I’ve come to recognize plenty of telltale signs that a personal trainer isn’t giving a client their best effort. If your trainer does not employ a wide-variety of routines, this is a sign that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Personal trainers can fall into many lazy habits and you can tell a lot about a trainer by the lack of variety they use in their workouts.  If your trainer has you do the same workouts over and over again, it’s time to find another trainer. Whether they are lazy or uniformed, there’s no excuse for personal trainers who don’t vary training sessions.

The only thing that should be “routine” about your exercise routines is that they occur at the same time on the same days (and even that should change!).  If your trainer is giving you your money’s worth they should never have you do the same workout routine; a good personal trainer knows that there is the possibility for infinite variety in workout design.

Regardless of what the goal is for a given workout, there’s no reason that a trainer should always use the same exercises, in the same order, using the same weights, repetitions and amount of sets.  Even the warm-up periods should vary as dynamic flexibility exercises, calisthenics, jumping rope and other similar exercises can be combined to offer unlimited variety.

If your personal training sessions seem to be all be the same – doing the same exercises in the same order, or worse, the same machines in the same order – you aren’t getting what you paid for.  If your personal trainer isn’t providing you with an always changing, always evolving training experience, you should look for a new trainer.

Exercise is less effective when your workouts never change.  The body is great at adapting, and doing the same workouts all the time is one of the main reasons people experience training plateaus.  You can spend a lot of time in the gym and get minimal results when your training routine becomes routine.

Your personal trainer doesn’t know what they’re doing if they don’t constantly change your workouts.


  1. Well recently i have been visiting ur site and was really glad to come across it as ur matter on the site does dispel a lot of myths.I believe the fitness industry is one industry where ignorance is by galore.People love to give out-of-hand fitness tips despite knowing nothing at all.
    I myself have been in the fitness industry for the past 8 yrs and currently a Fitness Counselor for a chain of gyms out here in India.As a counselor I have a lot of ppl who come upto to me to make or change there routine.
    I have read ur Routine Routine article and certainly beg to defer on what u have mentoined.The reason being that u have mentioned about the body getting adapted to the movements,the point is that it is exactly what u actually need CNS adaptation.If I am gonna keep on changing and switching over to differnt excerises I am never gonna be able to master the form and thus will reduce the productivety of my workout.The point is that there are varoius kinds of excerises for a certain muscle some are certaintly superior than the other from the point of muscle fibre recruitment so just for the heck of giving change I would never ever prescribe tham or do them myself.If I’m squatting for my quads&glutes and i’m doing the dumbell decline press for my pecks and dumbell bent over rows for my Lats even after 20 years i’ll still be doing the same.I’ll certainly believe is that this whole shocking the body is a complete Hoax.The Muscle does not understand excerise it understands its function under resistance which exactly wat weight training is all about.

  2. you seem rather arsh in your remarks.Of course it is good to vary and incorperate different exercises in a session but some clients actually want a fairly basic session i.e treadmill ,bike ,arm curls tricep kick backs and basic abdominal work …


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