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Training for Combat Activities and for Real Life

  • Fitness should follow combat function
  • A balanced approach must be used to develop power, strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, agility and coordination
  • A program must have intensity and great variety
  • A well-balanced program that includes intensity leads to positive physical adaptation
  • Variety keeps the stimulus fresh while helping to avoid over-training and related injuries
  • Pre-habilitation exercises are a major component of a functional fitness program
  • Education regarding proper form dealing with running, lifting, jumping and landing is necessary
  • Many people will probably be surprised that the military decided that long distance running has been over-emphasized and does little to develop strength.  This report recognized the need for soldiers to have a strong core (which goes from the hamstrings to the middle back, not just lower back and abdominal muscles), endurance, speed and coordination. Inefficient, time-consuming, single-joint/single plane movements, machine-based exercises and potential injurious body building methods are out and working in a multi-planar manner using ground-based, compound-movements is in.  Bodybuilding methods cause strength imbalances and produces unnatural stress on muscles, joints and connective tissue, and does not prepare the human body for the rigors of real world situations. This training philosophy must be applied to everyone, whether they are athletes, soldiers or civilians, young or old.  A move away from the reductionist/body building style of training will benefit all members of the population.



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