The Food Police in the Land Down Under – actually New Zealand – aren’t happy that Weight Watchers has endorsed a few items on McDonalds’ menu.  Weight Watchers has put their stamp of approval on the Filet of Fish, Chicken McNuggets and Sweet Seared Chili Chicken Wrap, which has sent members of the Food Police into a frenzy.

Some person from some group called, “Australia’s Obesity Policy Coalition” said Weight Watchers endorsement, “Implies this food is healthy … when often it is high in fat and salt. Chicken McNuggets are Chicken McNuggets whether it’s got Weight Watchers on it or not.”  Relax, it’s just fake chicken they are approving,  not a Big Mac or french fries or a shake.

The bigger joke is that anyone would think that Weight Watchers promotes healthy eating.  They assign points to foods so that people can eat the proper amount of points in a day so they can lose weight and be healthy!  There’s nothing healthy about Weight Watchers. 

For what it’s worth these Mickey D’s meals are worth 6.5 points on the Weight Watchers program. In case you didn’t know, Weight Watcher drones are indoctrinated to consume 18 to 40 points each day to achieve their goal weight. Doesn’t everyone know that 18-40 points of food per day is healthy eating and is the key to weight loss and improving fitness?

That makes sense to me, 18-40 points, it’s just so simple! But seriously, if these so-called obesity experts have research that proves McDonalds’ food kills people or has any other direct effect on people’s health, they really should share it with the rest of us.

But they don’t have this data, so these no-fun, know-it-all types like Sian Porter, a dietician at the British Dietetic Association, say things like, “This sort of initiative should be applauded, but the danger is that someone will go in, choose one of the healthier options and then think: ‘Ooh good. Now I’ll have an ice cream’, which is not the right message.”

WTF? Ice cream is awesome. If Weight Watchers wants to be able to tell their followers what they should eat in a fast food restaurant, let them. Their method relies on being able to tell people what, and how much to eat rather than focusing on the benefits of exercise, so let them do it. 

After all, people have to keep going back to Weight Watchers because they can’t figure out all of this food point stuff by themselves.  I say Weight Watchers should strike deals with all the fast food chains so that people won’t have to be conflicted and concerned about getting those 18-40 points.


  1. Great article. I went to the doctor recently to get tests done to try to find out why I’m not losing any weight and she said to me “you should try Weight Watchers” and that made her lose credibility with me instantly.

  2. Why the bashing on WW? For many people, it actually works. And, by the way, there is nothing really magical about the point system… 1 Pt= aprox. 50 calories. If the food is low in fat, round down… high in fat, round up. Of course they want you to think the point system is complicated so you will rely on them… but it is all “eat less, move more” once you are attending classes. And there is a lot of information in their classes about eating smarter as well. However, WW is a business, and they need to make a profit. I will say that every person I know (including myself) who has lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off long term, used Weight Watchers (or had gastric bypass!)

    • WW doesn’t teach people how to eat and despite the anecdotal success stories there is no reliable data to indicated WW is effective. There are guidelines by which diets are evaluated, and WW cannot provide such data. People married to WW never eat intuitively – as we were meant to eat – and as we ate for generations without problems.
      And people speak of losing weight as if it’s the Holy Grail. Losing weight isn’t indicative of anything except a loss of body weight. By itself weight loss doesn’t improve health or improve other indications of health.


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