Squats and dead lifts are two exercises that most people think can only be done at a gym.  This video fitness tip will show you how you can perform these two effective exercises as a part of your home fitness workout with dumbbells and/or kettlebells.

Squats and dead lifts should be a part of everyone’s routine, and not working out in a gym with a professional fitness trainer and/or having access to barbells is not a reason not to perform these exercises.  These movements can be done just as effectively when exercising at home with dumbbells and kettlebells as they can in a gym with barbells, and of course can be done with dumbbells in the gym.

Remember that the weight is inconsequential in the big picture; it’s performing the exercises properly that is what matters.  Using dumbbells and kettlebells when exercising at home to perform the squat and dead lift are great variations even for those who do have access to a full complement of gym equipment or a professional fitness trainer.

In addition to the one kettlebell variation of squats and dead lifts that are demonstrated in this clip, two kettlebells can be used in your home fitness workout with basically the same technique used with the dumbbells.  When doing the squats with kettlebells, hold them in what’s called the “rack position” by gripping the handles so that the “bell” rests against the outside of your forearms.  Keep the hands together with the elbows flared to the side and hold the kettlebells against the chest working to keep the chest as upright as possible.

Practice these variations of these key exercises and include them into your regular fitness workout whether you exercise at home, at a gym, or with a personal fitness trainer.  You will be stronger and fitter if you do.



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