Whether you workout in a gym with a personal trainer or at home all alone, pull-ups are an exercise that should be a part of everyone’s routine. This video fitness tip will show you that even without a pull-up bar, if you’re creative there are many ways that you do this exercise.

While I admit that I really do not like doing pull-ups, I love that I can do them. Dread them before hand, happy that I did them afterward. Pull-ups are always hard work and no matter how many that you can do properly, if you’re always striving to do more, they really never get any easier. But there’s no excuse for not doing pull-ups. Even if you can’t do them.

Since I do a lot of my workouts outdoors, at home with non-traditional training methods, I’ve always tried to find ways that I can do pull-ups without having to use a traditional pull-up bar. As you can see in this week’s video clip, I discovered that I could use my deck to do pull-ups. Not only is it convenient, performing pull-ups on the deck provides a unique stimulus as the grip and stability requirements are different from traditional pull-ups.

With no bar to firmly grip, all the muscles used to perform, and provide stability for, pull-ups have to adapt to this mechanical disadvantage; the pull-ups are more challenging. Even if you can’t do a pull-up, if you have a place where you can try to do them – like a deck – you can start the process to learn how to do a pull-up using my fitness tip from a few months ago.

So look around your backyard or local park and see what you can find. If you look hard enough, my bet is that you’ll find something on which you can do your pull-ups.


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