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Video Fitness Tip: Sledgehammer Strength Training With a Twist

slightly – bring your knees forward as you attempt to traverse the surface.  Use short movements and don’t let your hands get any wider than your shoulders at any time. As you can see in the video clip, my hands give out after about 12 feet and 10 seconds.  Working the Cliffhangers in with the sledgehammer swings results in the arms fatiguing a lot sooner than when doing either exercise alone.  However, this is all part of the training stimulus and you will see that your strength and performance of these moves will improve by working them together. The deck pull-ups are a great finish to the circuit. Given the massive amount of work that the arms are doing with the swings and Cliffhangers, the pull-ups are very difficult to perform.  Since I do pull-ups and variations at least twice per week, 3 pull-ups in this circuit is sufficient for me. The entire workout took 25 minutes to complete.  I warmed up for approximately 5 minutes and performed 5 circuits.  The first 2 circuits I used the 10-pound sledgehammer for 60 swings, did the Cliffhangers for 12 feet/10 seconds and performed 3 pull-ups. For circuits 3 and 4 I used the 20-pound sledgehammer for 40 swings with the same routine for the other moves.  For the final circuit I used the 20-pounder for 40, completed the other moves and finished off with 40 swings with the 10-pounder. Each circuit took approximately 2 minutes to complete and I rested for 2 minutes in between each circuit. Give the circuit a try and also try to find a place either around the house or at the gym where you can try the Cliffhangers.


  1. Have you heard of “shovelglove,” the funny, quirky sledgehammer workout some guy dreamed up? It’s so goofy that it makes me want to buy a sledgehammer and try it out. Care to opine?

  2. i love shovelglove…i’ve referenced his site in three of my other sledgehammer training pieces…i think his program is awesome for people who are stuck indoors and as a warm up/preparation routine for those of us wacky enough to whack away at a stump or tire!


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