•             Simultaneous defense and attack
  •             Focus on vulnerable soft tissue
  •             Continuous Combat Movement (Retzev)
  •             A Building Block Learning Process
  •             Decisive Action
  •             Subduing Techniques
  • Krav’s philosophy is to never use more force than necessary but teaches its students to react with speed and economy of movement in order to end any confrontation as quickly as possible. In extremely threatening situations, kravists are taught to do whatever necessary – strikes to the groin, eye gouging, head butts, biting, choking, screaming into attackers ear – to protect themselves. As opposed to the more well-known and popular martial arts, krav maga teaches its students to use any means necessary to protect themselves and constantly reinforces the reality that there are no rules in the street.  Israeli Krav Maga doesn’t shy away from the aggressive and ruthless approach that’s needed to prepare people to do whatever it takes to survive a possible attack. From IsraeliKrav.com, “Krav Maga is well known for its simplicity, instinctive nature, utility, use of weapons of opportunity, adaptability and proficiency.”  In addition to teaching people of all ages and ability levels how to defend themselves, Krav Maga offers a fantastic way for people to improve their fitness level.


    1. But give them a gun and they do the opposite of everthing Krav Maga teaches them. The training does not seem to enhance their respect for life any,unlike other martial arts. So I would steer well clear of it myself.

    2. Law enforcement, the military and other organizations entrusted with the security of the general public are being trained in krav because it’s an effective form of self-defense. People who can’t handle the reality that there’s a need to protect themselves from harm should stay away and can continue to live in denial.
      The “criminal” comment serves to offend the thousands of law-enforcement/military personnel who are trained in krav and who protect us every day.


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