exact conditions encountered during competition.  For instance, working rotational movements in the gym using lighter weights is a good idea for baseball and lacrosse players, but trying to recreate the swing of a bat or shooting motion using a heavy implement is bad.  Athletes get enough skill work during their sport – the purest form of functional training – and don’t need to mimic these actions in the gym. Functional training should be a major part of the training programs of athletes and non-athletes alike.


  1. Functional training also allows one to slowly progress and learn movements, where often this is not possible out on playing field. For example, if I want to strengthen a bat swinging motion, I can break it down and learn to control the motion using a cable as resistance. As the controlled movement is achieved, I can progress to swinging with a light medicine ball. The progression form simple (cable rotation) to complex (MB rotation) allows the body to strengthen the possible weakness that would otherwise not be addressed by swinging a baseball bat.


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