Despite reams of evidence to the contrary too many personal trainers and consumers still think bodybuilding is a valid method of training.  There are no such things as “bodybuilding secrets.”

Actually the secret of bodybuilding isn’t really a secret; anabolic drugs – steroids, human growth hormone, insulin and a whole host of other illicit chemicals – are responsible for creating the “sport” of bodybuilding. 

Without drugs, bodybuilding would have never attracted the attention of the American public. For all the showmanship and bravado possessed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, without steroids he wouldn’t have given us, “The Terminator,” “Conan the Barbarian,” or the iconic “Pumping Iron” in which he displayed the persona that catapulted him to fame. 

This isn’t meant to denigrate what Arnold accomplished, but to point out the stark reality. No drugs, no Arnold, no bodybuilding, no Muscle; Fitness magazine, and the multi-billion dollar Hulk that is the fitness industry is a 97-pound puny weakling by comparison. 

The fitness revolution initiated by Arnold and his steroid-taking Muscle Beach behemoths allowed bodybuilding to stake out the territory that bodybuilding occupies in the land of legitimate fitness.  Amazingly, almost 40 years later many personal trainers still employ the antiquated and flawed techniques favored by the anabolic using pioneers with their non-drug using clients.

Thankfully the mainstream has started to turn away from bodybuilding, also known as “reductionist training.” Members of the highest levels of the fitness profession never really embraced the methods of bodybuilding, which breaks down the movements of the body in to component parts. 

Using machines and exercises to isolate/exercise one muscle group at a time, and following a split routine for workouts, is incredibly wasteful and counterproductive. In a quest for bigger biceps and triceps, well-defined abdominal muscles and other appearance-based goals people still search the Internet for bodybuilding secrets. 

The answers provided by bodybuilder-types are flawed, the exercises recommended don’t deliver on the promised results (without the drugs pro bodybuilders use) and the quest for other secrets continues. The never-ending search for secrets – and in effect short cuts – is thanks to the flawed bodybuilding premise, that an improved appearance equals improved performance. 

It isn’t sexy and it doesn’t sizzle, but there are no secret ways to build muscle, build fat free mass, burn fat, tone muscle or do any of the other things you can find when doing a Google search for “bodybuilding secrets.”


  1. Nice rant, but it’s not really useful. It all depends on how you define secrets. There are indeed better techniques for building muscle, losing fat, etc. Some are physiological, some psychological. The lesser known techniques employed by a fortunate few can be classified as secrets, and you can absolutely find some of them online, scattered amid the misinformation. One such place is

  2. Thanks for proving my point with this statement “The lesser known techniques employed by a fortunate few…” Bodybuilding nonsense at its best. Unless there’s info about drug cycles, bodybuilders have nothing to contribute to the discussion about fitness, sports performance and health. Bodybuilding as devolved into an embarrassing self-parody.

  3. LOL your retarded have you ever heard of a “natural” bodybuilding contest. Bodybuilders get so big because of their techniques, the natural ones use the same workouts, they just dont take steroids. Your just jealous of the physiques of bodybuilders so you have to rant saying “all” bodybuilders take steroids and dont know what their talking about. Yes, most of the pros take steroids, but many amateurs dont, and their still big. Im assuming you tried to get big but couldnt because of your lack of willpower, knowledge, and discipline. Some people are just meant to be skinny weaklings their whole life, like you

    • Thanks a lot for taking the time to write and revealing your total ignorance of both performance enhancing drugs and body building. You have also obviously been living under a rock for the past 5 years and have missed the very public discourse about what these drugs can do for you.
      As a matter of fact, in a recent court case a professional body builder who was busted for distributing steroids, HGH and other anabolic agents testified under oath that body building at all levels required drug use. Natural body builders who do not use anabolic agents are to be commended for their pursuit, however, they certainly do not look anything like pros and no way can achieve the same level of muscularity, mass and strength.
      Also, if you work on your spelling, syntax and grammar your argument – while still ridiculous – won’t sound so pathetic. Best of luck!


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