You On A Diet: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management is a well-written, fun to read book that contains all of the information needed to embark on a healthy lifestyle.  Rather than just spout off statistics and tell us how bad everything is, the good doctors Roizen and Oz take the time and effort to explain how the body works before telling us why we have to do what we have to do… So without further ado here are my thoughts on You: On A Diet delivered in my patent pending style.

Hook: Two experts in the field – the doctor dudes – are going to help us to “unravel biological secrets about such things as why you crave chocolate or gorge at the buffets or store so much fat.”  As a result of this “unraveling” we’ll cut down on our waist size and as a result be healthier.

Gimmick: No gimmick whatsoever.  Instead Roizen and Oz tell us that they are going to arm us with the best weapon to wield in the fight against fat; knowledge.  They deliver on this promise in spades.

Inconsistency: None in this book.  However, Dr. Mehmet Oz endorsed the god-awful Ultimate New York Diet Book – a book nobody should buy – and its author’s off-base approach to diet and health.  How Dr. Oz can approve of such a bad book only to create such a phenomenal book is a mystery.

Glaring Omissions: Nothing glaring.  However, rather than constantly be told that certain substances are bad for us it would be nice to constantly be told just how much of a certain substance is bad for us.  For instance, we’re told too much sugar can do all these horrible things to our bodies yet we’re never told what constitutes “too much.”  This holds true for all of the other traditional nutritional bad guys such as the bad fats, salt, etc.

Annoying Features: None.  But I am annoyed that I didn’t write this book.

Most Outrageous Claim: There are many incredible revelations contained in You: On A Diet.  Outrageous in a good way.  Here’s one for you; our small intestines function as our second brain.

Here’s another one for you; the physical structure of your small bowel bears a very strong resemblance to that of your brain. WOW! That sounds like a fancy way to insult somebody, but it’s not.  And there’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’m feeling too mature right now to try to find it.

Say Something Nice: Haven’t I said enough already?  You: On A Diet contains all the info that anyone needs in order to change their life and start being healthy.  It would make the perfect  holiday gift.

Bottom Line: There isn’t a book, piece of equipment or another person that can make you healthy or fit.  You have to take the steps to make this happen.  You: On A Diet will give anyone who is interested in learning about and improving their body the best chance to do so.  Buy it.


  1. Good and intersting post. I had a weight problem for some years ago. But I started to exercise and eat healthy food.
    /Erik Svensson


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