally? Over the shake weight?
    Yes, if you are completely and woefully out of shape, as all the shake weight cheerleaders appear to be, you will probably see results with the shake weight.
    You’d also see results doing tricep exercises with a can of soup which is about 18 dollars less than the shake weight…if money is a big concern. You could do tricep pushups on a chair. That’s free, provided you own a chair already for different, sitting-related activities.
    But, if you are that out of shape, why are you hanging out on a fitness advice website?
    There’s something really suspicious about you people. Srlsy.

  54. This to me is the lazy way of building muscle, that’s if it works.
    I agree with this article. Half of the crap sold on the market is just for profit and in no way benefits the consumer. Look at the Ab circle. Swinging back and forth is not going to get you abs and make you lose weight (for those who want abs you have to have a body fat of less than 9%). The same goes for this. You won’t get good results unless you workout with free weights and with cardio to rid of the excess fat.
    To build muscle, you have to move your muscles in a wide range of motion, with dumbbells, barbells, weights, etc. A shakeweight isn’t going to do it all because you are barely moving your muscles, for god’s sake it looks more ridiculous than some yoga moves.
    6 minutes a day? Ha, Give me a break! I want to see some proof and not some paid advertisers. Scientifically, this is the most ridiculous product.
    To lose fat, DO CARDIO, don’t fall for this crap. You can’t shake the weight off. Go for walks, runs, jogs, anything is better than this thing.
    Don’t buy it. If you really think this will help in the short or long term, you consumers who believe it works, ar idiots. No offense.

  55. “These so called “fitness experts” have there own agenda too.The don’t want you to buy something quick an easy an cheap that gets the same results as a 2hour workout because they want you to spend endless amounts of money on them,an if it doesn’t work your only out 20 bucks,what the big deal?”
    No…just, no. Think about it, if it *really* got the same results as a full workout, everyone would be walking around ripped with minimal effort. The experts are experts because they’ve DONE the hard work.
    Also, there is no such thing as “toning” muscles, muscles either get bigger or they get smaller, that’s it. Muscles get bigger by exerting them, and that’s going to be a pretty difficult to do with a 2.5 / 5 lb weight. And being able to “feel it” means nothing. Fill a milk jug with water and shake that or grip your remote control really hard, and you’ll “feel” that too. In addition, a lot of the ‘results’ you might see has to do with increased blood flow to the muscles, which is temporary. This is also common with bodybuilders.
    Anyway, seems like some people endorse Shake Weight due to it being affordable, so I’ll give you a little tip. Buy used dumbbells from mom-n-pop fitness stores. The one near me sells used weights at 50 cents a pound, so a pair of 10lbs dumbbells is only $10…HALF the price of the 2.5lbs Shake Weight! You can do a full range of exercises with them and the time is far better spent than on something you’ll throw in the closet and never think about again. Remember people, there are no shortcuts, things in life take hard work. But the reward is well worth it.

  56. “i just bought the mens version and I already feel stronger in my arms.. I mean I do not want to look like the Hulk, but need to burn some of this flab fast.”
    Then you’ll be shaking a long time, I’m sorry, it doesn’t work that way. (Even Shake Weight doesn’t promise weight loss.) You burn fat/flab by being at a caloric deficit, typically by a good diet with exercise (longer than a six minute workout). Yes, increased muscle does burn more calories, but not enough to combat a poor diet. For argument’s sake, let’s say the Shake Weight DOES give you more ripped muscles. It still wouldn’t matter, because you won’t see very much of them *until* enough of the flab is burned off to reveal them.

  57. “What do you suggest for the bye bye under arm then. What exercise will help. this. My grandkids are always asking me to wave to them so they can laugh.”
    Heh. Unfortunately you can’t spot reduce fat with a certain exercise (popular misconception), the best analogy I’ve heard for this is taking a bucket of water out of a swimming pool…the corner wouldn’t be lower, but the entire level of the water. The body burns off what it burns off, everyone is different. As I said in the last comment, good diet and exercise. Michelle Obama is popular for her arms, and how she got those arms was waking up at 5:30AM every morning and working out with a trainer, not with a Shake Weight 🙂

  58. What the commenter needs to realize is that this could really help your range of motion for elderly people. They have a tendenacy to not work out a lot and this is easy and affordable. Once they feel stronger they will want to go to some other type of exercise plan. Motavation is what they need and I think this is a great product to do that. I am 66 and have very little muscle control and can’t raise my arms without discomfort. Using this has helped me to be able to reach up in my cabinets to get something without pain. Try this on elderly and see how this helps them. It’s easy and can be done anywhere.

  59. Maybe the shake weight works and maybe it doesn’t. If you haven’t tried it first hand over a long period of time then you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You might as well be saying Bose speakers are great! They look really fancy and hey, they’re Bose but unless you’ve used them in your own home you have no proof. This may be a different market, but it’s the same thing the writer of this article is doing.

  60. Even if the Shake Weight does not work, what the hell
    it’s your money and do what ever you want with it!
    I will try and see for myself
    and if they get rich from this product, good for them
    At least they are doing something !
    I could use a little SHAKE

  61. Not everyone wants to work out with a trainer shannon..and who has that kind of time and money nowadays? Listen, the shakeweight it awesome..but like any other exercise, once ur body gets accostomed to it, it becomes null and void..p90x is where its at..shock those muscles..make em work..if ur fat, cardio it is..if u wanna get bulk? cut back on the cardio and eat tons of “healthy” carbs..all the time..jeez..u guys suck and seeing the tree yet missing the forest..see the forest people..the shake weight is cheap and its new..nothing like cheap and new to get a person excited about being healthy..and to the fellow talking bout chair exercises…plz buddy..that’s how u stay fat..doing the same boring ass routine week..p90x..and I’m gone

  62. I bought the shake weight about a month ago, it seems to be working really good, and in my opinion it isn´t a minimal effort instrument.
    Yeah I know it isn´t the same as lifting weights but after using the 6 minute dvd for 4 or 5 times a week (I use it everyday)you´ll really start seeing results, I recommed you to use it. It´s a funny workout, you can use it with the dvd or while you’re watching tv, and really, after 10mnutes of workout you start feeling tired, BELIEVE ME, hahahahah…

  63. This article calls the manufacture’s of the product out on the lack of research to prove their claims. Some readers then cuss the author out for “not doing research” and cite anecdotal evidence in defense of the product!
    Get a grip people, or are those of you doing this shills? Seriously, the burden to provide evidence via research is on the makers of the product, not the author of the article.
    If the manufacture’s have research to prove their claims, and it’s honest and properly done, then let them do so otherwise it’s just marketing speak. If you like the product then that’s fine, but you can help by doing some of your own research.
    Measure your starting condition before using the product, record changes as they occur while using the product over a certain time. See if there is an overall change from using the product once you reached the end of your experiment. Make note of anything that may have contributed or hindered your successful use of the product. Try and draw some meaningful conclusions from your experience.
    Just remember, the author didn’t miss the manufacture’s research as they didn’t provide any.

  64. Look at all the paid “reviews” that come out of the wood work to say how get this product are.
    You are all full of it. This product would do nothing for people. Get your flabby ass to a gym and lift some real weights.

  65. Here is an idea, get a gym membership or go to your local YMCA and actually, you know do a real workout instead of wasting money on a total hack device.
    You don’t need a trainer, a basic workout is easy to compile and there are so many online resources that will help you create something that’s tailored to your needs…You also just have to push yourself, but i doubt people buying this thing are willing to do that.

  66. Shake weight does work the first time i used it i got a muscle that i had never seen when i flexed my arms. You are just skeptical about this just because you are sick minded just like everyone else, it’s time to grow up.

  67. Bottom line is, do you see results relative to your baseline, does it work for you? Does not matter what anyone thinks, I was curious so I integrated into my normal free-weight workout as both warm-up and specific muscle group complement and results are definitely tangible, the muscle pump is more intense and sustaining when strategically implemented. Now before you get all defensive about your way of life, not saying this could not be achieved some other way but just giving some real testimony. Just another tool to add functional variety to your workout, get creative and you can get blood flowing in just about any muscle group. So do not know about its function as stand alone item but works as part of my system and keeps monotony at bay.

  68. I have no idea what this publisher is talking about. I just purchased the shake weight today and my arms are shaking right this second. I work out regularly and I expect GREAT results from the shake weight. I definitely suggest buying this product.

    • You know Ashlie, you’ve really changed my mind. A real person, without any attachment to Shake Weight, feels a difference in only one or two workouts. It MUST be true and all the science that says it doesn’t work is FALSE. Thanks so much for opening my eyes!

  69. Why would ANYONE wanna look like youre jerking off? just do that and youll get results as well and pleasure lol.
    Seriously though it just looks dumb and worthless… do pushups and pullups… its free for one.

  70. Common sense people!!!! Losing weight and getting fit/tone IS NOT EASY!!! If it was obesity WOULD NOT EXIST !! Losing weight, staying fit and muscle toning/building is a life change. Not some measly shaking dumbbells. Get off your lazy butts buy some weights or go to the gym and do the exercises. That will give you real, life long results!!!!

  71. I am a martial artist and hold a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do. I bought shake weight out of curiosity and was surprised to find out that it actually worked. Used correctly, it will tone your muscles. It enhances the push up regiment that I do everyday. The writer of this article should try to use the product correctly before giving it a negative review.

    • That’s embarrassing. There is no such thing as toning muscles. C’mon. The Shake Weight people must be really sensitive to have to generate these phony responses in response to my expert opinion.

  72. Been using the shake weight for men for two weeks and I am impressed…wife even commented that my arms are getting larger…I can see and feel the difference in the biceps and triceps…
    I alternate days between some of the exercises (work the biceps one day, triceps the next…)
    Can’t say enough good things about it…
    I’m going to get the ladies version for my wife and son tonight !!!

  73. Don’t waste your money. My arms are very tone (at almost 50). I eat right (6 small meals a day)… Yes, it’s a hassle but I carry stuff with me so I can eat every few hours with protein, carbs, veges or whatever the combo is for that meal or snack. I use a .50 toning band and I do about a 15 minute workout every morning or evening depending on when I can work it in. I am almost 6 feet and am a size 6. I DONT waste my money on gimmicks or gym memberships. I eat right and use my toning bands. IT works because my metabolism is constantly revved up by eating every few hours and NOT eating a bunch of salt/sugar.
    Put down the salty, sugary foods and start eating right. I can’t afford a personal trainer either AND don’t need one because I figured it out in my 30’s after five children. Yes I was FAT…. 295 pounds after my 5th child… Ick… I now weigh 140 pounds am 6 ft tall and can wear a size 6. DO IT RIGHT and it will last for life.
    The shake weight is NOT a miracle cure. People over 50 and beyond get up and move and your flexibility will be improved. My mother is 80 and is running Marathon’s because she has refused to sit down or get lazy. I DONT run and I DONT do massive amounts of exercise. I use my toning bands, eat right and most of the time I’m going here there and yon with 5 children and my snacks in tow.

  74. i read all your opions , here is mine not that i matters but here it is . i have had shake weight for about a week, reason why have no way of getting to a gym or take one with me i am a truck driver in a wieght sensitive operation can’t get an 80 foot tractor trailer into most stripmalls cause they have blocked us out. so i need to do something this was a simple and it does not weight much and its simple to do and at least its something.

  75. Wow! I bought the shake weight. Fat? No. Out of shape? No. I bought it because the two strokes I had made my left side very weak. my dumbbells weren’t working fast enough. After two weeks using it I could lift the 55 lb saddle onto my horse and lift the shovel with no problem. Saves me time as well! Obviously it works for me.

  76. If the principle behind the Shake Weight actually worked, my right arm would be much bigger than my left, from a very similar range of motion.
    (Think about it…you’ll get it. Haha)

  77. To all those who doubt Shake Weight, just look at boxers who do speed bags, and tell me if that’s not working out. (Shake Weight is even harder than speed bag because of the weight). Try to emulate speed bag with Shake Weight (hand at eye level), and see how long you can go at it.
    I don’t think Shake Weight will increase muscle size, but the short burst, opposing motions (up-down-up-down-right-left—–) certainly help with definitions on shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps. Plus the duration of workout (minutes per set) instead of 20-30 seconds (for 15 reps of whatever) really keeps your muscles tight, and eventually that tightness become definitions.
    But don’t give up your regular weight training because definition may mean looking good but does not equal to strengths. Your muscles still need to experience adequate weight throughout a full range of movement (like curling, or should press), to build up real strengths. So I say Shake Weight is a great complementary aid to regular weight/strengths training, but definitely does not replace.

  78. I’m going to be serious, this Shake Weight literally looks like somebody is jacking off. And when I first saw the comercial, I couldn’t help but laugh at such a product! I really thought it was a joke. But as I read the reveiws I certainly do believe this product works. As a 14 year old girl who’s in soccer and karate; I definately would like to try that out! It looks so awesome!!!! But I’m sure I won’t be able to take it seriously when working out. I think this is the best thing yet! =D

  79. Just got my shakeweight for men in the mail…i used it for 1min and i could feel it! IT DOES WORK! i will give another review once im more intoit but so far im thouroughly impressed!

  80. not a comment aimed directly at this device, but I read a comment (the last one) that states “I don’t think Shake Weight will increase muscle size” the following is then posted in the same paragraph “certainly help with definitions on shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps.”
    You can’t “define” an area without muscle growth, unless you burn fat/calories (but that’s an overall body thing, you can’t “target” fat loss)…but that’s a whole other topic and a few minutes of this “shake weight” will not do anything in that area.

  81. I have been working out for years, recently purchased this product, was very skeptical but for 30 dollars thought why not give it a shot. This product works people, find it amusing that the majority of people knocking this product have not actually used it. Just about everyone who has USED it speaks very highly of it. And by no means is this an easy workout, for each exercise I have yet to go past 60 seconds for any individual workout. It’s worth the 20 or 30 dollars, nice addition to your workout.

  82. First of all the shake Weight is a tool meant for people who exercise on a regular basis.
    Do not expect results of the ordinary. You must see some muscle on your before you can
    expect to results. Always start strength work with body weight such as push up and pullups
    you always do cardio before strength this very essential. Never
    do the opposite . After you finish push ups and pullups then do weights .
    Always remember the basics they always need you be done. For example if your a seasoned or
    professional driver does that mean you do parking because too basic. Nooo!
    Fundmentals always matters. Remember the shake weight is a tool for exercise.
    It should used after lifting weight. Just because advertiser say it better than lifting weights does that mean don’t lift weights. Learn to think for self . Advertisers use physicology. They know people.
    In the end remember your matters the most don’t expect one tool to do all the work.
    I know workout looks silly but it really works . Always do anothers work outs first , pushup pull ups weights then the shake weights it sounds like a lot but hard work pays off. The goal always to look
    ripped don’t cheat or take steroids . There are never shortcuts. They would not sell the shake weight
    if doesn’t work. I not every that sold out there works. It on you to be a smart consumer. Buy consumer report magazine. The perfect push up works excellent. Always do research.
    do lift weights?

  83. I have to agree with the tried-and-tested science behind this article, but when I bought the “shake weight” on a whim and tried it out, I have to say I was very impressed with the muscle fatigue I got in only less than a minute. And it wasn’t just one muscle… it worked a group of muscles simultaneously! I’m not sure how effective this would be for strength building, but it’s definitely a stamina-builder.
    Very true that there’s no “full range of motion”, but unless you’re a professional body builder I think that anything that causes a person to get up and exercise is never a bad thing. And unless you’re stupid enough to hit yourself with this thing it seems very safe to me otherwise, and a good gadget for older folks to use. Though, honestly, if you want something more than a tougher upper body, you do need to do cardio to lose the fat.
    Final verdict? I think it’s a good addition in a home gym, and probably safer to use than free weights. It can’t “do it all”–I don’t think it will build massive muscles but it will definitely give your stamina a work out. I know that for a fact!

  84. I don’t have a shake weight, because they cost too much, but I though I’d try just shaking my fists in the air every day for 6 minutes and I’ll be damned if my arms arn’t getting bigger and much more tone after just 3 days.

  85. Alright, it is true that the gimmicky claims made to sell this product are just that gimmicks. No one is going to get in great shape with the use of a single product or through one single exercise. Does this product work? Yes. Is it going to give you the body or arms you want? No.
    This is just another item you can add to your arsenal when planning a workout. Scientific research does in fact show that it is beneficial to increasing strength in upper extremity muscles. The shake weight works much like a body blade. It creates instability at the glenohumeral joint which causes muscles such as the biceps brachii, triceps brachi, coracobrachialis, and all four muscles of the rotator cuff to isometrically and eccentrically contract…if the exercise is done correctly.
    All the nonsense of a muscle having to be moved through a full range of motion to create strength gains is false. The muscles of the body produce the most force in isometric and eccentric contractions. So there will be strength gains with this product, but only if a workout is done correctly and progressed in a manner that increases the intensity of the workout.

    • Selective commenting…First of all the Shake Weight people funded the study. The lead researcher of the study said, “I could see someone using it at their desk for a three-minute break. I don’t see it as a main form of exercise.”
      Oh and here’s more from the LA Times article.
      David Swain, a professor of exercise science at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., isn’t convinced that it’s really an exercise breakthrough. In his opinion, it’s “unrealistic” to think that a person could get a full upper-body workout in just six minutes a day. Even if a person used the device that long, there’s no evidence that it would provide anything close to the benefits of a 30-minute workout with normal weights, he says. Users hoping to get rid of arm flab will be disappointed, he adds. “Spot reducing — losing body fat from a particular region by exercising that region —is a myth.”
      And “dynamic inertia”? Swain had never heard of it. “It’s obviously just a phrase they invented for marketing the device,” he says.

  86. I have been using the shake weight for over a month, and I can see results already. Who cares if it looks ridiculous while you are doing it, just close your blinds, draw the curtains, or pull down the shades.

  87. first of all, i have to say i know the shake weight works, maybe not for everyone, but it definetly works for some people, not everyone’s genetics body build is the same. and when this review said “This flies in the face of just about every bit of existing legitimate scientific data on the subject of muscle and strength building” that dosn’t mean anything, just because most things wouldn’t work like that dosn’t mean that this product can, think about it, if you would add up every person in the world, the Average Human would have 1 breast and 1 testicle, now, we know there isnt anyone, (or atleast not alot) of people like that, so nothing in the wold is ever really set in sstone.
    i just got the Men Shake weight about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and i have definetly noticed a big difference

  88. When I see this Shake Weight lauding “Dynamic Inertia” I instantly think of the Who’s album “The Who Sell Out” with it’s commercial parody for the Charles Atlas Course with…DYNAMIC TENSION!…will turn you into a BEAST OF A MAN! That album was from 1967…the Charles Atlas Course was indeed real and did claim DYNAMIC TENSION would turn you into said BEAST. The Shake Weight looks a lot worse when you’re plopping down 19 to 29 dollars for it than actually using it. You can shake a dumbbell in front of you for 6 minutes and basically get the same result….tired arms and shoulders….ooooh FEEL THE BURN!

  89. Wow! I can’t believe people on here are actually defending this garbage. I guess if I spent that much on a worthless product that doesn’t even make a good paper weight I would try to fool myself into believing it worked also, but please don’t bring the people who don’t know much about exercising into your fantasy world. Tried and proven methods to exercising are out there, but continually people try to find that AMAZING BREAKTHROUGH. Quit falling into the advertising worlds traps and dragging others down with you. DEFINITELY A DO NOT BUY. Put in the hard work needed to make the gains (or losses) that you need. There’s no easy way. Hard work and dedication to a proven method is the key.

  90. When the reviewer of the product (Sal) actually tests the product to invalidate it, then I will understand and agree with his comments. I’m not at all saying this product is anything worth while. However, this review is similar to looking at a car and commenting on it without even driving it. In other words, it’s really not a review. Try the product and give us some concrete evidence, not just judgements and light evidence.
    I remember a few years ago when vibration training machines came out. Everyone was claiming they were bogus and look what happened now.

  91. i do have to say that every post i can find on any site, where someone has actually tried the product, says that it works, granted i don’t think it would… stranger things have happened…

  92. I’ve never tried this product but the commercial makes me laugh – it does look ridiculous. My question is, if it’s no good, what do you recommend for this area? I’ve been working my triceps and biceps forever (with real weights, in a gym) and it has no effect on that wobbly part under the arm. Suggestions?

  93. How does one review a product without ever using it? I think its healthy to be skeptical of the “latest & greatest” fad item however, if spending $20 bucks helps Joe Schmo get off the couch and helps motivate him/her to take their health and lifestyle changes seriously, more power to them. It’s all well and good if you have the resources to pay for a gym membership (and actually go!) or catch a deal on some home workout equipment but neither of these will do anything for you without motivation and desire and commitment. So, in closing, I repeat, if it helps push you in the right direction, then it’s more than worth $20 and more than worth your time if it help get you into some real healthy living (the 1st step is the hardest, right?). What does it hurt? Oh, and for you self-righteous gym-rats and holier-than-though uber-humans with perfect habits and physiques, lighten up. I officially acknowledge that it took hard work to get where you’re at, get off your pedestal. 70% of Americans are overweight, try offering construction, useful advice or share your health strategy instead of insulting those who are least trying to get in shape. Seriously, get your heads out of your…dumbells LOL

    • Really, you think the shakeweight gets people motivated to get people off their asses and workout? The advertisement focuses on how all you have to do is hold onto a vibrating device to improve fitness. If anything the selling point of this gadget is that you don’t have to move to exercise.

  94. My sister bought the Shake Weight and at first I was very skeptical until I could actually “see” the results in her arms! Now I use it every chance I get and I it has done wonders!! You can feel it working within one minute of use and definately think that this is a MUST BUY!!!!

  95. Well, it seems to me that its a bit pretensious to give your 100 percent negative verdict against a product you HAVE NOT used yet! Maybe it works or maybe not , as a muscle builder, but anyone here even realized for a second
    the amount of CARDIO work out you can get from all that shaking? Especially for couch potatos like me who dont do much effort and can do this for 6 min while watching TV? Its all about common sense, you know those ‘Arnold’ type idiots spent more than half of their life in gyms, exersizing, while i had fun! and after 50′, we all look the same, you lose the battle with ..gravity!(have you seen Arnold’s buddy lately? Yuckkk! So, for 25 bucks I think there is a benefit for most guys hearts, guys who wont do anything else anyway!!

  96. I really think it comes down to this:
    For those who are saying the product does wonders- almost any activity that is “exercise” will do wonders for someone how is “out of shape” and start to produce a noticeable change. Getting in and staying in shape (assuming healthy eating habits) takes a minimal amount of effort when done religiously. The problem is most of us have almost 0 physical activity throughout our day- honestly step back and look at how often you are exerting yourself or raising your heart rate and keeping it up – I think you will be surprised. So there is really no wonder that some people are noticing improvements in the way their body looks because I’m sure these people would have also benefited from ANY sort of increased physical activity from any exercise equipment.
    For those who think the product is unproductive (like myself, i have one)- You are probably in already good enough shape that a small amount on increased physical activity will go unnoticed. Our natural healthy bodies “peak out” and start to experience drastic diminishing returns to visual ” physical improvement”. Think about when you first started working out: huge leaps and bounds, big weight increases, looking physically better every week. But once you started to reach your body’s peak the improvements slowed wayyyy down. At this point you are more maintaining your new in shape body than improving it. The point of this is that the shakeweight users that are already in moderately good shape cannot expect to see drastic results from a product as simple as this. Use it like I do- as an easy additional way to help you stay in shape and maintain what you already have.

  97. I think its funny that it seems like some people disagree with this article until you realise it’s one guy being paid by the people that make the shake weight.

  98. Look this product work….i have it…i am very much in shape. If you in shape, you will see better result before the typical over weight selection could. Listen, if you want to know if something works, find out for yourself.

  99. I cant believe anyone would fall for this piece of crap. I bought the “Shake Weight” used it about 7 times and got “Tennis elbow” I saw a doctor and he told me that the “Shake Weight” is very hard on the joints. They he said that unless you are fully contracting your muscle and then extending it you are not doing anything beneficial, as far as muscle strength. Then he said that walking and carrying weight is the best exercise for weight loss and toning the arms. We should all ban together and sue the makers of the “Shake Weight”. Class action law suit? hmmmm

  100. I don’t know about you guys but the shake weight isn’t that bad. It really doesn’t work the bicep or triceps for me but it gives a good deltoids workout.

  101. Okay, Rob….
    I don’t work for Shake Weight. I am not even here to say that it works, or that I would recommend it. The point most of the people are trying to make that have disagreed with writer of this review is that you CANNOT properly review a product if you have never even tried it. It is ridiculous to think that you can. If you don’t want to spend the money to buy it because you think it is a waste of money, fine. Then don’t go trying to write a review on it. The people who seek out these reviews want honest opinions from people who have used the product, not opinions and conjecture from someone who is offended at the mere idea that this could be considered “exercise”.

  102. i ordered shakeweight but didn’t get it yet.reading all the comments good and bad,finally one comment made sence.people,this person showed common might not see dramatic results, but it will help you maintain that body that you did build because it is a good cardio workout just do it for more than six minutes at a time. Results always testing your body a little more each closing i’m glad i purchaced it.

  103. It doesnt really matter whether or not this thing or another fitness device on the market really works, There’re always gonna be haters and critics most of whom havent tried the product themselves.As for me I stopped working out 2 years ago because i got really busy with work and school and i saw this shake weight being advertised and i decided to try it and honestly after only a week my arms and chest are starting to look and feel the way they did 2 years ago when i used to go to the gym. my girl even noticed and felt it..So i dont know about y’all but for me its def working.

  104. Here is the REAL way to determine if its a good product, by real people who have really used it and rated it based on their real-world experience, not just because its motion offends their delicate sensibilities.
    Seriously, don’t ever listen to the cynical critics in the world, they will only bring you down to their level and make you hate as much as they do. Here are the real numbers. Enjoy!
    37 Reviews
    5 star: (19) – 51.3%
    4 star: (11) – 29.7%
    3 star: (3) – 8.1%
    2 star: (2) – 5.4%
    1 star: (2) – 5.4%
    81% think its 4 to 5 stars and also as a tip, generally when I shop online I determine a good product by how the number gets smaller as you get closer to 1 star from 5 star – I also look at the comments for content and context – if there is bitching about “support” and not the actual “product”, you can usually discredit those, etc. 🙂
    Quick math tip. To get the percentage: ((number of votes for a star [divided by] total votes) multiplied by 100) == percentage
    ((19 / 37) * 100) = 51.3%

  105. ‘hold on to a vibrating device’?? I guess you didn’t do any research at all. The Shake Weight doesn’t vibrate, you move it yourself.

  106. I am as skeptical as they come..BS & MS in Engineering and a PE….but…I did buy the shake weight 4 weeks ago…have been using it 5 days a week….and guess what? IT REALLY DOES WORK! My triceps, pecs and biceps are noticably bigger with much more definition. I’m late 50’s and I think you have to be careful not to overdo it and I think tendonitis could be an issue but apply some common sense here…flexing your muscles lots of times a week whether it’s shake weighting, “chopping wood” or whatever…your body responds…..where else can you watch Judge Judy and build your pecs for $30 plus shipping ?

  107. Wow … salting the comments with “satisfied customers”. There’s a new tactic. NOT.
    There are actually good ways to read unsolicited, essentially anonymous comments and determine if they’re legit or simple wallpapering. I won’t say what they are, but the ones I read here are straight FAIL as far as the usual tests of credibility go.
    Do yourself a favour and don’t buy the thing. Really.

  108. As for the guy who quotes the Amazon reviews, ALL of the 1 and 2 star reviews (as of the date of my post here) are from Amazon Confirmed Purchasers.
    The 4’s and 5’s? Half are from people who didn’t buy it from Amazon, but somehow … not sure why … felt compelled to post there. Salting the comments? Naaaaaaah … couldn’t be. Could it?
    You bet it is.

  109. “Dynamic inertia” actually does work, but this shake weight is obviously garbage. There is another product called the “Bodyblade” that is popular amongst patients undergoing rehabilitation as it can provide a lot of strength/endurance building with almost no risk for injury. It’s also a very effective work out supplement. Good for warm-ups and provides a good burn; hits your fast-twitch fibers very well.
    It’s obvious to see in the design of the bodyblade compared to the shakeweight, you can actually hit every upper body muscle very effectively. This is not the case with the gimmicky shake-weight.
    I like to use it because I do mostly slow, high-difficulty compound bodyweight exercises and it adds a totally opposite workout to balance that out.

  110. ” the Average Human would have 1 breast and 1 testicle, now, we know there isnt anyone, (or atleast not alot) of people like that, so nothing in the wold is ever really set in sstone.” -John R.
    BTW, John R, that observation does not support your conclusion. I certainly hope you don’t go around pointing out a fairly simple way of skewing a statistic as a means to pronounce that nothing in the world makes sense anymore… (because that is essentially what you just implied).
    And to everyone else: Just so you know, the shakeweight people seem to be smart enough to find comment sections to skeptical articles about their product and post bogus justifications for the product. In other words, all these people who are saying “hey it’s only $20, and if its gets you motivated, its worth it”, are people being paid by the company to say that. Because the only thing buying a shake weight will motivate you to do is never buy another weightloss/health/fitness gadget again.

  111. And one more thing: those of you who are criticizing the author for writing a ‘review’ without using the product are completely wrong. In order for any useful information about a product’s effacy, exhaustive rounds of expensive double-blind testing is required, which the author of this review rightly states that Shakeweight has not done. If the author were to personally use the Shakeweight and make and pronouncements about whether it works or not based on his own usage of the product, he would be providing useless anecdotal evidence. All he needs to do is point out that such evidence has not been gathered by the company that makes the product, because that fact suggests the product is bogus because if the company could prove that it works, (and I’m sure they can afford to do the research, afterall they’re selling scads of Shakeweights to suckers…) then they certainly would do the research as it would be a good investment for marketing, not to mention silencing all critics.

  112. We bought this product as a family, and it works fine. Yeah it might look stupid but it is not like you are outside doing it in the streets. The results may not be great like the ones shown on tv, but I definitely do not have flabby arms anymore.

  113. I’ve been working out 4 to 5 years now. I’ve tried numerous different work out during all my years and this shake weight was no exception. All I can tell you guys is this shake weight is a complete waste of money. Its amazing how people will defend this product, just because they want to justify paying for crap. There no such thing in an easy work out. Like everything it requires hard work. Many fitness trainer will tell you same thing.

  114. The review says don’t buy shake weight as if they’re some top expert on exercise without first checking the science behind it.I’ve seen lots of websites giving this product a thumbs down.Not all,but most.This is probably because the critics are sponsored or backed by the weight and gym equipment companies that may find it a threat to their profits.After all,Mike Mentzer the late bodybuilder always said who wants to spend all day pushing weights when science proves you can have a good workout in 10 mimutes to half hour providing it’s intense enough.My first impression and ensuing workouts on the shake weight mostly meet Mike’s criteria for muscle progression providing you post exhast the muscles while they’re pumped,A truly burning experience.The shake weight goes there.In the sixties the Bullworker was shot down by the weight companies,and yet isometrics is proven to increase strength faster than any method and surprisingly that equipment has made a comeback.I’ve trained for thirty five years and kept in top shape by using these so called gizmos,or with the occasional dumbbell workout at short intense bursts.I bought the shake weight as I could see the science behind it.i.e.intense activity without rest pause equals’s 6 minute workout along with a couple of sets of squats and crunches will give you a good 20 minute wokout and a fine chest,shoulders and arms I assure you.

  115. I believe any exercise is good. The shake weight has you using isometric and isotonic contractions which is good for fast twitch muscle action maybe potentiating hand speed if you were a fighter of some sort. Vibrating boards and machines have been used by athletes for the the same purpose combining isotonic and isometric contractions to increase fast twitch muscle fiber action

  116. I bought a shakeweight a week ago, and will give it 30 days to see if I get results. I am 5’5″, weigh 115 lbs. and work all day in retail. I used to be in call-centres, and love that I get 8 hours of leg work-out now. I noticed recently, that my arms weren’t as tight as they were. I used weights off and on and more now, but I thought I would try the shake. I walk and take the bus, and use the stairs. I used to do Jane Fonda-the work-out, but I just need arm toning now, so we’ll see. The new ad for shake, says the 6 min. = 42 min. of weights? I found the shake work-out to be funny, and too easy, but I’ll see. I NEVER buy in to any gimmick, and tried cans of tomatoes, etc. first. Whatever! People have told me it works. Will give it a fair try!I’m 50.It does make sense to alter your routine. I have a jump rope, other weights, etc. And… maybe alter or do longer what you do, to not get your muscles just used to the same thing, with no more results.

  117. i think the shake wieght wks. i bought it today and you can feel your muscles burning the first minute if you do it right. it doesnt vibrate you have to shake it.

  118. i am 12 and bout shake wieght yeserday and think it works. and before you say the the thing doesnt work buy it and yous it then can say bad thngs about it

  119. It’s garbage. It’s about as useful as those I-Renew Bracelets. If you believe it works then you can convince yourself into defending the product. You’ll never develop a powerful upper body with this thing.

  120. All the people who are talking about what the shake weight doesn’t do obviously have not used it or used it wrong. I have been using it for a month and my arms have really firmed up. I’ve got the Michelle Obama guns and I owe it all to shake weight. So my advice to whomever is downing this product….try it before you fry it.

  121. I purchased the shake weight for men about a week ago, I am a 6′, 185 lbs male with a muscular build but I haven’t worked out for the past couple of years as I used to and have tried many alternative fitness products and let me tell you that this product actually works. By doing isometric muscle contractions you increase muscle endurance and strength as well as some muscle mass, this is just a fact coming from scientific studies (being a kinesiologist myself). After using the shake weight for a couple of days I noticed an increase in muscle size and strength, especially in my biceps and triceps. I also get the “runners high” you get after a work out after using it, which makes you feel good and motivates you to continue working out. I encourage people to try it out and come to a conclusion for themselves before being put down by negative reviews, after all you get a full refund if not fully satisfied.

  122. I lift your traditional heavy weights and use the traditional workouts. I do however use a Shake Weight at the end of each routine for 6 minutes straight. You won’t get many results with just 6 min. a day but, you will with 6 min. at the end of your workout routine. Plus it’s pretty inexpensive. I recommend you use it along with traditional weights.

    • Jon
      There are people who will tell you that drinking urine is good for you. Do you need to try it to know that it’s not a good idea or is reading the real research and using your experience and common sense enough? Do you try every hair-brained idea that somebody promotes as being “good” or are you discriminating and intelligent enough to know how to weed out the bad ideas?

  123. It’s quite interesting that so many of those who say it works insist they’ve seen improvements in a few days or even a week. If those were real comments, it would be really sad because it shows you can sell junk to uninformed people.
    Anyway, it’s always fun to see astroturfing in action 😉

  124. Dont diss It untill you try it. Be smart and not dumb. Only talk about It If you have tried It not If havent your just going to sound dumb like the others who are just talking out the side of their neck.

  125. High school physics people. Inertia means objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Typical weight training means trying to move an object at rest, but the physics work pretty much the same if you’re trying to make bring an object in motion to rest. The oscillating motion of the weight means you’re getting a dynamic workout and not just pushing against a stationary object.
    That said, this thing is still a piece of crap for anyone who’s actually trying to change their physical shape. If you’ve had any experience with weight training, you know that you’re constantly adding weight. Shake weight offers one exercise and that’s it.

  126. i got one two days ago and i already see dramatic results,what i like about it is if u use it the right way it burns,i already notice my arms and chest toning.THANKS SHAKEWEIGHT!!!!(im southamerican,suriname)bought it on amazon.

  127. I don’t understand how the women’s shake-weight tones your arms yet the mens shake-weight makes you ridiculously jacked. I’m not saying it doesn’t work i’m just saying how could they do two completely different things when they’re the exact same thing.

  128. It is kind of sad that people are too lazy to build muscle or lose weight so they go waste money on a piece of crap. If you are trying to lose weight, why don’t you try eating better and walking more. there are so many free exercises that you can do that are better for you, so don’t use “its cheap” as an excuse to buy the shake weight. You can do push ups at many other at home exercises that are free, but there are just harder to do so people go out and buy these crappy infomercial products. These products are why america has an obesity problem, it provides the consumer that buying a 20 dollar little contraption can make you lose weight in days. If you want real results go and walk do some pushups and invest on a pair of dumb bells there not much expensive then the shake weight and you can do 1,000s of more exercises then with the shake weight.

  129. Interesting review. I travel a lot for a living and was looking for something easy and portable for the road. I got the Shake Weight.
    Unlike the review here, I not only felt the difference, but noticed it within a few days. The exercise was very intense.
    On returning home I noticed I could actually increase my gym and free weights.
    I use this as a great warm up to my exercise program. On the road it’s my primary weight as I do a lot of walking as well.
    The review here sounds like it is bashing the shake weight due to it’s theory not matching with the reviewer’s views of proper exercise. I think if you use it for a while you would see the difference and throw out the “theory”. It’s either that or the reviewer makes money on selling much more expensive equipment.
    At any rate, I found the shake weight very effective and useful for travel.
    As for real body building, yes you do need more refined equipment.
    However, if you are overweight, forget all this and learn to eat properly first. I would suggest Take Shape for Life for weight loss (I’ve lost 74 pounds so far).

  130. Sal,
    With all due respect your review of this product is way off base. I have done gym training for years and have done some varying forms of inertia training as well and the thing I like about the shake weight is that you feel a burn on your biceps, triceps and shoulders in 6 minutes the 1st time you use it. And your comparison of feeling “something” and bending your index finger back just made no sense at all. It’s almost like suggesting that you will feel pain(not muscle burn) with the shake weight which isn’t true, now will you be getting 20 inch arms with this product…no, but if your strapped for time like a lot of us are and want a quick burn which with continued use of this product WILL result in toned arms, then I HIGHLY recommend this product!

  131. You go to a junkyard and see a a broken down piece of crap car, you dont need to test drive it to know it will run like crap. For those of you that claim to have tested it and noticed small results, those are the only results you will see, you will never, ever develop a strong, muscular upper body with this thing. It just doesnt work that way.

  132. I think this is a great warm up tool but this alone will not increase muscle mass. Being a small guy myself I have seen/felt results from the shake weight. A fast back and forth motion will really raise the bar for any results. Just my opinion

  133. Like Jim (in the post on 12/10) I was looking for a travel exercise and looked at the ShakeWeight. Though I have only had it for a few days, it seems to produce similar muscle soreness that I feel with a regular barbell type workout. My judgement on the longterm success is withheld until I have more time, but so far I like it. I agree it is in no way a substitute for traditional workouts instead I use it for that week on the road with the “perfect push up”. Going to the hotel gyms or seeking out the local Golds is just not an option.
    4/25 push ups, 100 sit ups and 6 minutes of ShakeWeight.

  134. I have lost 70 lbs. over the last 2 years by changing my diet and exercise, I purchased the shaker weight as a way to tone up. I incorporated this along with weight training and have noticed great results. I stopped doing the shaker wieght for almost 2 months while continuing to do weight training and did not see much improvement so I started using the shaker weight again. When I first started using the shaker again I was totally whooped after using it but in time started to regain my stamina. If you have not used this product I think writing bad reviews on it are a bit bias, but your money where your mouth is and try it.

  135. Im a seventeen year old kid that justs wants a boost to help me get started. i havent tried it for six minutes. (got it for christmas) i still had it in the box and shook it for three seconds. and i noticed a burn for a short time. i dont see how you all call it a waste of time and money. if it helps it helps. you have the opinion that all the owners of the shake weight are fatt and only using the product to lose weight. i begg to differ, im 6 foot 3 and i weigh 145. i dont have alot of mucle in my arms. i got this to help me train for going to the army

    • Son, if you are using this to train for the Army you are in trouble and in for a rude awakening. I have trained young men and women to prepare them for the rigors of the military and know what it takes. If you think this nonsense is going to prepare you, you may want to rethink your decision to put yourself in harms way.

  136. i think the shake weight is great i used to be 150 lbs and the shake weight helped me increase reps and weight when working out. if you have not tried it you should. taking whey protein ang regularly working out i gained 30 lbs and im ripped. the shake weight got me statred def worth the money.

  137. Soooo…can I use this wherever whenever? Yes! Does it cost much? NO.
    Does my heart beat faster when using it? Yes! Can I use it fast or can I use it slow? Yes. Are calories being burned while I use it? Yes. Is it a panacea? NO. For $19.95 it is a damn sight better than nothing for people to use. It is $19.95 that people won’t spend on the ALL YOU CAN EAT GOLDEN CORRALL BUFFET.
    There is no perfect exercise implement. This one does something for a little money. It’s not bad. It IS GOOD FOR THE ARMS, NECK AND SIX PACK. Not over priced and not perfect.

  138. I’ll keep my money in my pocket. I’ll show you results with real training. If you think this product can help build muslce, or “sculpt” muscle or burn fat then you are sorely mistaken. Read research on it and read about the physiology of the body. All you are doing is building stamina in some of the smallest muscles of the body. Tell me, how many times during the day do you hold you arm at a 90 degree angle and shake something? How does this movement translate to your real life movements? Can somebody share that with me? How does this product help mobility and flexiblity by not moving your arm? Can I get an answer for that? Great, you feel a burn in your arm muscles. Why don’t you do squats for 1 minute, you can hold on to something so you don’t fall because I know you can’t do a free standing squat correctly, or go jump rope and tell me about that burn. Do something that will build functional strength and stamina. Want to feel a “burn” in your arms and chest? How about you do pushups! You can even do them off of your counter top so you don’t have to struggle with getting just one, maybe, off the floor. Isometric contractions do not do a thing and there’s a reason why isometric contractions are only done during rehab situations; and even then it is rarely because they have little benefit to the human body unless you are a mountain climber or a mime where you’re holding positions for extended periods of time.
    So all of you can claim it works, but get out and do a true workout CORRECTLY, and your body will benefit strength wise and body mass wise as well as increase flexibility and mobiliy. Shake weight can’t do that. I just wish I could get one training session with all of you that think it works and show you how little it actually does; especially for stamina performance.

  139. So, the old “Everybody who likes it/says it works is somebody paid by the company” whining, eh? Ok, let’s say that’s true. Guess what? That means that everybody supporting Sal here is Sal under different names, his pals, or somebody he’s paid! Shock!
    Seriously, they OFFER A REFUND. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back. Not supporting or against the thing myself, but I get sick of reading the same crap on EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE when somebody claims something works.
    Commenter A: It works!
    Commenter B: You work for the company!
    It gets old, people. And if you REALLY want to go that route, what I said above is true, and it could just as well be…
    Commenter A: It sucks!
    Commenter B: Yeah!
    Commenter C: You’re the same person!
    No matter the situation, it’s pathetic. Seriously, if you’re interested, try it (and if you don’t like it, oh, look, you can get a refund), if not don’t. But don’t accuse everybody for it of being employed by the company and don’t accuse everybody against it of being one guy and/or his pals.

  140. Also, I get the feeling people are going to whine about me being an employee of a company that I’m not even defending (just sick of the whining comments I see everywhere, no matter what it’s for). If that’s the case, so be it. I don’t really care. I’ve stated what I wished and I likely won’t come back.

  141. Im a pretty athletic and very strong/cut 21 year old. I have had the shake weight for about a month and use it twice daily for 30-45 minute work outs. It works wonderful. I have noticed in gym strength gains as well as my stamina increasing. People who say this doesn’t work just don’t like it because it reminds them of jacking off. and they probably haven’t seen their penis in years. If your serious about getting in to shape this product alone wont do it, but it definitely is a big help.

  142. Whats wrong with adding an extra routine to your workout. As long as it does not give me back problems or something like that then I don’t see anything wrong with it. Different workouts give you better results. You need to switch it up. Oh and you don’t have to leave your arms at a 90 degree angle to use it.

  143. “So, the old “Everybody who likes it/says it works is somebody paid by the company” whining, eh? Ok, let’s say that’s true. Guess what? That means that everybody supporting Sal here is Sal under different names, his pals, or somebody he’s paid! Shock!”
    I don’t normally post comments on this site, but this is just bugging me: Bah, what in the world prompted you to say that?

  144. You people are really stupid i don’t get why your all so pussy to go buy it and try it instead of exercising your eyes reading reviews exersise your legs and go get one then see if the shit will exercise your arms. DAMN! IM gonna got get the friggin thing and try it out. WTF WHATS SO HARD IF YOU GOT AN OPINION AND I WISH I WAS GETTIN PAID TO SAY THIS SHIT YA”LL JUST ANNOYING ASS HELL.

  145. well, i tried it, and felt it immediately, i guess this depends on your fitnes level. after only a couple of days of using the shaker i can already SEE a difference.
    perhpas you have a vested interest in saying it doesnt work!!

  146. It works.
    It is not a complete workout system but for $20, it is a great travel companion.
    I agree that it won’t train your body for the military but if you happen to be traveling and can’t get to your gym, this and a few stretch bands can make a pretty good hotel workout routine.
    I have no idea who you are Sal but you obviously haven’t spent any time with this unit or you can’t see the forest thru the trees. Trying thinking where something might be practical and then write. The commercial gym isn’t any better at training than the home gym. This Shake Weight does have a place in fitness, if even only when you are stuck in a hotel room far away from home.

  147. Shake weight works but only to burn fat on your arms and shoulders that’s it. If your a man u need the 5 pound one not 2 pounds. It doesn’t build muscle. I have it so I know. To build muscle and burn fat work out your large muscles such as quads, pecs , glutes , and lats. Best exercise are squats , bench, deadlift and lat pull down. And working out these muscles you’ll burn more fat then the shake weight

  148. I think the shake weight is great. I dont think you need to lift weights to gain muscle. The shake weight and 20 diamond push ups, 20 regular push ups, and 10 fits push ups. Within 3 weeks you’ll see results if you do it consistently. I think buying a shakeweight and using it for 6 minutes a day and not over doing yourself with it to show off you will get results using this workout regiment.

  149. My son is 21 he bought this weight about a month ago he does it every night & I can really see a difference.. So I say YES it does work….

  150. sal are you serious here…i have been working out since 1995. Have been a personal trainer since 2002. max on bench press 565pounds.. squat over 600 until a lower back problem,also have done bodybuilding,have pics to prove if needed. i recieved the shake weight for a birthday gift.First look at it yes i thought it was crap…but after using it yes i feel like its an incredible product. The shake weight alone wont build muscle but it definately helps out giving an incredible pump.I use it for about 30mins each session,the six minutes would be to easy. I suggest you try it,before you knock it. Ive also suggested it to my clients. Not knocking you down for your opinion sal,but what works for others may not work for you. By the way being in the fitness world you should know that…it will burn some fat and get you toned if used properly..thumbs up to the shake weight…

    • That’s a great waste of 30 minutes. Getting toned is one of the biggest fitness myths ever perpetuated. No such thing. Also, if as the manufacturer says the shake weight is designed for women, why and how does it benefit men? How do the physiologies of men and women differ to the point where a specific piece of equipment can have an effect on one but not the other?

  151. I honestly had no intention of returning, but a pal wanted me to answer a quote here, so I shall.
    “I don’t normally post comments on this site, but this is just bugging me: Bah, what in the world prompted you to say that?”
    I’m just sick of seeing that argument on EVERY SINGLE FREAKING PRODUCT. Really, it’s at the point where no matter what I try to research, about 50 people (ok, I’m probably exaggerating a bit, but still) make that same argument. With no proof to back it up. It’s like people just refuse to believe something can indeed work or be good, no matter what it is.
    Now skepticism is healthy, but come on, if they offer a money back thing you can at least try it before writing it off. But nope, every single site with “Reviews” like this one, no matter the product being “Reviewed” or “Commented” on, has that above situation. Really, I just got fed up with it. And as far as I’m concerned, the above situation is true until you can prove to me otherwise. I’ll be skeptical of any product, but I’ll try it if I can afford to. I’ll be more skeptical of people who never try something and claim it sucks. Because really, you CAN NOT TELL unless you try it.
    Anyway, I’m out for good. I’ve told my pal I’d answer the quote, but that I wouldn’t return after. Later, and Happy New Year.

  152. Well, I bought it for like 20 bucks. But here’s the thing. Mr. Sal Marinello, I believe you, as well as many other commenters, are comming from a point of view that’s actually the root of the problem. I see that your theme (or thesis, if you will) is the question of whether or not this thing can “replace dumbell exercises”, as I guess they claim to say? Doesn’t matter. The point is this
    If you are trying to get started in exercising, or are a novice to the gym, or even if you’re someone whose gone off and on for years without ever really holding down a long-lasting regimen,
    And/or, If you aren’t even in the habbit yet of going to the gym, let alone that gotten that feeling (which comes and goes, as everyone goes through cycles of regular gym attendance/rest periods of a few weeks to a month or two) of annoyance when a emergency comes up and you absolutely can’t get your workout in
    And your already concerned with ‘Efficiency’…???
    Dude, that’s like showing up on the first day of a new career and asking “Whens lunch?” for your first question. Not a very promising employee…likewise, not a very promising fit person.
    you’re already thinking about how you can cut it short…good luck, my friend. I get sad because it reminds me of my late-60-year-old parents’ feeble 30-year attempt to get fit and look the way they did when they met, which consisted of trying everything from those silver plastic suits, to the Nordic-Track (if you guys remember that). Never going to happen. Too tough to orginize such rigorousness. And, you’re trying to conclude the timeless debate (across all sports) about which training regiment works best? And you haven’t tried any?
    If you aren’t a seasoned enough athlete to know that (1) everyone’s body works differently and the way to find out what works for you involves a a mixture of guidance and trial and error, (2) fitness, like success in your career, is not a destination but a ongoing journey, and the body needs change to continue to surpass its previous limits, and (3) ANY kind of change in strength training that works a muscle in a way that it hasn’t been worked before – so long as its not causing injury – is A HUGE ADVANTAGE, and will shock the body and kick-start your flight off of any plateau…
    If this is you…
    Dude, go outside, get a running headstart, and jump off your drive-way curve. Do a twirlie, while your at it, just to see how many degrees you can spin. JUST GO OUTSIDE AND RUN AROUND! Play! Seriously. Did you think jump rope was suddenly obsolete? You have a way to go, and a lot of endorphins to get addicted to before you start worrying about the word “contract” (Don’t let that discourage you though…You’ll be surprised at how much you missed playing outside, and how much it had to do with you bein’ that skinny little toothpick kid : )

  153. I bought myself a shake weight just to check it out. I have started gaining weight differently in my 30’s and one of the spots I don’t really like anymore is my upper arms. For $20 I figured why not try it. I use it for 6-8 minutes once a day and in the month since I bought it I have lost an inch off of my upper arms. I have been careful to not do any other upper body work this month while trying it so that my review would not be affected by other factors. If you are looking for more definition in your shoulders and arms this product DOES WORK. Anyone who says it doesn’t has not really tested it honestly.

  154. I am 13. I play football. I go to my schools gym every day, i lift free weights. I do a number of work outs at home. I eat the right things. If you use the sshake weight right, and in conjunction with other workouts, eat healthy and do everything you need to do, you will see massive resualts, this tool is incredible for warming up, blood pumping, just gets you pumped, i recomend it

  155. My husband shattered his elbow 9 years ago in an accident and went through 18 months of rehabilitation. One of the exercises and pieces of equipment that the physical therapists used during this time was a flexible graphite rod that did much the same thing as the shake weight. He said it was a great workout and along with a lot of other types of therapy he was able to rehabilitate to almost 100% of his pre-accident condition. So I guess there must be some science to this otherwise physical therapists wouldn’t use it.

  156. If you haven’t tried it, don’t judge it. It definitely works. Don’t go by research, go by the actual thing. Fucking retards.

  157. This product definitely helped me masturbate better. i feel the pump with each masturbation session and it has also made my penis stronger because my semen travels further by eight feet and when i blast in my girlfriends face it whips her head back so hard her neck snapped last night

  158. It really seems to depend on what you’re looking to get out of it. Can it replace a full workout? No. Can it work as a warm-up or pre-exhaustion exercise? Yes, I can confirm that it can and does. The muscles really feel pumped and I’ve noticed a difference in two weeks of using it as a piece of supplementary equipment.
    Saying it doesn’t do anything is akin to saying that pull-ups do nothing because they don’t work your legs. This product – if used correctly and as part of a regular workout – will help.

  159. people. please try before you complain about it. otherwise you just sound like fools and take up screen space. I’ve had the shaker for about a week, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the feeling I get just from a few minutes. still have to see if there will be significant results, but it’s definately doing some good–which beats working out your fingers typing nonsense about something you don’t know about.

  160. Who ever wrote this article probably doesn’t work out much. You won’t gain ridiculous muscle mass from it but you will use a lot of muscle energy that will tone your arms. The concept is much like when you’re jet skiing. You have to put more strength holding onto the jet ski the faster it goes. Or just think about how much strength a construction worker has to have drilling into the ground.

  161. This product to everyone is a waste you dont need a piece of shit like this, i mean if you have to buy a product to do at home? and not get your lazy ass up and go to the gym to get a successful work out then your not determine to get fit. The world is coming to the point where they want you to do anything at home if you can see, movies you cane order from your house with out doing out, cable, food being delivered I mean its commmon sense?

  162. Lorraine, you are supposed to shake the weight, not your head. Your head has to stay still; then you won’t get a headache!
    I love the shake weight as it helps alleviate neck pain. It must have something to do with the muscles. Any other benefit is a bonus.
    Sal,you stated your opinion and if someone can measurably say that Shake Weight works for them, accept it and move your anger on. There is much more in this world to complain about. Try child abuse or domestic violence. Vehement folks are much needed to support those causes. Why expend so much anger and energy towards Shake Weight? Face it, you live in one of the few countries where you can complain; though it doesn’t mean you have to. No one will die over using Shake Weight, though they might from child abuse or domestic violence. Please support a cause that needs your ability to persevere.

  163. It’s really sad that people resort to buying these workout scams. It boggles my mind everyday why people are so lazy they can’t hit the gym for an hour three to four times a week. Even if you can’t make it to the gym buy the click weights for lifting and jog from home. I guess its a good thing though, everyone who purchased a shake weight just means that many more people out of my way to the top.

  164. Thats bull crap what ur sayin the Shake Weight work great, i bet some personal trainer wrote that bcuz ur just jelous right? And ur scared u might go out of business haha>:( i hope so SHAKE WEIGHT IS THE BEST!!!! SUCK IT!!

  165. Just wanted to comment on the last few post. Sal obviously has nothing better to do with his time…probably sits on his Ass in front of the computer all day, making up “false claims”. Steve, I totally agree with you. And Bill Bull, I think you are on the wrong website for writing your review……you might want to take that somewhere else. I just used the shake weight for the first time and I definitly feel the burn and believe that it will work. Dont worry Sal. I will take before and after pictures. 🙂 Have a nice day..

  166. i have had good results after just a week with the shake weight. isometric exercise is great. If you have your doubts take a look at Bruce Lee. Beside his martial arts he was a prophet for isometric exercise. Anyone that thinks 6 minutes a day with the shake weight is going to make them healthy, lean and mean is a fool, but i think it can be a nice addition to a broader work out regimen.

  167. ive used the shake weight a few times i really like the upgraded model in which it tells you when its time to do a quick work out. and then afterwards it sprays you with a mist called “cool down mode” so you shake it a few times and it sprays you whats so wrong with that? 🙂

  168. I got bought a shake weight as a joke at Christmas after joking about it a lot, and whilst finding it hard not to laugh whilst using it. It does help a lot.
    My arms and upper body are stronger.
    I’m a contemporary dancer (Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham technique)
    So I dance a lot using the parts of the body affected, and I can tell what is and isn’t good for them. Not from science or a special workout know-how.
    I can just tell through the day to day changes in my dance quality.
    So yeh, it might be crap generally, but for Graham technique, it rocks!
    Anyways, back to your debate guys 🙂

  169. No, not everybody who likes it/says it works is somebody paid by the company”. Most are just gullible fools who are too proud or embarassed to admit they pissed away twenty bucks on a worthless piece of crap. As P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  170. Ok so I thought I’d check out reviews on this first before buying it.
    Not sure why anyone is so negative on people attempting to make a positive choice? Sal it is your ignorance and arrogant opinion who put individuals off going to the gym you are judgemental and nasty! and no doubt an over pumped gym junkie with a small penis over compansating for what you lack.
    I go to the gym 6 days a week I work with a trainer 3 of those days. I am fit and well toned however the one area i find i need to maintain most is my arms. So to be able to use the shake weight in the morning as a warm up to my full work out in the evening to me seems an advantage rather than a disadvantage. I think people if you want to give it a go or are then good on you for making a start! this is not the perfect solution and you will need to do more than 6 minutes with a shake weight, but goodluck and keep trying to be fitter and healthier people!

  171. I did curls in my 20’s. I’m 40 now and promised my wife this year I’d build the arms back up. My son got a Shake Weight for Christmas and I ended up using it. You CAN feel it. It is that intense feeling of blood pumped arms after you’ve curled for a good several reps, but the feeling is more in the deep part of the muscles. So it may build up the arms but I don’t think it will define them much. I agree with everyone here – it does work. My biceps are getting firmer and I’ve only done it for a couple weeks.

  172. The Shake Weight doesn’t work, and I’m having a good laugh at the ignorant people in the comments section.
    Remind me to try and sell you all mastodon insurance.

  173. Save your twenty dollars and buy go to Outback Steakhouse or something, because if you use this you’re going to feel a burn for a week or two, the burn will stop when your muscles adapt, you’ll quit, and then go back to being a lazy little troll. Stop being lazy.

  174. You simpletons are missing the point. THERE IS NO PROOF. Post a link to some pics, show us where it says that this particular type of workout is beneficial, SHOW US THAT THE CLAIMS MADE by this product are true. Because as it stands, they aren’t.
    Have fun working out your had job muscles.

  175. Seeing that the MAN version is 20lbs… Why not just PUMP the damn thing like a regular dumbbell? oh wait, like anything else from TV, they’ll come out with the 40lb version for you to buy all over again for when the old one gets too light. Seriously, just buy yourself a decent dumbbell set.

  176. I recently bought the shake weight. I could not care less who thinks it’s a scam and doesn’t work. It’s fun, easy, yet I feel the burn.. the same burn I feel when I lift regular dumb bells, only the burn comes more quickly. For those of you against the shake weight.. instead of criticizing us who have one, why don’t you try it before you knock it. You’re probably the fat asses who wouldn’t get off your ass for 6 minutes a day to even give it a try. It’s not like we’re claiming it’s an all inclusive piece of exercise equipment. It’s an inexpensive fun alternative to a regular weight that yields results.

  177. Does anyone have real evidence that this does not work?
    As a biophysics professor, I can’t find a way to falsify or support the manufacturer’s claims through the scientific literature. “Dynamic inertia” is a non-standard term, but is certainly not “oxymoronic”: inertia can be modulated through mechanical forces (“impulses”). We have little understanding of how dynamic mechanical forces regulate the actomyosin fibers in muscle cells, so the surprising claims of the manufacturer are certainly not implausible. It is entirely possible that this works.
    If someone has purchased one of these and is unhappy with the results, would you be willing to sell it to me for cheap? I’d love to use one of these as a classroom prop!

  178. The shake weight works well for arms, shoulders, and some upper back muscles. I am sure the negative comments are from people who with have not used it, or got laughed at in Walmart while trying to use it.

  179. i used the shake weight. ended up with knackered wrists and tennis elbow.My wrists were so badling aching, even my thumbs, Doctor does not recomend this type of excersise.If you want carple tunnel then keep shaking ladies.

  180. It’s hilarious how people believe this will give results. People do different exercises to gain different types of strength. How you move a muscle determines how it adapts. If you want to learn to masturbate with much more endurance or weight, try the shake weight. Your masturbating muscles might get bigger!

  181. Doesn’t matter if you can’t find research to back up the claims. Have you tried it? The damn thing WORKS !!! Period. I wrestled for 8 years, was a dedicated distance runner, studied martial arts and have weight trained virtually all of my adult life. I know fitness. The naysayers have been burned by too many gadgets and the poor review is 180 degrees off. Very disappointed to read this Sal, it’s bunk.

  182. You guys are all tards. Go do a real work out, shake weight is for puds and women who don’t know how to give hand jobs. It doesn’t give you even a fraction of the range of movement that a real work out does! The point of all that movement is to build strength throughout the whole range of motion of your muscles and also build flexibility. Shake weight will only give you a big jerk off muscle and a stiff arm. Try using shake weight, then try doing butterfly’s on a weight machine. Tell me which one makes you “feel it” more and builds strength better. Get your fat butts off the couch and go to a real gym. Shake weight let’s you eat chips, watch tv and think you’re working out. Lazy Americans. Yes I am American too. But you guys are ridiculous. Go outside go for a run. Get off your couch!!

  183. I try to educate myself about a product and research it thoroughly before buying it. I can’t find the science to back up its claims, and certainly don’t believe that it will work in just 6 minutes a day. But it sounds like many people swear it works. For them, I say congratulations on money well spent. For me, though, I will stick to things that I know work: eating right and excercising using equipment that has been peer-reviewed.

  184. I used the shake weight for about two days, then I stopped. It was a workout that was too intense for me. I do think it really works, but u obviously can’t just start doing it if you don’t have any muscle.

  185. I believe that your review alone is without proof. I must say that I have seen a true contradiction to have what your review states. I have seen the difference in a large percentage of people that have used and followed through with the shake weight. To call your review anything, but skeptical would fit nicely considering how many times you have used the shake weight, yourself.

  186. well i just got the shakeweight, and i plan to use it every day for at least two months and i’ll see if i see any results! if i do, i will post them here. so many people on this site have bitched about this product with out even trying out because it’s cheap and you use it at home and not at a real gym. uhhh last time i checked, a jump rope is also cheap and accessible at home and obviously doing several minutes of that a day is a work out. and so what if people aren’t going to a real gym, this is the first step for many people on getting back into shape. and does it affect you at all eitherway? nope! so leave people be and only post on this wall if you’ve actually used this product or have a true review on it. don’t start judging every single person or start making fun of Americans. that post was truly just disgusting.
    as i said, i’ll keep you all updated as i continue with my exercises, and good luck to everyone else too:)

  187. i was thinking shake weight may be a shaolin approach to exercise besides bruce lee. hey i think the baseball trainer real bat hitting ball feel. a good incorporation to striking strength as if you’ve hit an opponent.

  188. It’s funny seeing all the negative comments about this because people only have a negative comment if they’d actually bought and/or tried it. So are you stupid too for using it and wasting money? You can’t really say anything unless you’ve tried it. Other than that, you’re just a lazy ass and think this ‘shake weight’ is BS because it’s off a commercial and it looks rather silly. But if people says it works, then it does. Depends on the person.

  189. I just dont know if I could bring myself to use it. It looks stupid. Period. If I saw a man using it I would die laughing. That said.. I want to know is there are any bodybuilders or trained trainers that use that thing. A bunch of regular joes who consider the gym and proper nutrition time consuming and expensive aren’t in any sort of athletic shape to convince me. That said.. I think people should do any and every kind of exercise they can to keep active because that’s the goal. But I really really doubt shake weight 6 minutes a day is going to do better than my arm/shoulder workout in the gym.
    Unfit people notice a change in their muscle tone and build when they take the stairs twice a week. I don’t want to notice small gains.. I want to maintain an ideal fullbody physique. I feel like 6 minutes jacking a shake weight off isn’t likely going to give me any great gains compared to my usual interval training or plyometrics

  190. Politically, I’m a true moderate, same here on the shake weight. I’m already very firm for my 57 years. I use the weight for a warm up. A good 6 or 7 minute loosening up. I do feel stronger and there is beginning to be a “nicer” definition. Id assume those who “discount” its effectivness might be premature. Lets assume you tried it longer than your usual sneeze, you might re-consider. The neanderthals who still think dead weights are the only answer, should give it a try. Try it , gradually begin shaking it lightly,,then proceed for 6 or 7 minutes, I assure you , the benefits will follow. By the way,,I have used it hard for several months. Lets say, not sure how much it helped, I know it hasnt hurt.

  191. I bought the shake weight for women about a week ago and used it immediately…after using the shake weight for about ten minutes I started to get really dizzy and ended up with a migrane and as of today I still have this terrible migrane that I can not get rid of.
    I honestly thought I was going crazy so I gave it to a friend to use and after about 6 minutes of using it she felt the same thing. This product is a bunch of bull. I went back to using regular dumb bells and resistance bands and feel it much more than the damn 20 dollars product. I dont recommend this product to anyone. Save your money!!

  192. I don’t know what the big debate is about. Everyone is different and one product isn’t going to work for everyone. Mostly because some of them are too lazy to keep up with the routine or they aren’t doing it correctly. The shake weight has worked for me, my mom, aunt, and two cousins. Our skin doesn’t snap back like a rubber band, but you can definitely tell a tremendous difference. I agree with you about “just because you can feel something, it doesn’t mean you are benefiting from it”, but this really does work.

  193. you people are nothing but ignorant, the only reason 90% of you say negative stuff about this product is because it looks like you are “Masturbating”, but who gives a shit, if it works then use it, don’t knock it just because your friends will laugh at you. ignorant fools

  194. lol Amy just bc you got a headache from using it doesn’t mean it’s the shake weights fault. your just not used to a continuous strain on your body and muscles. if I could post pics I would. it works, I play college baseball and I’ve been working out intense since 7th grade. you can’t expect to get a full workout in 6 mins with anything. and the shake weight alone Isnt enough but I think it’s a great addition to a workout routine.

  195. This product cannot do what it advertises. EVERYTHING Sal said is 100% bang on accurate. Can you fatigue your muscles using the Shake Weight? Yes! Can you fatigue your muscles standing on your hands for 2 hours? Yes. Can you build any real muscle mass or useful strength though your muscles’ full range of motion doing either of those isometric activities? NO..way…in Hell, Heaven, Earth, Pluto or anywhere else in the cosmos.
    6 minutes my A double S. This product is marketed towards the largest demographic in the country…those who want a great body but aren’t willing to put in the real work required. Poor suckers…they gotcha again.

  196. I am not a personal trainer, I am 50 years old and found that my uper body was suffering atrophy, my muscles in my arms and chest were disappearing,due to lack of activity. For Christmas I bought the Shake Weight just to see what happens. Fact: After using the Shake Weight for 30 days just as they suggest, muscle returned and I am now (after 3 months) seeing definition that I have never seen. I noticed that this blog gives this product a do not buy. That’s ridiculous for $30 you can’t buy any product, not even a health club membership and get these results. Sal Marinello has obviously invested in some high dollar licence, health club or product that he is getting results from and has found some negative research ( by the way negative research has been found on love making) and chose to infect the makers of Shake Weight with negative venom.

  197. Well, I wish I could see the faces and bodys of the negative commenters, THIS THING WORKS, its muscle training, nobody is claiming this to be the next bowflex, or personal trainer, its a fun addition to getting in better shap, and sal, dont try and use big words and stupid ideas to make yourself sound like you know what your talking about. The shake weight gets a ” buy if you want” from me.
    career Firefighter

  198. “6 minutes a day…” LOL I have a neighbor who actually believes that, and has had a pair of shake weights since last year. He has a long way to go to catch up with my fitness progress dust.
    What works for me is a couple hours in the morning (05:00 – 07:00) at the gym. I’ll guarantee you that, in terms of fitness goals, I’m light years ahead of the putzes who think the shake weight does anything positive at all; and I’ve been going to the gym daily only for a month.
    I checked at the store today, and discovered that a 20lb cast iron dumbell is cheaper than a shake weight for men. Buy two and get yourself up to six sets of 100 rapid-fire reps, then compare arm strength with the Dorito & Twinkie-chomping shake weight crowd.

  199. I love how all the nay syers on here have never actually used the product and assume that anyone who does has no experience working out.
    I was skeptical of it as well, but unlike all you nay sayers, actually decided to try it. It works, and it works well. And I’m not some fatty who has never gotten off the couch, but a Marine Corps vet who still works out regularly and run all the time to boot. so, to all of you who “know better”, put up or shut up, the rest of us will keep using the shake weight and keep seeing real results

  200. To the people who have ACTUALLY tried it, whether you enjoyed it or not, THANK YOU for being grown up about it and writing your comments for people that are interested in knowing if it works or not. From the commercials i’ve seen, they don’t claim the product is going to give you body builder arms. They claim that it will HELP tone some of the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and upper body. As a full time college student who works full time, it is hard to find time to spend hours in the gym. Nor do I have the money for a personal trainer (or gym membership for that matter) like some. I do go jogging every day, but would like something that would help with that little bit of “flab” on the arms that doesn’t seem to go away. So, for those of you that actually used the product and let people know how it worked for you, thanks. For those of you that have nothing better to do than sit on your computer and criticize people who try the product, GROW UP (and get off your couch as well). 🙂

  201. The ShakeWeight DoesNot Work I recieved one for Xmas I used it like the DVD showed for about 3 months. And my arms are still waving in the wind. I also had girl friends of mine who bought it and it didnot work for them either. The money back is joke because it’s only good for 30 days,it will time more then 30 days to tone your arms. So we are just screwed all around No toned arms and No money back. So when all my friends ask did your shake weight work I tell them HELL NO, don’t waste your money.

  202. Sorry to tell this consumer report but the shake weight is great . I have been using it for over a month and I can tell a difference in my arms . The Shake Weight Rocks!

  203. MrsToni Smith of course the shake weight didn’t work for you, you said you had arm flab and you need cardio exercise for that not the shake weight when you lose your arm fat you can re try the shake weight because it does tone arms that are thinner 🙂

  204. okay first off i havnt used it but i see alot of other people complaining about how they don’t feel a burn and such well do it longer than 2 min then give up.If u don’t like it sell it and shut up.i’m sure the makers of shake weight can care less about your complaints because there already rich off this i’m not saying this product doesnt work because i havnt used it yet.

  205. There actually is a report comparing shake weight vs and arm curl.
    I read it and it appears to be accurately preformed. It is a simulation but since the same model is used for the curl and shakeweight it is valid.
    It is an engineering study and does not take into account various body types, metabolisms frequency of use etc. It just adds up the energy expended over time. On that basis you do use more energy jerking that thing around than a curl. Anybody who has taken a dynamics course in engineering school will agree with that.
    I haven’t bought the item but I did try some of the movements using a 5# dumbbell. It immediately reminded me of a martial art exercise I used to do which strengthened the core muscles of your body.
    For 29 bucks? it beats all the other ” 4 easy payments of 99.95″ you see on late night TV

  206. That’s ok – you naysayers who have never tried it will go around with jiggly arms – not me – I love it. So easy. Never even broke a sweat!! Wish they would come up with one for the legs and abs. Just try it – I have a total gym and have had more pulled muscles from using that. I’m giving the shake weight to all my friends (not the ones I am jealous of)!!

  207. amy, you must be really stupid lol, migraine from the shakeweight? You probably shouldn’t share that with people. Maybe learn to keep your head still and use the thing the right way.

  208. i agree totally goes against all weider principles …I bodybuild and there is no shortcut for hard training ..people nowadays want to get the quik fix,,,dont wana break a sweat or want a pill to do it al for them while they sit and flick the remote ….get up what do we tell our kids atleast 30 min a day and if you want a physique like the ones in the adds I can tell you they did not get it only doing 30 min a day ….

  209. I am curious whether this constant shifting in inertia from the shake weight is any comparison to the force accompanied with walking or running. As in, are your bones being stimulated with waves of force causing them to grow. I do not believe weight lifting would compare well with the ability to amass bone density, as most of the stress with traditional weight lifting is exerted through the muscles and tendons and this shake weight would passively stressing your bones with these supposed “shock waves”.

  210. I dont want to start any ‘fmae war’ but I couldnt disagree more with the article. I am EXTREMELY skeptical of these exercise products & especially ones claiming to help so ‘easily’. I have to tell you-I use the Shake weight daily in my office for a total of 15 mins. It has now been exactly 9 weeks and seriously speaking, I can see a TOTAL difference! Not just feeling it because it makes my arms “tingle” or whatever- but as Ive measured my arms I can tell its makinga difference. It cant be just coincidence that many people are telling me that my arms look different, they seem smaller (Please bare in mind Im a plus sz gal who has lost 139 pounds and my arms are one of the worse things on me! I know how it feels) But 6-7 people telling me they see tone & definition to them…I really have to give it to Shake Weight as I cant see what else would be doing it for me. That “flabby” part of my arm has shrunk too so just my 2 cents I totally am for the Shake Weight and I can see physical, undeniable proof and I love it. So maybe its different for individuals. Thank you & please dont be too harsh. Just wanted to share my experience. I love it!

  211. Well really i have no time to go to the gym and bought this product shake weight and in one week for 6 min daily i see a great diference my friend that is a gym trainer even has seen the diference and wants to buy one so i really disagree with this article and also why pay monthly in a gym and then go to the doctor for muscle pain when with the shake weight i havent had a back pain since i started the workout..i recomend this product….

    • Wow, no back pain since you started holding a vibrating gizmo in your hands; I’ve changed my mind! Especially since you’ve seen an improvement in just a week and your trainer friend agrees, WOW again!

  212. I’ve been using the shakeweight faithfully for a few weeks now and have seen a huge difference in my arms. My biceps are defined – you can actually see them now! And the flabby part under my arms are almost gone. I can’t believe such an easy routine for a few minutes a day works this well. Please, if you haven’t actually USED it, do not say it won’t work! You sound spiteful, like you’re jealous you didn’t invent it!

  213. Come on, not necessary to be crude while discussing a product. Shake weight may work initially for those who are new to exercise. Any movement, including walking, will show results and is good for your body and anything that gets you up and going is good. But not for long. What will you do when your body adapts? Shaking it for 6-minutes will then be useless. Do you then shake it for an hour? That short range of motion the shake weight has could cause trouble eventually, like tendonitis of the elbow. Better to use hand weights and barbells that you can increase in weight when your body adapts. There are no short cuts to exercise and no body will look as ripped as those men/women on TV with just a shake weight. Good bodies do not come for free or with short periods of exercise. Thirty minutes a day is the least amount of exercise recommended by physicians. Six minutes a day is nothing. You need at the very least, an hour a session to weight lift and that walk can’t be a stroll. It has to be a power walk. Sorry. If getting ripped were as easy as shaking a weight for 6 minutes, everyone would look like an athlete.

  214. I run for about an hour everyday,then I work out a little more, I’ve always been on and off lifting weights, I still do, I do not think is about that, but curiosly I bought the shake weight just out of that. I’ve been trying it and using it instead of the weights, my arms hurt more (in a good way) I can also feel the burn I feel with the original weights, plus it saves me time, I do recommend it.

  215. I’m sure there’s a proper term for reviews planted owner of the product, but I can’t remember it. Anyway, that’s what a lot of these comments look like.

  216. I’m not going to say whether or not the Shake Weight works. I’m challenging all who have read this article to try shaking a regular weight and see if you get the same results. I’m trying this approach right now.

  217. I used to workout heavily in 06, and went from 140 to 180 in 6 months. Work, diet and supplements (legal). I injured both elbows in a fall on stairs, one elbow looked like it had a golfball in it. So, the injury and my becoming an OTR truck driver haven’t helped me stay fit. But I don’t like how soft I’ve gotten…so I tried the shake weight. I ignore the video…Mateus didn’t get like that with the shake-weight alone…BUT, the damned thing does work to tone muscle. From what I’ve read here, man, lotta biased people who never even tried the thing… I have, and for tone and possibly strength, it works. The difference is noticeable. I’m 40 now, and I wish like mad that I had the stability of being “home” every night, but I don’t. Occaisionally my elbows start acting up – pain-wise – but I want to get in better shape…the shake-weight is showing me results and I’m encouraged. It’ll likely be isometrics and bodyweight resistance as I re-enter working-out, but the thing worked for me. Dunno why some peeps are know-it-all when knowing only their preconceptions.

  218. Shake Weight works! At first I clowned on it and the people who owned the product, after testing it at I never felt the pain so quick! Ten minute workout everyday and a week later I have great results. I give the product 9/10!

  219. I am a very active person I have(and use) a big set of dumbbells, boxing bags, multiple other fitness items, ride my mountain bike regularly and go to the gym 2 times a week to body build. I just bought the shake weight to use on my off days from weight training and yes it does workout your arms pretty good, it made me want to work out even more because it is more of a cardio type exercise than a weight training exercise, it gets your blood pumping that is for sure. I dunno about it building muscle, but my arms are pretty damn sore after 20 minutes of using it off and on..
    I would definitely recommend it for people who want something different to add to your workout program, it was a very affordable piece of addon equipment to my collection and I actually look forward to using it again, maybe even tomorrow before I hit the gym for a good warmup.

  220. Oh and Sal, it isn’t a “Vibrating Gizmo” you have to use your muscles to make it work… Learn the facts before you bash others and make yourself look like a fool.

  221. Let me see if I understand this correctly: if you like the product and think it works, you’re a company plant and/or stupid, but if you hate it and trash it you’re a legitimate consumer and/or fitness expert? Well, it’s nice to see how open-minded and tolerant everyone is when opinions vary.
    I’ve tried to find decent reviews of this product but all I find is article after article with the very same comments, some even verbatim. It makes me think ALL the comments are plants, both positive and negative. Who’s paying you to do this all these “reviews” and how can I get involved? /sarcasm

  222. My only problem is with the company itself. I purchased the shakeweight last week, and this week my phone is ringing off the hook (Literally at least 15 times a day) with them telling me it should be here any day now (duh, I know, I have a tracking number) and then trying to get me to provide my credit card number so I can sign up for some stupid thing for $30 a month. This alone turned me off (that they are trying to get more money, or sold my information to another company and then trying to scam me into punching my credit card number into the phone key pad) so I am returning it unused and will most likely just order it from Amazon.
    Also, I ordered directly from the shakeweight website. I didn’t go through a third party and I should have known better than to order from an infomercial website. I immediately called my bank after and reported my atm lost so they couldn’t charge it the $30 a month (I did not agree to it, but I did answer ‘Yes’ when they asked if this was **name** – never know how they can edit that)
    I know this is not a review on the product itself, but I don’t want others to get scammed out of $30 a month that can be used on groceries or gas.

  223. to Hmmmm, I took the plunge after making fun out of this product initially (as it looks ridiculous) my arms are really weak and I know I should exercise to improve them but to be honest I am lazy! As it was only 6 mins as a routine I thought – what the heck i’ll shop around to find a cheap seller and have a go! I brought mine for £9.00 which i’m not sure in $maybe 12? a lot cheaper than Amazon was selling. I am quite impressed. I have had it for about 5 weeks and my arms are a lot stronger-perhaps I could have achieved the same with plain ol dumbells but at the moment I am happy working out with this! I hope this helps 😉

  224. I think the reason some don’t see results in the shake weight is that they are shaking the weight as opposed to keeping arms relatively still while controlling the shaking of the weights. The controlling of the weights as they make the inertia is what makes it a workout. Look at all the demonstration videos and you’ll notice the person is not shaking their arms with the weights, but keeping their arms constant. Also in the long run your body will adapt to any workout that it is given repeatedly.

  225. Thought this product looked ridiculous. Anyone with common sense should be skeptical of this kind of thing. My brother got one of these, and unfortunately, he developed a neurological condition, and it never came out of the box. He gave it to me. I am surprised that it actually works. Of course only on the arms ans shoulders in my case, but I works. You will see that to be true if you try it. That’s the proof.

  226. I bought mine from walmart and for the first 6 weeks i just used it once a week for a minute or two. about two weeks ago I decided to try it for 30 days 4-6 mins a day. I can see the difference in my arms and shoulder . I was one of the naysayers . I called shake weight snake oil in beginning but glad I tried it .

  227. You know many say it doesnt work. I Have been going to the gym since i was 13 i’m 26 now, and the pumps I Get from the shakeweight are amazing. I even felt the same burning sensation in my triceps as going to the gym. don’t say something doesnt work until you try it

  228. I used the Shake weight for about 4 weeks as instructed and developed a bad case of tendonitis. I could not hardly lift a gallon of milk some days it hurt so bad. I have been lifting weights for over 30 years and was a Pro hockey player for 7 and I have never had an injury from lifting or excersizing. The worst part is the company would not even consider refunding my money because policy states within 30 days. That’s great but, this is more important to imform the public of their practices and what to expect from this piece of so called eqipment. I was going to have my hockey team get 4 or 5 if they worled as on on the road workout but would never put them through the pain of injury it caused me.

  229. I never said it wasn’t working and I did use it regularly and it did give me severe tenonitis and I used it properly. any one that says it is working that is great but, when your elbows are sore for long periods of time and lose strength it is the shake weight that caused it……period


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